AUDIO: Svn’s “$$$ (Southside)”

If you had heard Houston artist Jamie Hancock before and wondered where he’s been lately, there’s a reason you haven’t heard from him. That name has been dropped and he wants to be known as Svn. Check his new track produced by Marvillous called “$$$ (Southside)” that is the kind of hip-hop you’d like to blast wherever you are, be it in the car (but without getting pulled over) or in the privacy of your headphones. His street album Sunday will be out on April 15th.

RECORD CRACK: In Cold Blood return after 15 year hiatus with new music

In Cold Blood photo InColdBlood_cover_zpsedf7347c-1.jpg
If you are an In Cold Blood fan and read the headline of this post, you must be thinking “you’re kidding me? New music from In Cold Blood? I don’t remember when I last heard from these guys.” It has been 15 years since they released anything new but now that the turn of the century is long in the past, the group have returned and are going to release a 7″ single on A389 Records. As you can see, the pressing of this looks like a trippy kiwi fruit of some sort but the music has nothing to do with kiwis or sweetness. The lineup of the band is primarily as you remembered them, with one new edition: Bourbon Z (vocals), Leon Melnick (bass), Blakze Tishko (guitar), and Aaron Melnick (guitar) are here with new drummer Matt “Homewrecker” Izzi, and the new songs are “Blind The Eyes” b/w “Straight Flush”. The record was posted for availability on Friday and can be pre-ordered either through A389 Recordings, for European fans, or from Bandcamp below. Only 666 copies of this beast are being made available,

FREE MP3 DL: Prasant Radhakrishnan’s “Gowrimanohari”

San Francisco saxophonist Prasant Radhakrishnan uses his instrument to play Indian classical music so while the sax is not an instrument commonly known within the music, there are musicians like Kadri Gopalnath and Aditya Viswanathan who have taken their love of the saxophone to new and wonderful places. Had John Coltrane lived, it would have been interesting to have heard him collaborate with Gopalpath or Viswanathan. Today, you can get familiar with Radhakrishnan with the release of a new album called Meditations: Ragas on Saxophone Vol. 2, the sequel to his 2011 album and he has allowed a free download of “Gowrimanohari”

VIDEO: Laure Briard’s “Révélation”

A bit of French pop/rock is presented here by Toulouse, France artist Laure Briard, who will be releasing her album Révélation on her hometown label 2000 Records in February, and the title track has been visualized for you. You may pre-order the album below from Bandcamp.

VIDEO: Michael Rault’s “Still Not Sad”

Director Jarod Gibson did “Still Not Sad”, a song by Michael Rault that is the A-side of his latest single on Burger Records that is a wonderful blend of sweet pop and rock done in a way that may resemble a few bands but will end up becoming a Michael Rault thing. It can be ordered as MP3’s below from Amazon, or on cassette directly form Burger. Full album is expected to be out in the spring

VIDEO: Jessica Childress’ “Run (Live in West Hollywood, CA)”

The Jam In The Van video series continues on strongly and the latest batch of songs/performances comes from Jessica Childress, who offers “Run” which were performed with her band in West Hollywood, California at the Filth Mart parking lot. If you’d like to check out the other two songs CHildress performed, click to watch “Tell Me” and “Starting Today“.