The Listening Experience podcast #1

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Today marks the debut of my new podcast called The Listening Experience. It branches off a bit from Book’s Music but I want to try a few new things in this one, which I will do in the weeks/months to come. The show remains, for the time being, 90 minutes in length although if you think it would be better if it was compacted to 60 minutes, let me know. As you can see, I don’t have a special logo for The Listening Experience so for now it’s basic.

The Listening Experience podcast #1 by Booksmusic on Mixcloud

AUDIO: Varsay’s “Grand FliPP”

While the song is called “Grand FliPP”, it sounds like there are two songs in this, as if it’s ready made for a music video of some sort. No need for the double dual, “Grand FliPP” holds up beautifully as if it’s an unused track from the 1990’s and everyone were in awe after hearing this. Undo the double duty, just make this song the sole journey.

VIDEO: Butcher Babies’ “They’re Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!”

The legacy of Napolean XIV continues almost 50 years after the release of his biggest song when Butcher Babies have done a brutal metal version of “They’re Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!”. Personally, the song doesn’t get to its core until 66 percent into the song, when they speed things up and recite the best lyrics in the song, when Jerry Samuels (b/k/a Napolean XIV) spoke about the “trees and flowers and chirping birds”. That’s the part of the song where you could hear the moment he was being taken away, and the job here is modernized with sick results. The song is from their latest EP Uncovered (Century Media), which also features an incredible cover of S.O.D.’s “Pussywhipped”.

AUDIO: Tinkerbelles’ “When Puppies Cry”

Their music is called trash pop, but I wonder what Tinkerbelles call themselves? Dusted rocker? Pure gout? Unknown, but their new album is called Fine Asses (Teepeespeek) and oddly enough, it’s available as a 7″. How does that happen? I have no idea but if the idea sounds interesting, have a listen to a song from Fine Asses called “When Puppies Cry”. The song may not answer how an album fits as a 7″ record but find out for yourself.

SOME STUFFS: Decline Of The I to take death metal to a new level with new album

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After releasing a debut album two years ago, French post-black metal artist Decline Of The I will be taking things to that other level of the game again with Rebellion (Agonia), to be released early next year.

While Decline Of The I is fronted by A.K. and pretty much plays almost everything on the album (i.e. drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, programming and samples), he also has G. (vocals), V (vocals), and S. (drums) helping him out. While their names are identified solely by initials, their music is more vast than that, as you will hear in the song “Hexenface”, which you can listen to via Soundcloud.

SOME STUFFS: J57 creates a new edition of “The Analog Tape”

25 minutes of brand new music from J57 has to be heard, and you can with his brand new “tape”, The Analog Tape 2. It’s the follow-up to his mix from three years ago and it seems even with everything he has produced in the last 36 months, he felt it was time to make something new. Hopefully it will not slow him down from making more music for his fans.

AUDIO: Moka Only finds himself on a new song by Femapco

While the song has them telling you how “You Lose”, Femapco is talking about something on another level and for thise song, he does so with the amazing Moka Only, and I don’t say amazing just to overly hype him, it’s because it’s the truth. The song is a part of Femapco’s forthcoming album North American Idol, which is a nice representation of Canadian hip-hop at its finest.

SOME STUFFS: Bella Novela share song from new album

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Bella Novela are a Los Angeles trio who released one album to their name and they’re going to do it again with a new release called Telemetry (self-released), said to be a concept album. The title track has been passed along and you can click to Soundcloud to hear it, as they’re not allowing others to embed it on their own pages. The band were voited as one of the 10 best live bands in 2014 by LA Weekly while the OC Weekly felt they are one of the five most underrated bands in Orange County. If they can mention those things in their press release, it might be something worth telling others. You may want to see them if you’re in the area(s):

October 24… Las Vegas, NV (Artifice)
October 25… Flagstaff, AZ (Hotel Monte Vista)
November 21… Long Beach, CA (Alex’s Bar)
November 22… San Diego, CA (Bar Pink)
November 29… Los Angeles, CA (Redwood Bar & Grill)