VIDEO: JKJ’s “Window Pain”

It’s hard to ease up and/or take it easy when you’re listening to a song like “Window Pain”, as JKJ kicks back with a bit of hesitation because he needs to know that you’re listening and paying attention while he crates something so funky. He did this to add to his forthcoming album called Internal Warfare and I hope it will be as good as this is. The song was produced by another member of the Beats family, Shuma Beats.

AUDIO: XII Boar’s “Chicken Hawk”

XII Boar photo XIIBoar_old_zps4hwue7gm.jpg
This has been described as “pure rock and roll for the heavier generation” and if there’s truth to that statement, then I hope that generation will let themselves be known. The music is by a British band who call themselves XII Boar (“twelve boar”) and they enjoy mixing up elements of sludge and stoner metal into something that sounds as raw as any of their contemporaries and influences. If you need prove, listen to “Chicken Hawk”, a song from the band’s debut album due out next week called Pitworthy and after playing this, you’re going to be in disbelief in that this is only their first album. Sounds impossible but it’s true. The album can be pre-ordered from their Big Cartel page. If you’d like to know more about the album and the band themselves, you may have a look at a 21 minute video interview below.

SOME STUFFS: Canadian death metal in your conscience from Demonic Possessor

 photo DemonicPossessor_old_zpsqtmodejv.jpg
If you want to know what kind of death metal is coming from Canada these days, look no further than Porous Chambers, the new album by Toronto’s Demonic Possessor. These guys not only play plodding death metal, but do so at times in a sludgy manner to where they may sound like Godflesh, Bathory, or Buzzov•en to some. The album may only have five songs on it but one track (“The Twisting Spires of Impending Insurmountable Madness) is 11½ minutes while another (“Hikikiomori”) goes at 15 minutes. The album is also available on vinyl, only 300 copies have been pressed, 100 copies on red vinyl and the remaining 200 on standard black. You can order the red vinyl pressing through Bandcamp below, and will be shipped to consumers in early May.

VIDEO: Futuristic & Sam Lachow’s “Watch Yo Mouth”

To me, this sounds like normal hip-hop and I love what Futuristic and Sam Lachow do here for their song “Watch You Mouth”. The lyrics are nice, the flows are different for each guy but works, and the song was put together in a way that doesn’t sound like anyone else. For others, this might be too adventurous but what’s wrong with that? Nothing at all. They did the video with directors Jakob Owens and Tom Taugher, would love if this blew up in the springtime.

VIDEO: NomiS’ “fLAW”

NomiS has a new song called “fLAW” and it’s going to make its way onto two albums: NomiS’ own Socially Just and a compilation on its way called Cram X. I’m not sure if the versio in the video, which was done as they were shooting it, will be the same one that is released but I like how he did it so be on the lookout for it soon.

AUDIO: Kuzin’s “Cavity”

Kuzin photo Kuzin_old_zpsyn0dsxab.jpg
A few of you may know her as Jessica Maros but this Los Angeles singer, who is one half of the duo Escondido, wants to be known under another name. As a solo artist, she is making herself known as Kuzin, which means if you too are a cousin, you may want to kiss her, which would be kinda clever. Anyway, her debut album will be released tomorrow and it’s called Cavity, produced by Grammy-nominated producer Bill Reynolds, who you may be familiar with as a member of Band Of Horses. The title track has a nice rock edge but it is pure pop for those who love pop without the issues. Some of you may hear hints of Tanya Donnelly but judge Kuzin for yourself. I did and I like it.

FREE MP3 DL: Thoughts Detecting Machines’ “Night For Day”

Photo by Gilman Chatsworth
Thoughts Detecting Machines photo RickValentin_old2_zpsborffx1z.jpg
Poster Children’s member Rick Valentin will be releasing a new album as Thoughts Detecting Machines in two weeks called Work The Circuit and he is offering another chance for you to hear something from it. This one can be downloaded for free, the song is called “Night For Day”, while supplies last.

AUDIO: Canopy Climbers’ “Potion”

Canopy Climbers photo CanopyClimbers_old_zpswvnej5t7.jpg
April is only a month away but if you’r eup for some alternative/indie pop, prepare for new music from the Canopy Climbers. Their EP, called Fever is ready to go but for now you can listen to a song called “Potion”, which may coat you after hearing it. It may sound like 80’s pop, it may remind you of boy bands, or it may make you go “this is the most original thing I’ve heard in a long time.” It’s up to you.

SOME STUFFS: Mega Bog to start one month tour

Mega Bog photo MegaBog_old_zps3wdc3sfq.jpg
Songwriter Erin Birgy is heading on the road to tour under her musical nom de plume, Mega Bog. It’s on support of her album Gone Banana (Couple Skate) and the tour begins tomorrow in Vancouver, British Columbia and will last for a little over a month, which will lead in and out of SXSW in the middle of the month:

March 3… Vancouver, BC (Red Gate)
March 5… Eugene, OR (Wandering Goat)
March 6… Reno, NV (Loving Cup)
March 7… Oakland, CA (Speakeasy)
March 8… Santa Cruz, CA (Sub Rosa)
March 9… San Luis Obispo, CA (Disco Lemonade)
March 11… Los Angeles, CA (Pehrspace)
March 12… Phoenix, AZ (Funny World)
March 13… Flagstaff, AZ (Flag Brews)
March 17… Las Cruces, NM (Lunchbox)
March 18… Austin, TX (Austin Critter Showcase (SXSW))
March 19… Austin, TX (“You’re Here” Showcase/Nashville Radio Showcase (SXSW))
March 20… Austin, TX (Tom Tom Magazine Showcase/She Shreds (SXSW))
March 21… Austin, TX (Wendy’sdays (SXSW))
March 26… Panama City, FL (Mosey’s)
March 27… St. Augustine, FL (Planet Sarbez)
March 28… Savannah, GA (Hang Fire Bar)
March 30… Athens, GA (Flicker Lounge)
April 1… Atlanta, GA (The Cleaners)
April 2… Birmingham, AL (BELOW at Doghead)
April 3… Memphis, TN (Scottswood)
April 4… Nashville, TN (Queen Ave Arts)
April 5… Athens, GA (The Globe)
April 8… Boone, NC (Espresso News) @
April 10… Annandale-on-Hudson, NY (BARD College) @
April 12… Albany, NY (Tree House) @
April 13… Montreal, QC (Drones) @
April 14… Brooklyn, NY (Shea Stadium)

@ = w/ EZTV

Check out her new video for “Wet Moss”. The vinyl pressing of Gone Banana can be ordered from

AUDIO: Action Bronson featuring Chance The Rapper’s “Baby Blue”

Putting is what Action Bronson makes and eats on a regular basis and he shares the reason why he likes those flavors on a song from his forthcoming Mr. Wonderful album called “Baby Blue”. It is said that the color blue is not appealing to people who want to eat but I say hey, get some food coloring and dye your pudding blue, see what happens. Chance The Rapper wants to slap you alongside Action Bronson so listen and see where the pudding will lie next. The album will be out on the 24th of March.