AUDIO: Stereo Off’s “Hotel Mirror”

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With a name like Stereo Off, you have to make sure your group pulls off the power that the name provides. Then again, their name is Stereo Off, so it’s all about turning something off in order to get something on, so to speak. The New York City indie/electro band are about to release their new EP (their second) and they have a song from it to share, so check out “Hotel Mirror” and listen to how on Stereo Off are.

AUDIO: Tipare’s “My Decision”

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Tipare is a singer based out of Aukland, New Zealand who has made a very powerful pop song with very obvious reggae overtones, to the point where if she allowed it to have a dub mix, it would hold together in its own way. As for “My Decision”, it’s a song about knowing someone whom she likes but is seen with another woman, she she decides to live life in her own way to feel the love she would like to be close to. The video at first seemed a bit weird, almost just random images of her around different locales but finally we see her lip-syncing, which oddly enough I wanted to see. She lures the viewer in and im the words of Kwest The Madd Lad, boom: there it is. Tipare directed the video herself with help from photographer Tamara Azizian. This is sure to be massive around the Pacific Rim and elsewhere.

My Decision from TIPARE on Vimeo.

AUDIO: Young Ejecta’s “Your Planet”

The cover for the new Young Ejecta album may be suggestive for some audiences but if you don’t mind nudity, go hunt it down elsewhere. The new release, out on January 27th, will be called The Planet (Driftless Recordings) and they are making their planet “Your Planet”, sounds like something that should warm up any occasion.

VIDEO: uMaNg’s “Correct Techniques”

Sometimes it’s hard to be a rapper and try to get yourself through a field that is full of something you would never want to go through in a real world, but some people want to prove they have something worth listening. uMaNg is someone who has something not only to hear but to prove, and he does so with what he calls “Correct Techniques”, nicely produced by B.B.Z. Darney. The song can be found on his new album released today, The Black Rose Certificate (Ill Adrenaline).

AUDIO: AViVAA‏‏‎’s “Graveyards”

Aviva Payne and Matais Coulter are not only back as AViVAA‏‏‎, but they’ve returned with another single, their fourth so far, and this one is called “Graveyards”, where they hope they’ll not be at for awhile with the end of their careers, for this is only the beginning. Their EP, now titled Echo, was scheduled for release in late October but they’re still working on it and hope to have it out in January.

AUDIO: The Fourth Reich featuring Sirweah’s “4th Floor”

The Fourth Reich represent hip-hop out of New Jersey and their song “4th Floor” has a bossa nova feel that makes the surroundings sound good. The track features Sirweah and is produced by Cymatix, and as they say in the song, it has hella flows so if you’re into the hella, don’t be too mella, a/k/a mellow.

AUDIO: Long Faces’ “In Heat”

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Right between your knees” could be a place where you will truly feel the music and lyrics of a song called “In Heat”, which is poignant if you think about it. Think about it more and you will remember the name behind the song, Long Faces. The song is from their album Old Friends and perhaps if you find their other songs to be a delight, you will become old friends with them too.

VIDEO: Ruby Fray’s “Barbara”

(NOTE: The video has a lot of flashing lights and images, so do not watch if you may have a seizure from viewing it.)

Ruby Fray released their second album in late September called Grackle (K) and true to its label’s spirit, it was recorded in Olympia, Washington at the Dub Narcotic Studio, so it has that sound that you’ve come to know and love from the room. If you’re motivated to check out more from them, buy Grackle by heading to K Records or order below via Amazon.