VIDEO: Diamond District’s “A Part Of It All”.

If you haven’t heard Diamond District’s new album March To Washington (Mello Music Group) (my review of which can be read by clicking here), you need to pick this up pronto. It’s easily one of the best hip-hop albums of the year and if you need some proof, check out the video for “A Part Of It All”.

AUDIO: Thee Gold Blooms’ “Katie-Sue”

 photo TheeGoldBlooms_old_zps5d2c8f1c.jpg
They look like a band that could easily fit in with any musical era of the last 25 years but Perth’s Thee Gold Blooms are heavily influenced by the music of the 1960’s. Even the title of their song, “Katie-Sun”, may sound innocent and fancy free but the music has a bit of grit and bulk, so it’s not just bubble gum chewing and sparkles, they want to have fun with what they do and they’re very much doing it. They’re polishing up what will become their debut album, due out in January. As for “Katie-Sun”, it will be released on December 5th.

FREE DL: Dubrain Hertz’s “Das Ist Nicht Ein Holocaust”

For this song I had to find a translator to be sure the title was non-offensive. “Das Ist Nicht Ein Holocaust” translates into “This Is Not A Holocaust” and the song by Dubrain Hertz is definitely not that, as it’s somethin that could fit in a number of different locales. It may work well for video games too, it could become a multipurpose song if they are able to sell the track. Have a listen to it, a reflection of the trip hop vibe of the early to mid-90’s.

VIDEO: Ozomatli’s “Place In The Sun”

While most of the United States in the middle of cold weather or feet of snow, Ozomatli celebrate their California living by honoring what’s up in the sky with their new video for “Place In The Sun” which may be a perfect remedy for the chill some of us are going through right now.. The video was directed by Damon Vonn and is the title track of their latest album.

VIDEO: Generation Kill’s “We’re All Gonna Die”

The truth of the matter is something that’s not a secret: we’re all gonna die. The goal is to be able to maintain this existence and manage to be strong from start to finish, or at least as best as we possibly can and that’s what Generation Kill talk about in their new song that’s now a video. It is also the title track of their upcoming album on Nuclear Blast that will be out on November 26th. Pre-order below through

AUDIO: Bassnectar featuring Beginners’ “Mystery Song (Infuze Remix)”

Infuze has done a remix of a song that features Beginners. It’s “Mystery Song” by Bassnectar, which will be as sweet as nectar once you nibble on the bass frequencies, the meat of the matter, the proof of the pepper. The song can be heard on Bassnectar’s Noise Vs. Beauty Remixes album.

AUDIO: Inner Loop’s “Silk Road” (stream full album)

J Scrilla, Casito and Grussle are back together as Inner Loop and they’ve just released a new album called Silk Road. It is an ensemble featuring a number of guests, including Lyriciss, Wais P, G-Two, Kingpen Slim, and many more. You can stream the album above or if you’d like to know how one of the songs transforms into a visual medium, check out the video below for “Sugarcrisp”, which has nothing to do with breakfast cereal. Silk Road will be out next week Tuesday (November 25th.)