COVERED: David Peel vs. Mild High Club

COVERED: David Peel vs. Mild High Club photo COVERED-PeelMildHigh_covers_zps228ebce7_1.jpg
This edition of my COVERED column, I like because it seems so out of the loop but someone did it. David Peel was singer and musician who spoke for the counter-culture and in support of the hippie community and marijuana. He was very much “anti-man”, in that he did not like what authority was doing to take things away. He was signed by Elektra Records and came out with the Have A Marijuana album. While the mainstream didn’t embrace him in full, since he was anti-mainstream, the album managed to go as high (literaly) as #187 on the Billboard album chart before falling off. He was also signed by The Beatles’ Apple label and came out with The Pope Smokes Dope.

Mild High School is a group of sorts, and I say “of sorts” because this is a project from a mind of Alexander Brettin, a Chicago musician who is living in Los Angeles and hoping to make his talents known by being signed to Stones Throw. He just came out with a single called “Windowpane” b/w “Weeping Willow”, the picture sleeve of which is an ode to the Have A Marijuana album. Brettin/Mild High School will be releasing a full length album later this year but for now, have a listen to the A-side of the “Windowpane” single below.

AUDIO: Shirt’s “I Don’t Like Lorde”

A rapper named Shirt has one powerful statement to make: “I Don’t Like Lorde”. Funny but direct, and it will appear on a forthcoming compilation Back Of The Bus, which may be a way to describe how hip-hop has been treated in the last few years but Shirt is making himself known in order to not just sit back to the front of the bus, but every seat in the vehicle.

VIDEO: Carlos Ferragamo’s “Five To Eight”

The word “jab” can mean a number of derogatory things depending on the ethnicity in question but I’m certain Carlos Farragamo is not calling his EP JABS for any bad reason. In fact, if you watch and listen to his video “Five To Eight”, there isn’t a bad thing about him or his music at all. 2015 may be looking up not just for him, but for hip-hop as a whole if people pay attention to him. The video was directed by Curtis Harper.

AUDIO: Lisa Alma’s “Man”

There is some powerful pop coming from Denmark, and one artist you should be on the look out for is Lisa Alma. her album Sweater will be released on Minty Fresh Records and she has made the first single from it available. It’s called “Man”, which means if someone asks you “man, have you heard that song by Lisa Alma?”, you can reply “yes, I’ve heard Lisa Alma’s song, “Man”. The album will be out in April. To hear more music from her, click to her official Soundcloud page.

SOME STUFFS: Dowsing, Free Throw to unite for a spring tour

 photo DowsingFreeT_olds_zps6e26e008.jpg
Free Throw of Nashville and Dowsing of Chicago will join hands this spring for a 10-day spring tour that will take them through the midwest from Dekalk to Indianapolis so as the weather hopefully warms up slightly by that time, fans of both groups will be able to have a great time or if you’re new to either group, discover a new group to become a fan of.

March 5… Dekalb, IL (The House Cafe)
March 6… Madison, WI (TBA)
March 7… Minneapolis, MN (TBA)
March 8… Fargo, ND (New Direction)
March 9… Winnepeg, MB (Windsor Hotel)
March 10… Sioux Falls, SD (TBA)
March 11… Omaha, NE (Reverb)
March 12… Kansas City, MO (The Scene)
March 13… Ames, IA (The Pentagon)
March 14… Normal, IL (TBA)
March 15… Indianapolis, IN (Hoosier Dome)

Dowsing have a split EP with Annabel but their 2013 debut album is also available. Free Throw released their debut album last year called Those Days Are Gone. Both were released by Count Your Lucky Stars. Remember to bring these bands some home cooked meals.

Dowsing/Free Throw photo DowsingFreeThrowPoster_pic_zpse8e07c1d_1.jpg

FREE MP3 DL: Jimmy ValenTime’s “Heaven Has A Price” (EP)

The paradise some of us (some of you) seek is closer than you really think and in fact, Jimmy ValenTime says Heaven Has A Price. Look at your surroundings and see the paradise you may neglect or pass up on a daily basis. ValenTime’s new EP features Lyrical Blades, Carlos Ferragamo, Urban Miracle, Emma Stone, and Hot Rod, a total of six brand new songs for your listening vibe.

VIDEO: Visigoth’s “The Revenant King”

The vikings of VIsigoth head out into the chilling cold and seek a confrontation with “The Revenant King”, or something like. The song is victorious metal while the video, directed by David Brodsky, will make you feel like a monarch again, knowing that you were a monarch in previous lives. This is the title track to their Metal Blade album.

AUDIO: ‘ticktock”s “A- A- A-“

'ticktock' photo ticktock_old_zpse797ffe7_1.jpg
You might say Sebastian Zieler is like a soundtrack album or a Hollywood reference book for you see, he’s not just Sabastian Zieler. He wants to be known as ‘ticktock’, and this is important because his musical moniker is not only all in lower-case letters, but they are in apostrophes, to let people know that the ticktock within ‘ticktock’ is meant to be emphasized. A good thing, since he wants to emphasize his own music, which he’ll do with his forthcoming EP TCOLT. The name games continue with a song from the EP’, which is calls “A- A- A-“, and how does one pronounce that? Fortunately it may not matter, since most radio stations don’t have request lines but the good radio stations will have a way for you to contact them if needed. TCOLT will be released on March 16th through The Big Oil Recording Company.