FREE DL: Pleasuredome’s “This Will Last Forever” (EP)

The full EP may last only six minutes but it will be an intense six minute listen that you will have this year. This Will Last Forever is an incredibly noisy album by Nashville band Pleasuredome, which sounds anything like an actual Pleasuredome, but perhaps that’s the point. It’s noise rock at its best, imagine if Lightning Bolt united with Buzzov•en. They released a song earlier this year so they may end up releasing another EP before the end of the year. we’ll see. Access to the EP is free of charge but if you’re into it, use the “Name Your Price” option.

FREE MP3 DL: Z.E.K.E.’s “I’m Not A Cake”

 photo ZEKE_old_zpspqfghfxl.jpg
Z.E.K.E. is a man out of Chicago who raps without profanity but don’t assume that means his music or lyrics are weak? It’s the opposite, for anyone who is able to write well will be known for their capabilities, so consider Z.E.K.E. a rapper who is capable of doing well. But he’s not just capable, he does it well. He is not only capable of trying out different elements into his music, but he does it. Have a listen to the Stompboxx Music Group-produced “I’m Not A Cake”, which will find its way onto his album called N.E.X.X.X.T.

FREE MP3 DL: Cusses’ “Sally And Her Tassels”

Cusses photo Cusses_old_zpsesnloelj.jpg
Cusses’ new EP Here Comes The Rat (Ha!) was released two weeks ago and if you haven’t introduced yourself to their music, please do so now. Have a listen to “Sally And Her Tassels” and feel the power of this band’s strength from Savannah, Georgia. You may like the vocal harmonies, you may like the precision of the musicians, or you may end up liking everything that you hear, which is their goal. Download the song for free, while supplies last and if you really enjoy it, tell your friends. They’ll appreciate it.

FREE MP3 DL: Isaac Hayes’ “Walk On By (Platurn Extended Edit)”

If you’ve been wondering what DJ Platurn was about to create next in his bag of clever remixes and edits, here’s the new. He takes on “Walk On By”, Isaac Hayes’ cover of the Dionne Warwick classic and turns it into not only an edit, but an “extended edit”. You can obtain the song by clicking to the Soundcloud page directly, perfect for listening, including in radio shows or DJ sets. You’ll make it work, trust me. The edit includes the “Name Your Price” option so show support and give what you feel the mix deserves.

FREE MP3 DL: Ghost Payne featuring Young Strike’s “Luv Da Weed”

If you love marijuana, you may already have a theme song or a playlist you listen to when you roll a joint. If so, there’s a new song for your cannabis needs. It’s by Ghost Payne and it’s called “Luv Da Weed” and with help from Young Strike, it’s all about living good and feeling right. Download the song for free, while supplies last.