FREE MP3 DL: Price Stylez’s “Crown Royal”

Hip-hop songs these days seem to be all about feeling, and it’s good to be able to feel something and know you’ll be able to dance or head nod to it. But the best hip-hop songs are not only build on tight protection and carefully selected samples, but the lyrics and its lyricism. Price Stylez knows the deal, as if he embodied the power of (Mad) Skillz or Black Thought and build himself on the strength of their collective integrity and decided to develop things on his own. The song is what his debut album will be like, to be released this summer on HiPNOTT Records.

FREE MP3 DL: Loyle Carner’s “When Will I Stop Dreaming”

Loyle Carner photo LoyleCarner_old_zpsixrhxokc.jpg
I grew up with a wonderful singer named Loyal Garner, which is what I thought when I saw the name of a British guy with the name Loyle Carner. He sounds like a European Madlib with a hint of a Jamaican vibe, or at least that’s what I hear and he has done a really good song called “When Will I Stop Dreaming” so have a listen. He has some shows in coming weeks so English fans, make sure you show a hell of a lot of support.

April 20… London, England (Islington Assembly Hall)
May 3… London, England (Streetfest – Tobacco Dock)
May 14… Brighton, England (The Great Escape)
May 22… Liverpool, England (Sound City)
May 24… Bristol, England (Love Saves The Day)
July 4… Hampshire, England (Blissfields)

VIDEO: Low Leaf begins new video series

Low Leaf will be presenting a series of videos called Diwata Mantraz (or D i w a t a M a n t r a z), which she says will be “an evolving collection of free-form instrumentals and sound meditations“. So what does that mean exactly? It could be a new song, it could be an excerpt of something, it could be a partial idea or audio sketch, it’s whatever she feels like presenting in visual and audio form. The first video is for the song “Purification”, which is a mere five minute excerpt of a full 20 minute song available through Bandcamp. Watch the video first, get into what’s going on and then grab the song, available as a free download but definitely use the “name your price” option to show support.

FREE MP3 DL: 404Will’s “Memoirs Of A Don”

404Will photo 404Will_cover_zpslf2unsv4.jpg
Atlanta rapper 404Will has a street album he’d like for everyone to know about but more importantly, he’d like for people to have a listen. It’s called Memoirs Of A Don, featuring help from Belle, Royce Rizzy, and 404retro. 13 songs including a bonus song called “Amerikkka”, now if it has a bonus song, which version of the album doesn’t have the bonus? Unsure at this time but stream it now or download it later, or whatever you wish for this ATL master.