FREE DL: D.Focis’ “Title Goes Here”

You couldn’t be any more obvious when you name your album Title Goes Here because that’s what you’re supposed to do as an artist. But maybe D.Focis had a reason for doing it that way and you can find out what it may have been by checking out the album, which is available as a free download. The album came out in late September but it’s not too late to hear it or pass the word around for it. He’s from Detroit so give him a shot.

FREE MP3 DL: Timestretch & Quelle Chris’ “The Medicines

Timestretch and Quelle Chris were brought together by their own selves, merging the intellects between the Bay Area and Detroit. The two are not going to release a full joint project, they just wanted to unite and say hello with a united song, so listen to “The Medicines”. Like it? Let me know what you think.

FREE MP3 DL: Tattoo Money’s “Melt With You”

 photo TattooMoney_old_zps9449833d.jpg
You might say Tattoo Money is a rocker who loves to rap, or a rapper who isn’t afraid to rock it out once in awhile. The truth is that he is an artist who combines the two elements to create a style that is his own, where he sounds perfect in each side of the fence. Check out “Melt With You” and you may think this guy was raised in London, although Pete Armour calls Brooklyn home. Armour would like for you to get to know him better as Tattoo Money so please do so, I think it will be of value.

FREE MP3 DL: The Outdoor Type’s “Are You Happy”

The Outdoor Type is a pop artist from Australia, Melbourne to be exact, and Indie Shuffle recently said “If you talk about bands like The War on Drugs as Americana, The Outdoor Type is the epitome of Australiana“. It’s bold but it may be enough to get people interested and listening to him, so check out “Are You Happy” and discover why you’re smiling all day.

FREE MP3 DL: Fuzz featuring Marzs’ “That’s Aight”

A bit of Philadelphia hip-hop is being presented here by Fuzz, an 18-year old rapper that is looking to make a name for himself. He’s doing so with a bit of assistance from his main man Marzs and together, they offer “That’s Aight” because when you get down to it, sometimes knowing something is “aight” is all you need for approval. Cheta produced the song for them, so obtain the song.

FREE DL: Diamond District’s “Erything (Diamond D Remix)”

If you have enjoyed Diamond District’s March On Washington as much as I have), then you are going to love this new remix of one of its songs. Getting a new revision is “Erything” and it’s done by none other than Diamond D. Yes, THAT Diamond D. It’s a free track, so stream and listen to preview, then obtain.

FREE MP3 DL: Paco’s “Policia”

 photo Paco_old_zps076b3c2c.jpg
Paco the G Train Bandit is a Queens representative and he’s releasing his new street album in a unique way, issuing out parts in three portions. The first portion has been released and now he has unveilved the second portion. The album as a whole will be called Mucho Gusto and Part 2 is called Policia (the first was titled Uno), which happens to be a hip-hop cover of Rage Against The Machine’s “Killing In The Name”.

FREE MP3 DL: Derek Minor featuring Roz’s “Stranger”

It was rare that Ferguson, Missouri was mentioned anywhere outside of St. Louis but this year, it has taken a lot of headline time, sometimes not for the better. Derek Minor wanted to touch on what has been happening in the city and decided to work with Roz to create the song “Stranger”, where he hopes to “seek to heal one another” and move away from the problems that are not only in Ferguson, but throughout the United States and thus the entire world.

VIDEO/FREE DL: In Dynamics’ “Waking Life”

 photo InDynamics_old_zps044b10d6.jpg
The three men above are a Brighton alternative rock band called In Dynamics, and if you are looking for more answers, you can have them with their new EP, Questions. They’ve made a video for the song “Waking Life”, another answer for you. For those in or near Guildford, England, they’ll be doing a show tomorrow (Friday) at The Boiler Room, which wraps up their UK tour for the year.