VIDEO/FREE MP3 DL: OhBoy!’s “Beautiful Terrible”

OhBoy! photo OhBoy_old_zpsxtsqr9nq.jpg
OhBoy! are a Midlands group who have a new song called “Beautiful Terrible”, which may mean it is both things so you can listen to it and find out for yourself by heading to their website at If you do find it is both beautiful and terrible (and perhaps other things like sensual), you can check out the video and see it it generates something else in you.

FREE MP3 DL: DJ Soko featuring Guilty Simpson & Hassaan Mackey’s “Stand Up”

DJ Soko will be releasing his debut album on August 21st called Domino Effect (Left Of Center) and if this song is any indication of how the rest of the music will be, the title will be appropriate. He brought in Hassaan Mackey and Guilty Simpson to create “Stand Up” and you’re able to download this for free, while supplies last.

FREE MP3 DL: Cally Reed’s “S.D.S. (Soopa Doopa Supreme)”

Cally Reed photo CallyReed_old_zpst6qs1ytj.jpg
As someone from the Pacific Northwest, I see this new photo with rapper Cally Reed and I’m thinking “hey, that’s the Tacoma Dome” which would make sense, since Reed calls Tacoma home. While Seattle’s hip-hop has been getting a bit of attention in the last few years, many know that Tacoma has always been a place where some of the best hip-hop within the 206 shines. Let’s check out what Reed gas to say in “S.D.S. (Soopa Doopa Supreme)”.

FREE MP3 DL: Baeb Rxxth’s “Gutter”

 photo BaebRxxth_old_zpsfmqsjrc5.jpg
The name may look a bit different but it is what you think it is and how you should pronounce it. They’re a production duo known as Baeb Rxxth. Say hello to Nasimiyu Murumba and Devon Craig Johnson in your own way. Together, they’ve put a song out for you called “Gutter” and while it may have a gutter vibe, they’re not going down the tubes just yet, if at all. What they create is a sound that may sound like some of your favorite current artists with a hint of the old, but take it as you want, then take it further as you need.

FREE MP3 DL: RedBaren 907 featuring X Homeboy Sandman’s “Red Sand”

Most of you are familiar with Homeboy Sandman so you may ask yourself on a regular basis “where is he at now?” Well, he might be at a department store to buy some deodorants but you’re talking musically. He finds himself in a new track by a rapper you may not be familiar with, so please become comfortable with RedBaren 907, who is releasing an album called Life Behind Bars and this is a preview.