FREE MP3 DL: Gone Wallace’s “[HAVEN]”

When Gone Wallace comes up with new music, it can only end up with good things. Good things are indeed happening on his new effort called [HAVEN] and note that the title of the album is found within brackets. Understands what this means by listening to the album, 15 brand new tracks where he’s able to tell you the possible answer(s) and then some.

FREE MP3 DL: Adam Reverie’s “The WestSide Rev Project”

Adam Reverie photo AdamReverie_old_zpsihxja57k.jpg
With luck, if you spotted his name on my website in the last few months, you listened and said to yourself “I must hear more”. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for that more. Adam Reverie’s new street album is called The WestSide Rev Project and like a bar of Snickers, it’s sure to satisfy with nine songs to choose from. You can download it for free via Soundcloud while supplies last, or use the “name your price” option on Bandcamp and consider showing some support as well.

FREE MP3 DL: A/S/L’s “3934 Km”

A soul cover of a Kate Bush song is turned into something brand new, so this is the new of the once-new of the old. I speak of A/S/L and their song “3934 Km”, which takes from Maxwell’s cover of Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work” and makes it ridiculous, and I mean this in a complimentary way. The slow vibe is turned into a dance song that is ready for anything from picnics to doing figure eight’s to deep integrations, so play it, get deep. Then get deeper. A/S/L is a male individual who will be releasing an EP very soon called Away from you, where you will be able to find “3934 Km”

FREE MP3 DL: The Rebel Light’s “Strangers”

The sound of sunshine pop is just just a dated artifact of the 1960’s, it is alive and well in 2015 and just just in California or anywhere near beach communities. You may find it within a new group who call themselves The Rebel Light and by listening to “Strangers”, you will no longer be a stranger, as it is possible to be welcomed at any party. It’s ready for the summer to come in about six weeks, so prepare for it by rubbing your body with suntan lotion and lubing up with this song.

If you’re a regular visitor of and are saying “wait, didn’t you post this last fall?“, yes I did but for some reason the song was removed from Soundcloud. It has been upped again for a new means of promotion.

FREE MP3 DL: Kelly Rush’s “Don’t Dance (Think)”

Originally from Fayetteville, North Carolina, Kelly Rush now resides in Los Angeles and is hoping to make a name for himself with his lyrics, stories, and flows. He says his music may be called “hip “pop”-ish chill wave style” by some but whatever way you choose to interpret it, listen to “Don’t Dance (Think)” and see how you can get down to the sensation.

FREE DL: D.Focis’ “Summertime D-Mix”

Enjoy driving two miles an hour so everyone can see you? Then you are probably anticipating the arrival of the summer, and you have under two months to go. Courtesy of D.Focis, he has put together a brand new mix of DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s “Summertime”, said to be “adding a Detroit touch,while keeping with the original vibe of the song.” No harm in that, so listen to it and lay back because soon come, it’ll be summertime, so have a ball.

VIDEO/FREE MP3 DL: Mochipet featuring Mr. Lif’s “Spark”

A new Mochipet video? Where does one start? That may be the question you’re asking right now but you see the arrow, press play. This one is for the song “Spark”, which features Mr. Lif complimenting Mr. Mochi. The song also has a number of remixes to be satisfied with, stream them below or buy the whole meal deal.