FREE MP3 DL: Passion of the Weiss Mix, Volume XII: Captain Supernova – “The World Has Just Begun”

With tracks by Dorothy Ashby, Crown Heights Affair, Hubert Laws, Donald Byrd, Herbie Hancock, and the almighty David Axelrod, this is a mix that had taken a good amount of time and determination to put together, so thank Captain Supernova for it and listen to this 48 collage of some fine music from start to finish. Here is the track listing:

David Axelrod – 1000 rads
Vladimir Cosma – Profil Grec 1
Crown Heights Affair – The Love I Found this Time
The Flasher OST – The Flight
Dorothy Ashby – Windmills of your mind
David Axelrod – Ken Russell
Frank Gartner – Laser
Dexter Wansel – The Sweetest Pain
Jon Lucien – Would you Believe in me Glenn Davis Edit
Donald Byrd – Think Twice
Hubert Laws – Undecided
Driver OST – Driving
Leo Hassler – Grotesque
Manzel- Space Funk
Lalo Schrifen – No one is home
Herbie Hancock – Ready or Not
Flashlight – Beginner’s Luck
Tomita – Aranjuez

VIDEO/FREE MP3 DL: Kink Ador’s “Hold on Tight”

Kink Ador is not the name of any of the members in this group, but it is the name of the band, so get to know this Nashville trio. They’ve released an EP called Free World and are hoping it will cause a few ripples in their path, so have a listen to an original song called “Hold On Tight”, which encourages lovers and lovers-to-be to be strong in a relationship situation. If you’d like to hear more of their music, go to the official Kink Ador Soundcloud page. IF you find “Hold On Tight” to be worthy enough of a download, you may do so below.

FREE MP3 DL: John Doe featuring Redd’s “Favorite Song”

Have you ever heard a song and immediately said “wow, this is going to be a personal favorite of mine?” Did you want to say “this will be my favorite song” 16 times in a row? If so, you will definitely get into Joe Doe’s new song that was produced by and featuring Redd. The press release said “so that is why there are too sides to the record“, but I believe they meant “two sides to the record” but no matter, this is your favorite-song-to-be.

FREE DL: The 1978ers’ “P.O.T.” E.P.

 photo The1978ers_old2_zps157a3034.jpg
yU & Slimkat have some new music they want to share with you as the duo The 1978ers. This one is called P.O.T., released today, and they’ve released it as a free item for you to download. It’s a three part effort, so stream it to get a hit of what it’s about, then download it in full, free of charge. The EP is a preview of what’s to come on their forthcoming album, People Of Today (Mello Music Group).

FREE DL: Copi Chon’s “Vulcanvacuum”

Vulcanvacuum is a new album by Russian artist Copi Chon with music where the label states “let your own imagination go on this unusual musical road. The flow of sound will show you the way.” On this electronic journey, it’s not a mission of “anything goes” but when the mission begins, you’ll want to hang on. Eight songs, an adventure for all listeners. Come inside.

FREE DL: Bless 1’s “Love”

Aaron Brown wants you to get to know him and his music as Bless 1, and he’s doing so with an all-instrumental album simply called Love, which is what he puts into his creations and what he hopes others will feel through his sounds. The songs are not in the distance, they’re right with you to feel the warmth in the Love Brown/Bless 1 has created and give it a shot.