FREE DL: Finale’s “Bits & Pieces (The House Shoes Mixtape)”

Bits & Pieces is a new street album by Finale but is it his finale? Nah. What this mix tape is is a project done by House Shoes and best of all: it’s free in the format of choice. Stream it or download it now and again, freebits.

FREE MP3 DL: Richie Dagger’s “Chloe Dancer”

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25 years ago this week, I visited New York City for the first and only time in my life so far. It was for New Music Seminar 11, a music industry convention where various writers/journalists, publicists, managers, and artists gathered to schmooze. I went there as a young writer representing two small fanzines, I hadn’t even started my own publication but the writing I had been doing on a small level lead me to becoming a contributing editor for the first edition of the All Music Guide. Upon walking around New York City, one poster that dominated Times Square and other parts of the city was the debut album by Mother Love Bone called Apple. The album was supposed to have been heavily promoted, trying to match the momentum Soundgarden had by being signed to A&M but vocalist Andrew Wood died in March of 1990 and while people outside of the Pacific Northwest were wondering about the future of the group, everyone in Seattle knew the group would not go on as is, for Wood was the kind of character that celebrated band unity but the focus of the music was L’Andrew himself. Mother Love Bone officially split up and a part of it became Mookie Blaylock, who changed their name to Pearl Jam.

25 years after the promise of what could have been, vocalist Richie Dagger is honoring Wood and his hometown by dipping into the power of Lamestain rock by going back to Mother Love Bone’s EP Shine and covering “Chloe Dancer”, which got a lot of airplay in Seattle on KCMU and KISW. Now, Dagger is reviving the spirit of the Stardog Champion to be sure to carry it for today’s generation and beyond, and a way to let people know what Dagger is like as an artist.

FREE MP3 DL: D.Focis’ “Jit To This (Detroit Vs Everybody)”

Detroit is dropping another dope track by the one and only D.Focis, who not ony wants to jit, but he wants you and eveyrone to “Jit To This”. Subtitled “Detroit Vs Everybody”, this song is meant to let people know Detroit will never be out of the game and if everybody gets into this, then you too can jit to it, and specifically, this.

VIDEO: Zoo Beeze featuring Maine Rilla Stone’s “Gramz”

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Just like smoking your favorite blend of doobies, say hello to Zoo Beeze, a rapper out of the northern part of The Bronx who had director Dave Doobie direct his video for the song “Gramz”, which has nothing to do with teddy but you know how it is. Oh wait: you needed to know more of what it is? Well, the song also features Maine Rilla Stone in a song produced by Kizzz, so this becomes a song you should not miss. The song is on new street album comp called 400: Gangs Of New York

SOME STUFFS: Kameechi to bust out with new street album this fall

Kameechi photo Kameechi_old_zpslsefwgfq.jpg
A new street album from Kameechi will be making its way onto the virtual and literal roads come September. The Queens-rapper worked with producers 3AM Bday for a song called “Everyday Life”, which is what he deals with on a regular basis and hopes you can relate to it too, in the hopes of making bad vibes turn around.

FREE MP3 DL: D.Focis’ “Prince Akeem”

After hearing this, I wish this 1:59 song was a bit longer but D.Focis insures that he is not here to advocate many more hate, he is to let you know why he does what he does in a very nice way. The track is called “Prince Akeem”, honoring the Coming To America character in brief. Again, this song deserves yet another verse but we deal what we have and we must be (im)patient for another new song from him.

FREE MP3 DL: BXTR’s “Departure”

Soulful dance music with hints of dub and abstract beauty, it is what you’ll hear in “Departure”, a new track by BXTR. Some elements of this song could easily be heard in your every day pop music but this is not your every day music, and shouldn’t be, although you could easily turn it into your mantra this summer. Make it what you want but make it groove as you dance to the sensations.

FREE MP3 DL: 404WILL featuring Belle’s “Moet & Chandon”

If you are looking for a song that honors two alcoholic drinks, but you’re saying “I don’t drink but I would like to be seduced by a good song”, then check out this song by 404 WILL called “Moet & Chandon”. The Atlanta rapper is koined by Belle, so hear their union and get down with it in an intoxicating manner, with or without the rocks. Grab this song, for it is a free download, while supplies last.


“Day Fort” is a new song by TIO which was described this way in the press release:
Day Fort is the refuge we seek in the new nature of now. We are not opposed or defined by what we do not seek. From our underground bunker we see the light. Xenofeminism, new nature, the laws of change and the movement of our true boundary in three dimensions- our bodies. This music and these images are the sky looking down on the fort at the end of the world where a new one emerges. Let’s go back to the start.”

Does that work for you? Then make it work and let it pulsate your senses. If you are completely feeling this, you may also be interested in hearing a remix for it below, which you may download for free while supplies last.

FREE MP3 DL: Mikey Vegaz’s “Confessions Of A Hustler”

Mikey Vegaz photo MikeyVegaz_old_zpsjsuwgd4r.jpg
Seattle has been getting its share of attention after the success of Macklemore but in order to stay in touch, you have to dig deeper. The same can be said for the hip-hop scene in Portland, which has been giving us artists like Gen. Erik, Ozone, Serge Seveere, and Braille over the years. If you want to know about someone else from Rose City, say hello to Mikey Vegaz. He’s about to drop a new album packed with 21 new songs called Confessions Of A Hustler, letting you know about a side of Portland you may be completely unaware about. He’s done his share of shows with the likes of Too $hort, Tech N9ne and E-40 and now he wants to let people know that after getting a bit of Unsigned Hype eight years ago by The Source, he is not to be messed with in that way. But you can mess with him in the sense that you want to hear him or perhaps collaborate with the man. Then please do. The Portland hip-hop scene is strong, so get a chance to know it and Mikey Vegaz a lot more.

Mikey Vegaz photo MikeyVegaz_cover_zpsd6pmhwan.jpg