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SOME STUFFS: Lonesome Leash heads on tour with a new single in his hands

 photo LonesomeLeash_old_zps1a5bb648.jpg
You’ll be happy to know that Lonesome Leash has released a new single called “The Night Was Old”, which will pave the way for what will come with his next album, due out sometime in 2015. He’s going to carve a few spots for himself when he heads on tour in a few weeks, which will take him to Europe, so get a blanket (or clean your clothes) and head out when he’s near you:

September 4… San Francisco, CA (Hemlock Tavern)
September 5… Sebastopol, CA (Aubergine)
September 7… Davis, CA (Third Space)
September 10… Oakland, CA (The Northern)
September 12… Vancouver, BC (Accordion Noir Festival)
September 13… Seattle, WA (Hollow Earth Radio)
September 14… Portland, OR (The Waypost)
September 16… Cottage Grove, OR (Arcade Theater Cottage)
September 17… Eugene, OR (Countdown Studio Eugene)
September 17… Oakland, CA (MOCO Gallery)
September 20… Center for the Arts Grass Valley, CA)
September 29… Troyes, FR (Mix’Cité)
October 1… Forli, IT (Diagonal)
October 3… Foggia, IT (TBA)
October 4… Napoli, IT (Riot “A Casa”)
October 5… Avellino, IT (Godot Art Bistro)
October 10… San Benedetto del Tronto, IT (TBC)
October 11… Terni, IT (Palmetta)
October 13… Ravenna, IT (Moog)
October 15… Padova, IT (TBA)
October 16… Genova, IT (Altrove)
October 30… Los Angeles, CA (The Echo) ☠
November 2… San Diego, CA (Soda Bar) ☠
November 3… Tucson, AZ (Club Congress) ☠
November 4… Albuquerque, NM (Low Spirits) ☠
November 7… Baton Rouge, LA (Spanish Moon) ☠
November 8… New Orleans, LA (The BEATnik) ☠

☠ = w/ O’Death

Now have a listen to the new single, “The Night Was Old”, which is also available as a free download, while supplies last.

FREE MP3 DL: Aaliyah’s “Rock The Boat (SevnthWonder Remix)”

Soundcloud has added a bunch of new rules and stipulations so let’s hope this new remix of Aaliyah’s “Rock The Boat” will stroke itself in the middle and remain there for a long time. The mix was done by SevnthWonder, who is not related to 9th Wonder in anyway but you may enjoy this for how different it made the original. Stroke it for yourself.

FREE MP3 DL: Brittany Tiera featuring Regular Rell’s “Sugah Kane”

 photo BrittanyTiera_cover_zps917bccca.jpg
The Dezperawdos produced this song, and you may be like me and saying “who are The Dezperawdos?” Now it’s a time to get to know them. They produced a song for Brittany Tiera called “Sugah Kane”, and it also features Regular Bell. Tiera is out of Virginia, but the song begins with a man’s voice to introduce “Sugah Kane” to you in a very rough and vulgar manner, so will this become a hit song? Highly unlikely but the initial verse from Regular Rell may have worked if it was rearranged. Nonetheless, Tiera’s part of the song, the core of the track, is very soon. I look forward to hearing more from her.

FREE MP3 DL: Bobby Capri’s “Gucci Loafers”

 photo BobbyCapri_cover_zps23d08029.jpg
There are times when I hear about an artist who names their song after a company and I wonder if they expect to get some kind of endorsement. Does every company give it to artists for free and if so, shouldn’t they name better? I don’t know if I’d want to hear every song with an endorsement anyway, I don’t want to hear that type of commercial every single time. You may think differently about rapper Bobby Capri, who has released a song called “Gucci Loafers”. He may feel comfortable in a pair and said “hey, this is my song about it, I feel good about it.” Maybe after hearing it, you will feel good too. The press release for the song says he liberates fans, so be liberated with this cut.

FREE DL: Five Steez’s “Welcome”

From his forthcoming EP These Kingston Times, Five Steez has released a new song for all to hear and download, so have yourself to “Welcome”, produced by OneMan Beats. The song is an ode to Kingston, Jamaica, his home turf.

FREE MP3 DL: ReQ Cartier’s “Stay Woke”

“Stay Woke” may be a phrase that is casually said as a means of being heard but sometimes, it can be a bold statement. This is what ReQ Cartier wants you to know, discover, and/or learn about, so if you feel a need to “Stay Woke”, this is the song to keep you alert at all times. As Kavet The Catalyst would say, don’t sleep.

AUDIO: Outcast’s self-titled demo EP

If you’re looking for the type of heavy metal that brings to mind the wealth of great Swedish bands from the 1980′s, you’ll have to look toward France for Outcast, who have just released an EP. It’s four songs of solid rock from start to finish, including a 7-minute “Dreamers Wake”. It will definitely bring to mind the feeling of Yngwie Malmsteen or Helloween (and yes, I know Helloween are from Germany). This EP may be their demo (also available on cassette) but they’re ready for album power.

FREE MP3 DL: Allen Poe’s “Don’t Delay It”

Don’t display it.

Don’t filet it.

Don’t spray it.

Allen Poe is telling you and everyone within his speaking vicinity “Don’t Delay It” but what is it? It’s it! What is it? He lays it on you all in his new cut, and you’re able to download the song and take it with you, wherever you go. The song is the second single from his forthcoming album How Gardens Grow, to be released in the forthcoming season, so don’t delay it.

FREE MP3 DL: Gone Wallace’s “CULTure”

He says it’s “another piece to The Expansion Pack” but Gone Wallace says this will not be on Passion Project. It’s a new song independent from what he had done before, created as “a representation of my feelings toward our culture as a whole”. He had producer AVID iLL put this together and now you’re able to take a listen.

VIDEO: Rediculus & Skeezo featuring El Gant & Bekay’s “Watch Ya Step”

El Gant and Bekay did not hesitate to say yes when Rediculus and Skeezo asked them to contribute to their song, and once they
heard it was called “Watch Ya Step”, they went for it. Okay, maybe that’s not the way it happened, and I don’t know if the song title was already pre-selected before it was over, but it makes for a hopeful concept. Whatever way it worked, the concept is now reality, and here it is. The song can be found on the “Stuck In Da 90′s remix EP