FREE MP3 DL: C Wells’ “Mind Games”

In hip-hop these days it may be difficult to find a rapper who is willing to drop the true shit but for C Wells, he does lyrics that can not only be true, but he says it in the lyrics, even if they double as “Mind Games”. Those games are explored in his new song produced by Chris Nevers. C Wells is from Lynn, Massachusetts, about 20 minutes north of Boston and while home is attention to him, please pay attention to what he’s saying.

SOME STUFFS: Ruckazoid releases new EP on DJ Shadow’s Liquid Amber label

Released today is Scratchgod I, a new EP by Ruckazoid who has been described as a “vocalist, innovator, turntablist, producer, and inventor” but if you know who he is and what he has done over the years, I don’t need to explain. It’s the latest release on DJ Shadow’s label Liquid Amber and is available on vinyl and can be downloaded for free above. The record will be in your hands on or around March 20th, so only a week’s time.

FREE MP3 DL: Ralph V.’s “Cold Nights In The Sex”

Ralph V – Cold Nights In The Sex

This is all that was said in my e-mail, and a link to a video but fortunately I am aware of who Ralph V. is, as he makes some solid hip-hop. His new song, which is wrote, produced and mixed, sounds like the song that could be anthems if more people are paying attention so let everyone know what this guy is about and make it work. At times he comes off left of center but there’s a basis to this, so face it. The weather may be getting warmer now but when it gets cold again, you know what to do.

FREE MP3 DL: RRose RRome’s “10 Trap Commandments”

Biggie Smalls died on this day in 1997 and thousands of people online are honoring his music, lyrics, and legacy. RRose Rrome decided to take things one step further by rearranging a famous song and calling it “10 Trap Commandments” so in honor of Big Poppa, have a listen, download it while you can, while supplies last.

FREE MP3 DL: Saga featuring Roc Marciano’s “City Streets”

Saga photo SagaMC_old_zpspdomhpg0.jpg
At first when I heard that Saga would be involved in a hip-hop song, I thought “the old progressive rock band from Canada called Saga, who had songs like “Don’t Be Late” and “On The Loose”?” In this case no, for this Saga is a Brooklyn rapper who is ready to make a name for himself in his own right and can he make a song as great as one of the best songs of the 1980’s, Saga’s “On The Loose”? It’s possible if his forthcoming EP, produced entirely by Marco Polo. gets any attention, and it should. Be on the lookout for From Out Of The Shadows and right now, listen to find out what he has to say about the “City Streets”, then realize he’s creating his own saga for the future.

FREE MP3 DL: Hozier’s “Take Me To Church (Frost Remix)”

Australian producer (via Sydney) Nicolas Frost is so chill that he wants to be called Frost (no relation to rapper Kid Frost/Frost) and he has some music on its way. In fact, here’s a song he did, a remix of “Take Me To Church” by Hozier. It may be a “bootleg” remix but if you like the original, you may find this mix to be much better. Find out for yourself. More music from Frost will be on its way throughout the year.

FREE DL: Rapper Big Pooh featuring Eric “Blakk Soul” Keith’s “How I Move”

Rapper Rapper Big Pooh is ready to release his new EP called Words Paint Pictures and this is a song produced by Apollo Brown and featuring Eric Keith, who you may know better as Blakk Soul. The song is called “How I Move” but you could say this song is about how they move towards making sure you enjoy the song so… enjoy. Free download to boot, no excuses.

SOME STUFFS: Nodis releases new street album and video from it

Nodis released a new album today called 22nd Century, which means he’s skipping ahead 86 years and heading to the next phase of the world. The street album features “Private School”, a song that also has Bala Ortiz and Grammar helping out. You can stream 22nd Century before you download it, which is free. Check Soundcloud below.

FREE DL: Mo Kolours’ “How I (Rhythm Love Affair)”

Mo Kolours photo MoKolours_old_zpsm5esxzwu.jpg
The new EP by Mo Kolours was made available to download today, it’s called How I (Rhythm Love Affair), which you can stream before you download it for free in the format of your choice. The EP is out on vinyl too so be sure to order that if records are to your liking.

FREE MP3 DL: Grandparents’ “Kids In The Alley”

Grandparents photo Grandparents_old_zps3qkiecba.jpg
Grandparents are not at the age to be grandparents just yet but they’re from Portland, they’re willing to be foolish with their names but not with their music. The group are heading to SXSW next week but are here to let you check out a song from their tour cassingle (!!!) and album-to-come. It’s for the song “Kids In The Alley”, which is trippy, rocking, psychedelic, and pop friendly, a little bit of something for everyone. The song is catchy and I hope it gets some attention. It’s available as a free download, while supplies last. As for their shows, here they are:

March 11… Portland, OR (Mississippi Studios)
March 12… Chico, CA (1078 Gallery)
March 13… San Francisco, CA (TBA)
March 15… Los Angeles, CA (TBA)
March 16… Fullerton, CA (The Continental Room)
March 17… Tuscon, AZ (191 Toole )
March 19… Austin, TX (SXSW (Pollens House Show))
March 20… Austin, TX (SXSW (Portland Party & Holocene Showcase))
March 21… Austin, TX (SXSW (You’re Here Showcase))
March 22… Austin, TX (SXSW (House Show))
March 25… Fort Collins, CO (The Artery)
March 26… Provo, UT (Velour)
March 27… Boise, ID (Neurolux (Treefort Festival))