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VIDEO: Sotr Caf’s “Find Me”

Sotr Caf may have a sound that is close to a cross between Lauryn Hill and Me Phi Me but he’s much more than that. Much more. This Iowa rapper produced the song himself, from his latest EP One More Fall, and had Nathan Ejuwa direct it for him. Sotr Caf says the EP is the new installment in a series of EP’s, so now that we’ve heard the first two, we can only eagerly await how he will wrap this up.

SOME STUFFS: New EP from Roses, tour for you

 photo Roses_old_zps699cc420.jpg
You may want to be rescued by the guys in Roses, as their forthcoming EP due on August 5th is called Dreamlover (Group Tightener). They’ve made a video for the song “It’s Over” but as you’ll see, it’s far from over for these guys.

The reason why it’s not over? For one, they’re a young band, they have a lot of time to jam. In fact, they’ll be jamming at the following venues and cities:

August 2… New York, NY (Cake Shop)
August 3… New York, NY (Silent Barn)
August 9… Los Angeles, CA (Permanent Records) (EP release show)
September 29… Seattle, WA (Barboza) *
September 30… Portland, OR (Holocene) *
October 3… San Francisco, CA (Rickshaw Stop) *
October 4… Los Angeles, CA (The Echo) *
October 5… San Diego, CA (Bar Pink) *

* = w/ Slow Club

VIDEOS: Mortals’ “View From A Tower”

Cursed To See The Future (Relapse) is the new album from Mortals, who go out of their way to be as brutal as possible with everything they record, and “VIew From A Tower” is no exception. Videos like this make me happy that MTV is dead. They remind me of a cross between The Great Kat and Dickless.

VIDEO: Jigz The Flyer’s “Never Done”

Opium Fields is the name of Meriden, Connecticut’s Jigz The Flyer’s new album, and to allow you inside for a hint, he made a video for one of its songs, “Never Done”. This means it has been done, as directed by Cody Kussoy.

BOOK’S JOOK: Beastie Boys’ “Hey Ladies”/”Shake Your Rump”

  • Book’s Jook is a column dedicated to placing a record within my dream jukebox, if I were to have one. The Seeburg jukebox shown below is similar to the one I have wanted since I was a kid. To read more on why I started this column, click here.

     photo BeastieBoysHL_45_zps148c33cf.jpg
    By the time I bought this 45 in August 1989, I had already fallen in love with Paul’s Boutique. I bought the cassingle of the Love American Style EP first before I picked up the 12″ for it, so “Hey Ladies” was something that was well known not only from what I had, but also from the video, which had a significant amount of airplay on MTV and BET. This was the follow-up to Licensed To Ill and it confused people because: the Beastie Boys went disco and the image in the video just seemed too weird for fans and viewers. Did this lead to millions of fans say “I’ve had it with these guys, they’re has-beens, I’m done”? Maybe, but it did keep a number of people interested because they liked what was perceived as weird. One of those people was me.

    “Hey Ladies” seemed odd to find on 45 because by 1989, most singles were either purchased as 12″ singles or cassette singles. The 45rpm single was still around, I had my copies of records by Tone Loc and Young MC in the format but other than that, it was becoming more difficult to find the hits on 45, even if they were made. The cassingle was king, and the rise in the CD single along with the growing dominance of the compact disc pretty much made those records a dated format, despite the fact people wanted it. Yet it was cool to have and cool to find when I was up at a record store in Spokane. I should’ve bought three copies, if not five, but one copy was what I could buy, and I did. It came in a generic Capitol sleeve, with the B-side being “Shake Your Rump”, just like the Love American Style EP. I drove home and it was cool to hear on 45. Paul’s Boutique is an album perfect for vinyl, and yet I bought it on LP a number of times, plus the CD and cassette. For me, it didn’t matter, but the 45 was a cherished item to have because I didn’t know if I would ever see it again, definitely not in the town I lived in.

    The only thing that was bad about the 45 was that the mixes used were taken from the album, not the 12″ mix so you could hear a brief excerpt of the wind from Pink Floyd’s “One Of These Days” as the extreme end of “Shake Your Rump”. I always thought it was odd, considering the 12″ had a proper mix ready made. Otherwise, to have both songs as a 45 was, and still is, very cool.

    I’m making this record a part of my installment of Book’s Jook this week because July 25th is the 25th anniversary of Paul’s Boutique. I’ve been waiting for this day, partly because I had intentions of going to the corner of Rivington and Ludlow in Manhattan, where the cover photo was shot. I wanted to be there to make my pilgrimage. When I was in New York City for the first and only time in my life, I was only 16 minutes away from that corner, but I played it safe. I just went to Tower Records in a taxi, walked to Midnight Records, walked back up to my hotel near Times Square, and that was that. There was little adventure that week other than going to New Music Seminar 11, eating a hot dog and finding Coconut Yoo-Hoo, but I was in the city where rap music was born, that was good enough for me. However, the next time I am in New York City, I have a lot of plans and one of them is to make it to the corner of Rivington and Ludlow, to say thank you in my own way.

  • RECORD CRACK: A look at the vinyl pressings for YOB’s new album

    YOB will be releasing a new album in September called Clearing The Path To Ascend (Relapse), with North America getting it on September 16th, September 15th in the UK and most of the world, and Germany getting it a few days earlier on September 12th. The album will be out in three different color variations, you can take a look here. The song in the video above is “Unmask The Spectre”, from the new album. You can pre-order Clearing The Path To Ascend from Relapse very soon by heading here.

    VIDEO: Dag Savage featuring Choosey’s “Darlin’”

    Eye candy can definitely help in judging the quality of something, although can it? Should it? The visuals of the new video by Dag Savage (the duo consisting of Johaz and Exile) are quite nice (if not damn right attractive) but you have to have a quality song to take it over the top. Fortunately. they do and it’s called “Darlin’”, which may explain why some of the women appear in this video. The song also features Choosey, but don’t be choosy, just watch and listen carefully.

    VIDEO: Read Richarts’ “Dear Chance”

    Read Richarts says that while parts of Texas have been represented well with hip-hop music, Austin has often been ignored and neglected. He wants to change this once and for all to let people know he is an Austin representative, and here is his latest song, “Dear Chance”. The song is a part of Richarts’ forthcoming EP, Irrelevant, to be released in two weeks.

    VIDEO: Customary’s “Hanging On”

    We’re only a week away from the release of Customary‘s new album Compassion (self-released), and now hopefully the first of many videos to come from it. This song is called “Hanging On”, and you now have to hang on just a week before the full length drops. Patience is essential.

    SOME STUFFS: Black Moth welcome in Roger Dean into/onto the cover

     photo BlackMoth_cover_zpsc2e7416a.jpg
    The latest album from Black Moth features cover art that should be familiar to many of you. The cover for Condemned To Hope features artwork from Roger Dean, known for his work with Osibisa, Uriah Heep, and of course Yes. At first, you may think that the cover art is a bit on the gloomy side but the title is Condemned To Hope, so there is very much a positive side to this. According to Dean, he looked at the lyrics for vocalist Harriet Bevan and drew on its dark side to create the unusual tones explored on the gatefold sleeve, but it remains trademark Dean. For more on what inspired Dean, click here.

    The British group have two shows in their immediate future, but are sure to do more when the album is released on September 15th:
    July 25… Sheffield, England (Tramlines Festival)
    August 1… Derby, England (Y Not Festivak

    Until mid September, check out a song from the album called “Room 13″.