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VIDEO: Trioscapes’ “Digital Dream Sequence”

The guys in Troscapes decided to put together a video for the title track to their Digital Dream Sequence album on Metal Blade Records released yesterday, and now they’re presenting it to you. It was directed by Chuck Johnson, so blame him and thank him for what you are about to watch or what you just witnessed.

VIDEO: Carnivex’s “Hatred And Slaughter”

If you are looking for the type of music video that will give you angst, you may look for a song called “Hatred”. If you need more angst in your live, you may be looking for a “Slaughter”. What if you put them both together, then what? Find out when Carnivex turned “Hatred And Slaughter” into their brand new video, and get out of the fucking way. The song is from their latest Nuclear Blast album Die Without Hope, out now.

VIDEO: Billionaire Buck’s “Around Da Way”

If his name was Fillionaire, his full moniker might seem a little silly but he is Billionaire Buck, who wants to let everyone know why he’s “Around Da Way” in the hopes that you can become around his way. I think? Yeah, let’s say that and you find out if what I said is true or not. Buck comes out of Compton, and he’ll be heading out of Compton soon when he brings his music and message to you.

AUDIO: Natalie Prass’ “Any Time, Any Place”

 photo NataliePrass_old_zpsd3be9e53.jpg
In the big ol’ world known as genre selections, Natalie Prass is a vocalist whom you would call indie pop. For her latest single “Bird of Prey”, she decided to test her limits by covering one of her favorite songs by Janet Jackson. It’s her rendition of “Any Time, Any Place”, and it’s quite impressive, enough for it to gain attention away from its A-side. Have a listen and let me know what you think.

If you’d like to compare it to its A-side, watch “Bird Of Prey” below.

VIDEO: Leilani Wolfgramm’s “Empty”

A fellow Polynesian is being featured here at ThisIsBooksMusic.com, and her name is Leilani Wolfgramm. Upon seeing the name, I had wondered if she was related to any of the Wolfgramm’s that are the members of the Minneapolis pop/R&B group, The Jets. No word on a connection with them, but Wolfgramm makes some very good music, so her Tongan power is strong in all that she creates, especially in this video for “Empty”. You may find out more about her by heading to LeilaniWolfgrammMusic.com.

VIDEO: P.SO The Earth Tone King featuring Sammus & Moses Rockwell’s “Quasars”

“Quasars” gets into a slight animated form, for it is the way P.SO The Earth Tone King wants you to see this song. The song also features rap parts from Sammus and Moses Rockwell. The song is taken from P.SO’s latest album Gateway To Greatness/Constellations, which you may stream in full below via Bandcamp.

VIDEO: Action Bronson’s “Easy Rider”

Action Bronson is either extremely angry or furiously joyous at the beginning of his brand new video “Easy Rider”, and there’s a reason for it. It’s a take of a classic motion picture, and he goes ceremoniously nuts in it, but you’ll have to see it in order to believe it. Then truly believe.

VIDEO: Frantic Sunday’s “The Skies (Live)”

Frantic Sunday are said to be one of the hottest bands in Sweeden (sic) now, at least in the world of pop. If you’re into mind blowing pop, you may not only like Frantic Sunday, but get frantic over the fact that this is a live performance. Watch “The Skies” and see how high you get after watching it. The band’s eponymous album will be released on October 23rd worldwide.

VIDEO: Sonia Rao’s “Let’s Hate LA Together”

Don’t you hate pompous asses who try to act like Los Angeles is everything they want it to be, when you know that its diversity is truly based on its differences? Don’t you hate it when people act like they own Los Angeles when you know they are from elsewhere? Conceited people are kinda goofy, and singer Sonia Rao wants to talk about some of these types of folks in her new video, a song taken from her latest album (her second), Los Angeles Part 1. Listen to the lyrics and it seems Rao knows about how bad Los Angeles can be to insiders, but hopes to find someone who can live together with for the sake of hating the place they now call home.

VIDEO: Mount Salem’s “Lucid”

There are going to be people who see Mount Salem’s video and go “oh, let’s see what this woman can do” but you know what? Women have been doing their thing in heavy metal for years, and this time you have Emily Kopplin to deal with, and when she plays the organ? Watch out. This Chicago band also features Cody Davidson (drums) Mark Hewett (bass) and Kyle Morrison (guitar), who may immediately remind some of Black Sabbath but they also have a feel that is not unlike Sleep, Crowbar, or the Pat Travers Group. Surprisingly? Let Mount Salem surprise you, only which will lead you to being comforted by what they do and are capable of doing. As for the video, Dave Skwarczek directed this for the group, who made it to let people know about their Endless album on Metal Blade. Did you know about it? Then this post has come to good use for you.