VIDEO: Sama Dams’ “My Ears Are Ringing”

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“My Ears Are Ringing” may be something you say on a regular basis when you feel someone is talking about you, but maybe the people who are talking about you are a band from Portland named Sama Dams. The three piece group consisting of Lisa Adams, Sam “I’m not the former mayor of Portland” Adams, and Chris Hermsen and together they create bold and daring music that may sound comfortable but can be unpredictable at the same time, if you allow it to be. Have a listen to the song with the phrase within its title, “My Ears Are Ringing”, nicely animated by David O’Brien. As for the band name, Sama Dams is a nice way of mentioning lead vocalist Sam Adams without him being the one to blame, as they are a group, he’s not just the sole force. Make them your favorites now and throughout 2015.

VIDEO: Divo & GMJ’s “Soldier”

Divo directed this video in the Dominican Republican for a song he did with GMJ called “Soldier”, for those who support and/or fight the cause, you know what they’re talking about. If you have no idea what they’re talking about, take a listen and see how life is on the island. You may have heard the song on Divo’s Inside The Vault street album but will also find its way on his forthcoming album, Transatlantic Soul.

VIDEO: Hercules & Love Affair’s “Do You Feel The Same?”

The weather may be getting quite cold in the northern part of the world but it doesn’t mean you should slow down or stop and not dance. The Feast Of The Broken Heart is the new album by Herclues & Love Affair and if you need a bit of motivation to move and/or gyrate in cold temperatures, definitely check out the song “Do You Feel The Same?”, which would either be a disco gem or a house classic, depending on your perspective. Allow it to be both at the same time.

VIDEO: Sonata Arctica’s “I Can’t Dance”

Personally, I don’t like this era of Genesis but there are millions who do. If you are one of those millions who love the song “I Can’t Dance”, you may get into this hard rock version that has fat horns heard within. Wait a minute: hard rock Genesis cover with soulful horns? Yes, that is exactly what I said. It was created by Sonata Arctica, which is taken from Ecliptica Revisited: The 15th Anniversary Edition, where the band re-recorded their 1999 debut album and added a few new songs along with it, including “I Can’t Dance”.

SOME STUFFS: The Black Ryder to release long awaited second album

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It has been five years since The Black Ryder released their debut album, and yet they have been writing and creating music for their follow-up as soon as it was finished. Fans who have been waiting will have to wait another year, or at least they’ll have to wait a few more months into the new year, as The Door Behind The Door (The Anti-Machine Machine) will be ready on February 24th. Engineered by member Von Ryper, who also co-produced it along with bandmate Aimee Nash, the new music will be anxiously awaited by those who have been playing their debut for the last 60 months. Take home “Santaria” by downloading it for free, while supplies last, then check out the trailer for the album to find out what the new album will be like.


SOME STUFFS: Sunmonks release video from new EP

In A Desert Of Plenty from Geoffrey Knecht on Vimeo.

Sunmonks are their name.

Sunmonks are the duo of Alexandra Steele and Geoffrey CK and s Alexandra Steele.

Sunmonks came out with a new EP last month called In A Desert Of Plenty (Crossbill), so they decided to head out to the desert to shoot a video for the title track to it. If you’d like to hear more, the EP is available below through Bandcamp.