VIDEO: Da Mafia 6ix featuring La Chat and Fiend’s “High Like An Eagle”

Da Mafia 6ix are bagging it up, then releasing the goods to smoke it. What are they smoking? No matter, for they are “High Like An Eagle” right now and as long as it’s good, it’s good enough for them. The song is from their Watch What U Wish album and if you know what they’re about, you also know they’ve been wishing quite well. The song also features help from Fiend and La Chat, which isn’t shat by any means.

VIDEO: Gods’Illa’s “ForestReal”

Believe In Gods’Illa (HiPNOTT) is the new album from GOds’Illa that is on its way, June 2nd to be exact and they’re released a video that will show you where they’re at and where they are headed. If you have not paid attention to these guys, you should right now from a group who know what it takes to make quality hip-hop. You can pre-order the album below via Bandcamp.

VIDEO: Helloween’s “My God-Given Right”

31 years after their incention, German power metal band Helloween are still going strong and will be stronger once again with the release of a new album on June 2nd (May 29th in Europe, June 1st in the UK) called My God-Given Right (Nuclear Blast). They’ve made a video for the title track, press play and immerse yourself in their abundance of sound.

VIDEO: Daddy-O on Melle Mel & Scorpio’s accusations

Professordaddyo on Melle Mel's claim that Grandmaster Flash is the Milli Vanilli of Hip-Hop from professordaddyo on Vimeo.

In the last week, the internet has been going crazy over accusations made by two members of The Furious Five, the hip-hop crew lead by Grandmaster Flash. The accusations made by Grandmaster Melle Mel and Scorpio is that Flash had absolutely nothing to do with the creation of the music, he didn’t do anything in the recording studio nor did or does do anything live. Mighty bold accusations, especially when Flash was now being called the Milli Vanilli of hip-hop.

Enter Glenn Bolton. Bolton is better known as Daddy-O, who was part of the group Stetsasonic, and he decided to get into the accusations and speak on the possible truths. This will no doubt add to the conversation already made and it will be interesting to see who will speak out next. The video lasts only five minutes but is a worthy listen.

VIDEO: Gale Forces’ “The Way You Change”

All of the people you’ll see in the “group” known as Gale Forces comes from the talent of one man, and I happen to know this man, as he was once a local resident of the area I live in. I knew him from his days in the local punk scene and he also write fanzines and did photography, just as I did 25 years ago. His name is Jade Devitt and after taking a bit of a break from music, he is back with a not-so-quiet vengeance and you can see what he’s doing these days with “The Way You Change”, taken from his 6-song EP. With luck, a full length album will materialize in the future.

VIDEO: Kissey’s “I Don’t Need Anything”

Photo by Wenjun Miakoda Liang
Kissey photo Kissey_old_zpsg2hcno1e.jpg
At the beginning of last month ago I posted a video called “Distortion” by Kissey and now she has something new for fans. This is titled “I Don’t Need Anything” from her recent EP The Awakening (KISSKISS). If the location in the video may look familiar for some of you, it was shot in the Astoria area of New York City.