VIDEO: DJ Chose featuring MC Beezy’s “Everywhere I Go”

He may sound like he raps with too much cottonballs in his mouth but some will immediately tell me “PUNK, THAT’S AN OHIO STYLE, DON’T SHOW NO DISRESPECT TO MY MAN, MY MAN!” and I’ll tell you that I am not, I am not doing this. What I want to tell you about is DJ Chose and how he did a song with MC Beeze and together, they came up with “Everywhere I Go” and if everywhere you go, he’s there, then can’t you see that he is driving you insane. If so, step out of the way.

VIDEO: The Lockhearts’ “Low”

The Lockhearts photo Lockhearts_old2_zpsqyt6vres.jpg
If you’ve been looking for something from Australia that’ll sweep you off your feet, enough to say “I haven’t heard something like this in awhile”, then The Lockhearts may be your while. Their video may be somewhat on the suggestive side but they did it perhaps to lure people to watch as a way to truly listen, so this is your chance to put those senses to good use. The group’s single is called “Low” and how low do things get? It depends how low you are or where you want to be. Again: suggestive but not explicit. Prepare yourself.

VIDEO: MarQ Spekt featuring Deacon The Villain’s “Shangri-La”

What would you expect from MarQ Spekt? Do you know who he is? No? Then welcome yourself to him and his music. The song was produced by Deacon The Villain of Cunninlynguists, who was also nice enough to include himself within the track too and the tune (that was the third word I used to describe this composition, now that’s a fourth) is called “Shangri-La”, which is ready to entice and delight anyone within the vicinity of its sound. The number (and that’s a fifth) is from his latest album The Grilchy Era, which you can check out below via Bandcamp.

VIDEO: Moka Only’s “Chicanery”

Moka Only’s Magical Weirdness is out right now and right now, he is revealing a video he did from it with director Stuey Kubrick called “Chicanery”, which has him digging for some reasons. For me, the highlight is when he makes a reference to his British Columbia (Canada) roots by offering a Chilliwack reference while subtly showing a bit of a Burnt Weeny Sandwich and a Rick James 12″ while also understanding the power of hitting a record store and to “hit the bottom for dollar treats”. Moka knows the deal, never underestimate his lyrical and musical wit.

VIDEO: 60 East’s “Grateful”

60 East photo 60East_old_zps3hnx8p4w.jpg
The Freeway Series EP is the latest project from Ontario, California rapper 60 East, and from it he has made a video for a song featuring nice production from OMEGA. If you’d like to check out the EP, it is available for free below through Bandcamp, but definitely use the “Name Your Price” option to show support.

VIDEO: Foals’ “Mountain At My Gates”

Foals photo Foals_old_zpsndeqfaxz.jpg
The fools in Foals? Well first off, they are not fools, let’s get that straight, they are Foals, got it? YOU GOT IT?!!?

Okay, these friends in Foals have a feast ready to drop on August 28th called What Went Down and something will be doing down next month. You’ll be able to hear of the downage with a one-song preview from the album, it’s called “Mountain At My Gates” so please call them mates, not fools. Don’t underestimate their power.