VIDEO: Alex Calder’s “Lola”

 photo AlexCalder_old_zps75add14e.jpg
Alex Calder has released a single for his song “Lola” (no relation to The Kinks song of the same name). It’s a tune that wil lbe released on his album out on January 20th called Strange Dreams and while he may have them (strange dreams, that is), this song is not strange by any means. Watch and listen to “Lola” and if you like your style of pop with eclectic twists along the way, you will find this very interesting and enjoyable.

VIDEO: Hosannah’s “The Road”

From It’s ALL Academics is the debut album from Hosannah, who would like to share with you a song produced by The Clydes called “The Road”. They’re not in the middle of the road nor at the end of it, but they may be on it because they must ride it all night long, and days. The video, which may come off unfinished but what’s what they supplied, was directed by José Ruiz.

VIDEO: At The Gates’ “Heroes And Tombs”

There was a time when a band like Venom could be At War With Satan but it’s 2014 now, and At The Gates want to tell you what they’re At War With…Reality That’s the title of their latest album released almost a month ago and “Heroes And Tombs” is a new clip from it that may either lead you to throw your TV into the wall or cause you to headbang during all times of the day. You have your preferences, but it’s best to do the latter.

VIDEO: Yacht Club’s “Picture Perfect”

“Picture Perfect” is the new song by Yacht Club that is taken from the band’s new EP, Burnt Cream. The title may sound odd but if you are a foodie, you’ll know that burnt cream can often make desserts a delicious delight, perhaps like the music on this EP. You can find out through the video if it is delectable. Have a listen to the EP below and if it’s to your taste, buy the cassette by heading to Burger Records. IF you prefer vinyl, Big Love Records out of Japan are releasing it. For you fans of dead media, a VHS tape EP is being made featuring two videos from Burnt Cream.

VIDEO: Skrillex’s “Fuck That”

Not needing TV airplay can be a good thing for artists who want to show how bold they are, or how they want to be pereceived as bold. Maybe this is why Skrillex wants to present himself, as someone who is bold with a song title like “Fuck That”, or maybe he has the attitude to make it a legitimate thing. Have a listen and you may say “fuck that, John, you don’t know what you’re talking about.” The thing is, all I’m doing here is telling you about his new video, I didn’t have an alterior motive so to you, FUCK THAT! See how that works? Now press play.