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VIDEO: Brittany Tiera’s “Rewind”

Singer Brittany Tiera knows that “Rewind” is more than an analog command, it is a way to go back in time to reflect about ones past, a look to the good ol’ days, even if it is something yesterday that is worth to be cherished. If Virginia is for lovers, then Tiera is for lovers and everyone who is down for her cause.

VIDEO: Georgia Anne Muldrow’s “Pop Iconz”

You might say “pop icons, we don’t need them, do we?” but Georgia Anne Muldrow has a point to prove, and she does it in her new video. If you know how she does it, then you can assume properly what she does here. If you never heard of Miss Muldrow, best to pay attention from this point on. A new album from her will be on its way on Mello Music Group when she’s ready to drop it.

VIDEO: Bas’ “Vacation”

It’s all you ever wanted, and now “Vacation” is yours. Or at least, Bas’ “Vacation” can be yours as well, at least in sound and now video forms. In this case, it’s a staycation but wherever the mind can take you, you will be there.

VIDEO: Black Tongue’s “Eclipse”

Let this metal explode in your face and abdomen, for Black Tongue do what it takes to make it bleed and belch. “Eclipse” is the song that wraps up their current album, Born Hanged (Century Media).

SOME STUFFS: Siouxsie & The Banshees’ final four albums to get the deluxe treatment

 photo Siouxsie_covers_zps5409b093.jpg
For fans of Siouxsie & The Banshees, their last four studio albums were what represented the MTV era of the group, but they were albums that sold quite well. Each of these albums will be remastered from the original multi-track tapes (which to me means they were newly mixed and are not from the true masters) and reissued and get the deluxe treatment. The albums include:

  • Through The Looking Glass (1987)
  • Peepshow (1988)
  • Superstition (1991)
  • The Rapture (1995)

    These are the albums that featured songs like “Peek-A-Boo”, “Kiss Them For Me”, “Face To Face”, and “O Baby”. The deluxe editions for each album will feature bonus tracks originating from what was released as 7″ and 12″ singles, along with a few unreleased goodies. There will also be extensive new liner notes. The four albums will be reissued on October 13th.

  • VIDEO: Killer Be Killed’s “Snakes Of Jehovah”

    Released this past spring is the self-titled debut album on Nuclear Blast by Killer Be Killed, and from it is a song you are sure to enjoy for those who are deep fans of Dillinger Escape Plan and Soulfly, which makes sense since the band consists of Greg Puciato (vocals, guitar), Max Cavalera (vocals, guitar), Dave Elitch (drums, percussion) and Troy Sanders (vocals, bass guitar). If you’ve heard of them but never heard their actual music, or if the brief comparison is to your liking, then watch “Snakes Of Jehovah”.

    VIDEO: Blues Pills’ “Gypsy”

    This sounds quite heavy, very much on the progressive side, but it’s also funky. “Gypsy” is a great song by Blues Pills who have made music that sound like what it would be like if you needed to take those kind of pills. Their debut album seemed to come out of nowhere this year but has already become one of my favorite releases of the year, so thank the folks at Nuclear Blast Records for making this possible, and of course Blues Pills.

    VIDEO: The Abigails’ “Medication”

    Being medicated may be a good or bad thing, depending on the situation. For the guys in The Abigails, they find out the truth about it from borrowing footage from school films and created a video for “Medication”. Verdict? The choice is yours. Remember this: Pink Too.

    VIDEO: Somos’ “Lives Of Others”

    Tiny Engines Records released the debut album by Boston’s Somos earlier this year, called Temple Of Plenty. The temple itself is still full of inspiration, and now the group have released a video for one of its songs, “Lives Of Others”, directed by Jane Urban and Ryan Fight. The video involves eating salad and watching found footage from unknown sources. Commonality? Who knows, but it looks good.

    The band have some shows coming up in September, head out if you want to show a bit of support to Somos:

    September 6… Toronto, ON (Riot Fest)
    September 9… Rochester, NY (The Bug Jar) ☘
    September 10… Cleveland, OH (Beach Land) ♎
    September 11… Columbus, OH (Park St) ☎
    September 12… Chicago, IL (Riot Fest)
    September 13… Toledo, OH (Main Event Arts Festival)
    September 16… Boston, MA (Paradise Rock Club) ❄
    October 31-November 2… Gainesville, FL (The Fest)

    ☘ = w/ Laura Stevenson, The Hotelier
    ♎ = w/ Restorations
    ☎ = w/ Anti-Flag
    ❄ = w/ Senses Fail

    VIDEO: Jessica Domingo’s “Just Vibe”

     photo JessicaDomingo_old_zps410a7f8a.jpg
    I went to school with a guy named Jonathan Domingo but I don’t think this lady is related to him. Her name is Jessica Domingo, and this Seattle singer/songwriter/musician released an album earlier this year called Just Vibe and now, a video has been made for its title track. If you’re a fan of laid back pop mixed with jazz and soulful influences, you’ll love the sounds of Domingo, whose work can be explored further at her website.