VIDEO: Visigoth’s “The Revenant King”

The vikings of VIsigoth head out into the chilling cold and seek a confrontation with “The Revenant King”, or something like. The song is victorious metal while the video, directed by David Brodsky, will make you feel like a monarch again, knowing that you were a monarch in previous lives. This is the title track to their Metal Blade album.

VIDEO: Bad Blocks’ “Circulate”

Bad Blocks photo BadBlocks_old_zps46ece14e_1.jpg
Aotearoa are strong once again with a new band making themselves known outside of Australasia, and they’re called Bad Blocks, who made a video to represent their new EP Circulate so they chose the title track, directed by Josh Prendeville, who is only 19 but has his eyes set for the future.

Bad Blocks – Circulate from Bad Blocks on Vimeo.

VIDEO: Imperial featuring Joshua Luke Smith’s “All Is Grace”

Imperial photo Imperial_old_zps0b3125f1_1.jpg
If you’re a fan of producer Imperial ,you’re going to love his new single. He worked with rapper Joshua Luke Smith who shows he’s not a bad singer as well, and he tells you why “All Is Grace” as he walks around with director James Green to capture the scenery. The song is the perfect way to let people what’s going on in England and to remind others about the power of UK hip-hop. If you like the song, you may download it for free below via Illect and Bandcamp.

VIDEO: Cozz’s “I’m Tha Man

“Show them boobies, you sexy ladies” is what Cozz says in his song “I’m Tha Man” and after hearing this, you may very well tweak your needles with the best of ice cubes. The song is from his 2014 album Cozz & Effect and if this moves you to buy it, get to listening at this very moment.

VIDEO: Napalm Death’s “Smash A Single Digit”

Upon looking at a screenshot or a few seconds of this video, you may think the minimalistic animation in “Smash A Single Digit” may not feel like something Napalm Death would be involved with or support but listen to the song, feel the lyrics, and watch the visuals closely. It should be felt after the first viewing and the minimalist approach makes sense. It works well. The song is from their new album Apex Predator – Easy Meat, to be released tomorrow.

VIDEO: Cancer Bats’ “True Zero”

If you’re searching for more, you may be really Searching For Less, the new Metal Blade Records album by Cancer Bats, who dig deep into their metal nuggets to create the video for “True Zero”. Some people on YouTube are not liking this one but haters are meant to hate everything that doesn’t fit the standards they created. You may feel this.

VIDEO: The New Southern Electrikk’s “Brown Eyes”

Something electric is coming from the south, or in this case, electrikk and in this case, North England or so. They’re calling themselves The New Southern Electrikk and they want to tell you what brings them in, a lure towards “Brown Eyes”, their new single. it will be out digitally on Valentine’s Day while a vinyl pressing is being made for March on Louder Than War Records.

RECORD CRACK: In Cold Blood return after 15 year hiatus with new music

In Cold Blood photo InColdBlood_cover_zpsedf7347c-1.jpg
If you are an In Cold Blood fan and read the headline of this post, you must be thinking “you’re kidding me? New music from In Cold Blood? I don’t remember when I last heard from these guys.” It has been 15 years since they released anything new but now that the turn of the century is long in the past, the group have returned and are going to release a 7″ single on A389 Records. As you can see, the pressing of this looks like a trippy kiwi fruit of some sort but the music has nothing to do with kiwis or sweetness. The lineup of the band is primarily as you remembered them, with one new edition: Bourbon Z (vocals), Leon Melnick (bass), Blakze Tishko (guitar), and Aaron Melnick (guitar) are here with new drummer Matt “Homewrecker” Izzi, and the new songs are “Blind The Eyes” b/w “Straight Flush”. The record was posted for availability on Friday and can be pre-ordered either through A389 Recordings, for European fans, or from Bandcamp below. Only 666 copies of this beast are being made available,