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SOME STUFFS: Young Widows go hardcore from the brain with “Easy Pain”

 photo YoungWidows_cover_zps31ff6a64.jpg
In order to get into the pain of Young Widows‘ forthcoming album Easy Pain, we must go into their astroplane. May 13th is when Temporary Residence will release the band’s fourth album on May 13th, and if track listings may you moist and meaty, then go run and get a napkin:

1. Godman
2. Cool Night
3. Kerosene Girl
4. Doomed Moon
5. Gift of Failure
6. Bird Feeder
7. King Sol
8. The Last Young Widow

You still have a bit of a wait to hear the album in full but you may listen to track #3, “Kerosene Girl”. It is Kentucky rock at its finest.

SOME STUFFS: Singer Brody Dalle hopes to bring fans the grit they deserve with her music

 photo BrodyDalle_old_zps581fc6c0.jpg
Australian singer Brody Dalle is about to show the world what she’s about with her debut solo album. Co-producing it with Alain Johannes, Dalle had been known as the vocalist for Sourpuss and “The Distillers, and after doing work as Spinnerette, she decided it was time to reveal herself under her own name. From the forthcoming album is “Meet The Foetus/Oh The Joy”, which features Shirley Manson and Emily Kowal helping out.

While she will perform stateside next week, both shows are sold out. Also sold out are her shows next week in Berlin and London, so unless there is a radio station or blog contest for tickets, you may have to go to the venue and listen to her through the wall. For European audiences, two festival dates have just been announced:

August 12… Budapest, Hungary (Sziget Festival)
August 17… Biddinghuizen, Netherlands (Lowlands Festival)

SOME STUFFS: Doug Gillard plans to get his “Parade On”

 photo DougGillard_old_zps08145ec3.jpg
Nine Mile Records is the label that will be releasing Doug Gillard’s latest album, Parade On, on April 8th. He played most of the instruments in sessions that went back and forth between Austin, Texas, and New York City. The drumming duties were given to Travis Harrison and George Duron. The man known for his work with
Guided by Voices, Death of Samantha, Cobra Verde, Gem and Nada Surf plans on touring in support of the album, and those concert dates will be made known once the itinerary is set, but he is scheduled to appear at this year’s SXSW next month.

RECORD CRACK: Slint’s “Spiderland” to receive the box set treatment

 photo Slint_box_zpsc3d06ca3.jpg
You may be a fan of Spiderland by Slint, and you may very well be playing it at this very second, and I wouldn’t blame you. 23 years after its release, Touch & Go Records will be releasing the album as a box set with a lot of goodies.

Spiderland is being remastered from the original analog master tapes by Bob Weston, and the vinyl pressing is being done on 180g vinyl. I did say box set, and that means an additional 14 songs consisting of previously unreleased outtakes and demos will be a part of it, all selected by the guys in Slint and also mastered by Weston. This will be packaged as two records, also 180g pressings, for a total of three records. Yes, a 3LP version of Spiderland, with all of the records being pressed by RTI in California, who have done some great work over the years. The concept of the design and packaging is due to Jeremy deVine, who some of you may know from Temporary Residence. Part of the packaging includes the covers being pressed using heavyweight, “tip-on” gatefold covers, so this will be good to look at and feel (for you record feelers out there).

The box will also contain 2 CD’s and 1 DVD, with the unreleased/demos taking up a full CD. As for the DVD, it will feature a new 90 minute documentary about Slint and Spiderland called Breadcrumb Trail. Directed by Lance Bangs, it will feature interviews with everyone in the band along with Matt Sweeney, Ian Mackaye, David Yow, James Murphy, and Steve Albini.

Add to that a 108-page book, and you got yourself something that you’ll want to put behind glass, but will most likely not. Eh, keep it away from your friend’s greasy hands. Only 3,138 copies of this box is being made, and they can be pre-ordered right now directly from Touch And Go Records. Initial copies will also come with a free T-shirt, only up to XL so if you’re a husky man or woman, no luck for you.

SOME STUFFS: Black Pus, True Neutral, Viper Venom donate songs for charity album put together to help abolish debt

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
What does evil mean? Is evil an easy path towards death and if so, what to make of artists like Miles Davis and Black Sabbath who called their albums Live Evil? Maybe there is no connection, but artists like Black Pus, True Neutral Crew, Signor Benedick The Moor, diss1, Sissy Cobb, ParallaxScroll, Dreamcrusher, and more have contributed a song to a new Deathbomb Arc compilation album called EVIL. All contributors were asked to simply do a song about evil, in whatever way they felt like doing. All proceeds from the sales of this album will be donated to Rolling Jubilee, an anti-debt charity. For more information on their mission and current activities, click here.

REVIEW: The Flaming Lips’ “2nd Cassette Demo” (EP)

 photo FlamingLips2nd_cover_zps1936d50a.jpg The first time I became familiar with The Flaming Lips name was in the early days of Rip magazine, when the magazine wasn’t afraid to show an alternate side to music before they became an all hard rock/heavy metal publication. Even the album reviews made them out to be wild musically and very few people, including themselves, thought they would be around 30 years later. Here they are, Oklahoma’s finest, still making fine music and productions. 2nd Cassette Demo (Lovely Sorts of Death) is self-explanatory, as it dips into the Wayne Coyne archives and shows the very young band from the late summer of 1983. They sound like a lot of punk bands from the area, but you’re hearing an Oklahoma perspective of what these guys wanted to be and eventually became. The rugged rock sounds like something you might hear on albums by The Stooges, MC5, Dead Kennedys, D.O.A., or the Sex Pistols. It very much has that lively spirit of “we want to rock and get the hell out of here, let’s see what we can do”, and what’s also heard is how the group were playing with volume and distortion. They were not the noisy mavens they would become three years later, but it’s obvious what they wanted to do.

VIDEO: Tom Brosseau’s “Today Is A Bright New Day”

Grass Punks (Crossbill, US/Tin Angel, UK) is the album Tom Brosseau has shared with the world today, and he has also shared his latest creation, a video for the song “Today Is A Bright New Day”. New days are to come and Brosseau will occupy his time by sharing his music with the world in a live setting. Check him and his music if you can at the following cities and venues, including a show tonight at Largo At The Coronet in Los Angeles, which will double as the album release party. These shows will help lead him towards this year’s SXSW in Austin in March.

January 21… Los Angeles, CA (Largo at the Coronet: Album Release Party)
January 25… San Francisco, CA (Sketchfest @ Verdi Club)
January 26… San Francisco, CA (Sketchfest @ Marine Memorial Theatre)
February 5… Cambridge, MA (Passim)
February 6… New York, NY (Rockwood Music Hall)
February 7… Philadelphia, PA (Ortlieb’s)
February 8… Hudson, NY (Half Moon)
February 14… Brooklyn, NY (Pete’s Candy Store)
February 12… Brooklyn NY (The Paper Box)
February 25… Portland, OR (Mississippi Studios) *
February 26… Seattle, WA (Fremont Abbey) *
February 27… Cottage Grove, OR (Axe and Fiddle) *
February 28… Davis, CA (Veteran’s Memorial Theater)
March 1… Sacramento, CA (TBA) *
March 3… Berkeley, CA (Freight & Salvage) *
March 4… Northern CA (Private Show) *
March 6… San Diego, CA (North Park Vaudeville & Candy Shoppe)
March 7… Santa Monica, CA (The Sanctuary: Presented by The Bluegrass Situation)
March 8… Lompoc, CA (Certain Sparks Dinner & Show: Presented by The Bluegrass Situation)
March 11-15… Austin, TX (SXSW)

* w/ Shelby Earl

VIDEO: Cloud Becomes Your Hand’s “Doggy Paddle”

Japanese animator Nanako Tusruta created this new video for “Doggy Paddle” by Cloud Becomes Your Hand and as can be expected, it is an eyeful as much as the music is a massive earful. The sound sounds like it was created in the same neighborhood where The Residents and Snakefinger live. The band are signed to Northern Spy Records, who will be releasing the new album Rocks Or Cakes on February 25th. You may pre-order by clicking here.

RECORD CRACK: Cutting the mother disc for Beck’s “Morning Phase”

The video you’re about to see serves two purposes:
1) The process of cutting a record, which involves creating a “mother” disc where the grooves are etched from an audio source (i.e. digital file or audio tape) and onto a platter. This mother will then be used to stamp out the records that you’ll be able to play at home. At least that’s a basic way of describing it, and you’ll also see the mastering engineer write into the run-off groove, most likely the catalog or master number and perhaps a signature of some sort to let collector’s know “I was here”.

2) It’s a chance to hear a song from Beck’s forthcoming album Morning Phase and as you can see, Beck is now a Capitol artist. Since Capitol is now owned by Universal, it makes the conversion from Geffen a bit more easier. no inter-label hoo-haa. Morning Phase will be released on February 25th.

VIDEO: Cherry Glazerr’s “White’s Not My Color This Evening”

It’s not everyday that you see tampons in a music video, I was reminded that Method Man had featured them back in 1995 in his “All I Need” video. In 2014, you can thank Cherry Glazerr and director Jamie Heinrich for the imagery which opens “White’s Not My Color This Evening”. The song is taken from her Burger Records’ album Haxel Princess, released yesterday, which you may order below from the Amazon links or directly from Burger Records.

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