SOME STUFFS: The Chills to release “The BBC Sessions” compilation

The Chills are coming out with a compilation album on November 3rd and 4th, which means it’s so massive that it will take two days to release it. Jokes aside, the compilation of BBC Sessions the band did between 1985 and 1988 will be called, appropriately enough, The BBC Sessions (Fire), remastered from the original tapes. You may have a listen to one of the songs from it, “Rolling Moon”.

RECORD CRACK: Veruca Salt’s “American Thighs” album to be issued on vinyl, in honor of its 20th anniversary

 photo VerucaSalt_cover_zps7f092ee8.jpg
If you remember the band Veruca Salt, you may be still keeping their American Thighs album in decent rotation. The album was released 20 years ago and in honor of its anniversary, Minty Fresh Records will be reissuing the album on 180g vinyl on November 4th.

The album was actually released on September 27, 1994 so its actual anniversary was celebrated four days ago, but sometimes things delay itself and… anyway, no matter. When the album was released on a major via DGC/Geffen, it came out on November 8th so regardless, the anniversary is upon us. Originally, I had stated that this album did not come out on vinyl in 1994, which is true for Geffen Records but Minty Fresh did come out with a record for it, on pink vinyl to boot, so I have to make a correction here. The new pressing will be packaged with alternate artwork. The album sold over 500,000 copies, making it cold within the United States and came out at the end of the alternative music rage of the first half of the 1990’s, but regardless of what the labels and critics called it, the music still holds up. If you had only downloaded the album but would like to have it in your format of choice, you will next month. You may pre-order the record below through

REVIEW: The Muffs’ “Whoop Dee Doo”

 photo TheMuffsW_cover_zps93d08b08.jpg The Muffs have become one of my favorite rock bands in the last 20 years, ever since I heard their debut album on Reprise Records back in 1993. I knew of The Pandoras through Rip magazine but I couldn’t find their albums at the time, so I was introduced to Kim Shattuck through The Muffs, back when Melanie Vammen and Criss Crass were with the group, along with longtime Muff gent Ronnie Barnett. After taking a brief break seven years ago, Shattuck, Barnett, and drummer Roy McDonald have returned to the world with Whoop Dee Doo (Burger), and the world is grateful because of it.

One of the things I’ve always loved about their music is that while they may sound like “love lost/love found/love maybe?” type songs, they’re more than just the kind of music that may be an update of teen anticipation, or being eager for what’s to come. In truth, it’s all about the human condition and what we hope and dream for every day, and the things we occasionally fear, whether it’s about a new experience or dealing with the interaction of one another, especially in times of romance. They prove that no matter how much older we get, we’ll always fear those nerves, as we hear in songs like “Take A Take A Me”, “Where Did I Go Wrong?” and “Because You’re Sad”. In fact, it’s the simplicity of these sometimes-explosive songs is what makes them rock, we want to feel relief of what we sometimes stress on. I would rather hear their songs (and this type of songwriting) than the kind of music where the singer just rushes into something without a sense of consequence, but at least when we hear Shattuck sing, we sense it all and sometimes know what she means because we’ve felt it too. Maybe Whoop Dee Doo is meant to be slightly careless but as they’ve always shown, it’s fearless too.

SOME STUFFS: The Eeries ready to tour this fall

 photo Eeries_old_zps6e16d8c1.jpg
Los Angeles’ The Eeries will be like a number of other bands next season, which is under two weeks away. They’re going on tour and are doing so with Gerald Way, who is taking a break from My Chemical Romance to go on a solo route for awhile. The Eeries are currently on tour with The Last Internationale this month and when that part of the tour is over, they’ll take a brief break before heading back on the road in October.

September 12… San Francisco, CA (DNA Lounge) Φ
September 13… Sacramento, CA (Monster Energy Aftershock Festival Φ
September 16… Seattle, WA (El Corazon Φ
September 17… Portland, OR (McMenamin’s Lola’s Room Φ
September 24… Los Angeles, CA (Troubadour (headline show)
October 12… San Francisco, CA (The Fillmore) ξ
October 13… Los Angeles, CA (The Troubadour) ξ
October 14… Los Angeles, CA (The Fonda Theatre) ξ
October 17… Philadelphia, PA (Trocadero Theatre) ξ
October 19… Boston, MA (Paradise Rock Club) ξ
October 20… New York, NY (Irving Plaza) ξ
October 22… Sayreville, NJ (Starland Ballroom) ξ
October 23… New York, NY (Webster Hall) ξ

Φ = w/ The Last Internationale
ξ = w/ Gerard Way

AUDIO: Hungry Cloud Darkening’s “Blue Green”

 photo HungryCloud_old_zps6f8e9eec.jpg
Off Tempo will be releasing an album by Hyngry Cloud Darkening on October 7th called Glossy Recall, and in order for you
to recall it again, check out one of its new songs, “Blue Green”. Upon first listen, this reminds me a bit of The Sundays, that type of dreamy pop that just let you float upon playing, leading you to play it again.

SOME STUFFS: Wolf Gang look forward to killing them all with second album

 photo WolfGang_old_zps097dff0d.jpg
The name of the band is not Odd Future, but they are called Wolf Gang, which will hopefully not make people believe this is Tyler, The Creator and friends. The group are wrapping up work on their second album, which is being produced Flood, known for his work with PJ Harvey, nine inch nails, and U2. Today, they are releasing a single called “Lay Your Love Down”, which will welcome in older fans to the new and newer fans to find out what Wolf Gang are all about. Initially, Wolf Gang started off as a one man project by London musician Max McElligott, but it now is a full band featuring Gavin Slater, James Wood and Lasse Petersen. This is exactly what it says in the press release and thus I must believe it. Now you believe in the Gang and be (im)patient for more to come soon.

SOME STUFFS: Happy Diving to release debut album in October, “Big World”

 photo HappyDiving_old_zps20c43299.jpg
It’s only two months away before they release it, but Happy Diving are proud to be coming out with their debut album on October 21st. It will be released by Father/Daughter Records and is called Big World, which comes from a group who have proved their worth throughout San Francisco’s East Bay community. They have the kind of sound that sounds like something rising above your head, but beautifully, think of bands like The Lemonheads, Social Distortion, and Japandroids but combined to make some kind of odd and twisted hybrid. That’s why they’re happy, and that’s why they’re Happy Diving. The vinyl pressing of Big World, to be done in three different color variations, can be pre-ordered directly from Father/Daughter Records.

SOME STUFFS: Letting Up Despite Great Faults go “Neon” on latest effort

 photo LUDGF_old_zps54babe4a.jpg
Originally from Los Angeles, Letting Up Despite Great Faults (easy seven syllables there) have released a new album today called Neon. Their current sound and mission represents residing in Austin, Texas, and they want to show you how they’re capable of rising to the top and beyond. Neon has a single that may or may not make Spandau Ballet and Prince fans envious but they probably don’t care. You should care about Letting Up Despite Great Faults, that’s the main thing, so listen to “Gold”, which can be downloaded for free while supplies last. If you’ve missed aggressive rock with pop accessibility, welcome to a new home here, a bit like Smashing Pumpkins meet Lush.

Neon is also available on vinyl in a limited edition white pressing, which you may order directly from Bandcamp below.

RECORD CRACK: Melvins’ Dale Crover to release new 7 inch this month

As Lord Roger takes a time out from his Melvins duties to do the solo thing, drummer Dale Crover decided to take a time out to make some new music too. This time it’s a 7″ single which features Lou Barlow (of Dinosaur Jr. and Sebadoh fame) and one-time Melvins member Kevin Rutmanis (whom you may know from Cows). Along with drums, Crover takes the microphone again to sing beautifully. Have a listen to its A-side, “United Fruit”. Below is a look at a linoleum cut Thomas Hazelmyer made for the cover. Ordering information will be posted when made available.

 photo DaleCrover_PS_zps1626776c.jpg