REVIEW: Annie Crane’s “Jump With A Child’s Heart”

Photobucket Annie Crane has released an album (albeit a brief one) for those who enjoy introspective singer/songwriters, and Crane may be one to look out for. Jump With A Child’s Heart (Constant Clip) is sure to appeal to fans who enjoy the words and wisdom of Joni Mitchell, someone whom she has not only been compared to by others, but an artists who was a major influence, and it shows. What I hear is someone who has her tales about the mind, personal values, and worldly outlook, but manages to keep them in with the anticipation to free the souls of those who are trapped,if that makes any sense. It’s moving and powerful, even though what you may hear at first is quite simple, but far from lazy. Her voice comes off as one-part teacher, one-part lover, one-part savior, and the metaphorical struggle is trying to figure out which one appeals to you most. Why not have all three?

The album is only 29 minutes long, but it’s good enough to hold listeners in for more the next time around.

Jump With a Child’s Heart by Annie Crane

SOME STUFFS: NYC edge to traditional Americana sounds is Annie Crane’s mission

Celtic, folk, and Americana: not exactly styles you may consider to melt together in one place, but Annie Crane is doing just that, mixing in some of her favorite styles to listen to and play, and making it what she does for a living. Her living is represented in a new album called Jump With A Child’s Heart (Constant Clip), scheduled for release on October 4th. True to the title of the album, Crane created an album that has a positive outlook, especially one that involves seeking and obtaining what lurks in and within your hopes and dreams.

The album features contributions from The Red Hook Ramblers‘ trumpeter Jason Benjamin, The BowmansSarah Bowman, banjo wizard Alexa Woodward, along with songwriter Frank Hoier (who assisted in the production of album, and Crane’s husband, Eric Wolfson.

Annie Crane – Jump With A Child’s Heart by fanaticpro

The Making of Annie Crane’s album “Jump with a Child’s Heart” from Annie Crane on Vimeo.