SOME STUFFS: Corrosive dark noise from the mind of Infirmary

 photo Infirmary_cover_zpsfdb7c9f4.jpg
A new album has been released by Infirmary, for those who are into “black industrial death noise”. If you enjoy your sounds to be harmoniously catastrophic, you’ll want to check out Anak II Buhr Daka Nol Koern Dasch (Enemata Productions), two tracks measuring up to 38 minutes of depth and death. The album is available on cassette along with digital downloads, you may have a listen to it or purchase it below through Bandcamp.

SOME STUFFS: Vault recording from En Nihil is released for first time

Dead Frequency (Danver State Recordings) is an album by En Nihil that was meant to be released five years ago as a way to show the return of his explosive audio destruction, but the project was put to the side and left along. It was then decided to release it in 2014, so here it is, for fans of harsh noise wall/experimental/avant-garde. A cassette version has been made for it, only 50 copies have been made. You may stream an excerpt from the album above.

AUDIO: God Cage’s “Ante Mortem”

An interesting project of mind-bending noise has been released by God Cage. The Ante Mortem EP is 4-tracks and whiel you are able to listen to it in full through Bandcamp, a CD pressing has been made, sold in a DVD case with different inserts inside. Only 20 copies of these have been made. Find out more by clicking the Bandcamp page

SOME STUFFS: Ultra release 4CD retrospective of their complete output

 photo Ultra_covers_zps51df32ea.jpg
Ultra have released a new 4CD box set made by Dom America called Delirious Elaborations, said to offer “a listening experience of unparalleled refinement and sensitivity, and often a great deal less.” The box features everything Ultra recorded between 1987 and 1997, and will include the following albums:
Youthful Pleasures
Roman Holiday (13 track edition).

This is the group that featured St Degeneratus (Jon Carlson), Herr Mucke (Achim Flaam) and Dr Tengelmann (Christoph Heemann). The box includes the full lyrics of their songs, art work, and the all important liner notes. Each CD is packaged in a mini-LP cover, all stored in a deluxe foil debossed slipcase. To order your copy, click here.

FREE DL: Charged Annoying Noise’s “Schizoid Fucker” (EP)

Charged Annoying Noise have released a new 9-song EP called Schizoid Fucker but this is what I hear: nine tracks that either sound the same or one song under four minutes divided into nine parts. I don’t know what’s coming or going, what’s forward or backwards, what’s sped up or slowed down. I like it and yet I don’t (but really do). I’m (not) confused.

VIDEO: The Haters’ “Live!” (trailer)

As I’ve mentioned before, there was a time when being a part of the Portland music scene meant being an unfortunate stepchild of what was going on in Seattle 150 miles to the north. These dates, Portland is more than capable of defining things on their own terms, as they have been for many years and one band that have taken their own path to the nth level are The Haters, who are commemorating their 35th year together as a band with a DVD release simply called Live!. Founded by GX Jupitter-Larsen, this DVD features footage that was mailed to a small handful of people by him but never meant for proper release. Now it’s getting its proper light of day, or perhaps the darkness of the evening if the music is any indication, for the sunlight may be a bit too much. The footage goes as far back as the 1980’s and goes through the mid-90’s, with some parts taken from their 20th anniversary show in 1999. It’s raw and in your face and heart, and now everyone will get a chance to enjoy it on a regular basis. For bonus material, it does include their 35th anniversary show done earlier this year. It only goes for $12, which you may pre-order by heading to the Helicopter-LA store.

SOME STUFFS: A new album from Smegma is on its way

Smegma are one of Portland’s best known unknown bands, known for their incredible and warped sense of creativity. They’ve been doing this for over 40 years and now they’re going to release an album of mostly new music called Mutant Stomps. These songs were taken from sessions recorded between 2012-2013, while one selection is taken from their archives recorded in 1975. The album will be out on November 23rd and will be pressed on vinyl as well, in a limited edition of 100 copies. The record can be pre-ordered by clicking here.

RECORD CRACK: Black Thread unleashes a new 5″ lathe

A unique record has been released by Bay Area artist Black Thread. This one is a 5 inch lathe cut with two tracks and two loops, meant to be played and meant to be enjoyed your own way. Here is a look at the record.
 photo BlackThread_record450_zps10d3c7d1.jpg

Only 20 copies have been made of this, so take advantage of it before it’s too late. Have a listen to the two full tracks above via Bandcamp.

SOME STUFFS: New Charles Manson tribute album is here

 photo Manson_cover_zpsdff6bb54.jpg
If you want to find music that’s oddball for the holiday season, I have the perfect suggestion for you. It’s called Helter Skelter: A Noise Tribute To Charles Manson, a cassette only project featuring such artists as Overdose The Katatonic, Botched Facelift, Rape-X, Jason “Evil” Covelli, Forbidden COlors, Demonologists, Gnawed, and more over two sides of a cassette with 22 songs total. You may order your copy by clicking here.

RECORD CRACK: GX Jupitter-Larsen releases a new 10″ EP

 photo GXJupitterLarsen_cover_zpsc8012326.jpg
GX Jupitter Larsen has released a new record, this time an orange vinyl 10″ EP called Pump-Powered Permawave on the Oxen label. Shipped last week and making it to buyers last and this week, it’s a new set of noise for those who enjoy istening to it. For this record, only 200 copies have been made and it features four tracks, two of which are locked grooves, which means it’s a bit of vinyl play for those who enjoy playing your records with trickery. The record is $9ppd each within the U.S., and you may order it directly from Oxen.