SOME STUFFS: MBD releases new “Fuck Therapy” EP

A unique noise project has been released by MBD, his first project in awhile. The 2-track EP is called Fuck Therapy (Telepathy Recording) and those who want it on hard copy will have the CD-R packaged in a baggie with facial tissues. Only 30 of these packages are being made. You are able to hear both tracks above from Bandcamp, which is where you’ll be able to hear more works from MBD.

SOME STUFFS: Blaring noise from Cleveland in two fold from Leo Brochu

 photo LeoBrochu_covers_zps8071debe.jpg
Leo Brochu has come out with two noise projects in recent weeks, and would like to let everyone know about it. L’ingénieur aimait trop les chiffres only features two tracks at about six minutes each, and each sound as if a distorted cassette deck was mic’d inside of a basement as he went digging around. Heuristic Analog Rental Meat is a 3-track EP with a number of found sounds and noise that will go in your mind and never escape, so you’ll want to turn it down before playing… or not.

Both are available for free, downloadable in FLAC lossless or MP3’s, via Bandcamp below.

SOME STUFFS: Portland forces the noise with two new albums from SBTDOH

 photo SBTDOH_cover_zpsee7b087e.jpg
The more people look into the dynamics of Portland, Oregon, the more interesting it becomes. For those who are into noise/harsh noise, you always have to keep on looking until you find exactly what you’re looking for, and here’s something that is worth checking out. His name is simply SBTDOH, who has released two brand new cassettes, each one running for 32 minutes, each with two tracks of intense noise, each packaged in a homemade fashion and each being made in only ten copies each. If you already know SDTDOH, these two albums will now lead to a split tape with Vomir to be released later in the year.

To get your copies, check the Bandcamp players for both the Sounds For Mass Extinction and Non-Selective Genocide albums.

SOME STUFFS: Cementimental releases album of live recordings

While in London this past spring for a tour, Cementimental decided to record what happened, with different mediums. The end result is an album simply titled London Tour April 2014, which features him with Bipolar Joe Jr. creating everything from harsh noise to insane anti-turntablism competitions.

If the Bandcamp player isn’t showing, you can also stream/listen/download the tracks through below.

RECORD CRACK: Waves Crashing Piano Chords release one-sided 7″

 photo WavesCrashing_cover_zps6decbf24.jpg
For a bit of maniacal noise on vinyl, you’ll want to consider buying the new 7″ by Waves Crashing Piano Chords. The record features two songs, “Young Mouth” and “It Wasn’t Even Worth My Back Seat”. Only 111 copies are being made for it:

  • 6 solid amber w/ black smoke
  • 5 solid black (test press)
  • 15 solid amber **sold out
  • 15 clear lavender w/ black smoke **sold out

    The record is only $4, you can head here to order a copy or two. To listen, check out the Bandcamp player below.

  • RECORD CRACK: Remainderless create utter chaos on debut EP

     photo Remainderless_cover_zps41811f57.jpg
    The Oxen label have just released a unique project by Remainderless, described as a collective of composers and performers (Matt Purse, Steve Touchton, and S.R. Cano) who gather for sanity and create sonic insanity. Some of the sounds heard on this EP is piercing and you may turn it off before you can endure it, but maybe you’re someone who can consume the pain. The record is on clear vinyl, three tracks, and it is Remainderless’ first effort as a unit. You may listen to an excerpt below.

    SOME STUFFS: Mutilate yourself in sound, courtesy of Yporhtnasim

    Yporhtnasim (say it backward) had finished this EP last summer but didn’t release it until the summer of 2014. Now you’re able to hear this, but can you endure it? It’s called Psalms of Self Mutilation apparently due to how gruesome this may be for some people, as this was allegedly “created to make the most uncomforting sounds as possible. Listeners should have a feeling of sickness, emotion, pain, and hatred as a result. I use samples during the noise to add to this feeling and to get my message across. I don’t like people, I hate mankind, I hate society.”

    You are able to download it for free or use the “Name Your Price” option if you wish, but the EP may be best in an analog format, as only 22 cassettes have been made for it. $5ppd within the U.S. $5+$5 Canada, $5+$10 the rest of the world. For more information, send e-mail to mbdcontact160 [at] gmail [dot] com.

    REVIEW: Kevin Drumm’s “The Damned Self”/”The Old Hag”

     photo KevinDrumm_covers_zpsc15f3f9b.jpg
    Kevin Drumm has released two new albums, one much longer than the other, so if you’re ready to fall into the trappings of his creations, you’ll want to get both of them. The Damned Self consists of three pieces, each one over 40 minutes with the longest running close to an hour. The opening track, “Live (Static Generator)” sounds exactly like that, someone turning a radio on and finding the most distant bit of communication coming through. Instead of it being one continuous sound, there are brief silent moments as if they’re meant to be listened to separately, or to try to figure out if there is some connection. “The Onset Of Sleep” is true to its name, very quaint and almost meditative but the same can’t be said for “Burn In Hell For A Bit” which it wants you to do slowly and in real time. The second half of it sounds as if someone found the right frequenty to tune in to but is trying its best to understand the language being spoken, if it is indeed a language.

    “The Old Hag” is one track of nothing but distorted… I don’t know if it would be computer noise but you could say it’s the most “technological” of pieces on both albums, and it goes for a brutal 35 minutes. It would definitely irritate neighbors, or at least they may be wondering if you’re okay, if not normal.

    SOME STUFFS: New tape from Vargrwulf

    If harsh noise is your thing, you’ll want to pick up the new 30 minute cassette by Vargrwulf. It’s said to be “one live track recorded direct to tape in summer of 2014″, which wasn’t that long ago (it might have happened last night)” and that the piece is “inspired by the landscape and figure studies of the painter Balthus.” You may listen to a brief excerpt above. For ordering information, e-mail harshhumanignorance [at] gmail [dot] com.

    VIDEO: Psychic Fire at the Olympia Experimental Music Festival (June 28, 2014)

    Psychic Fire from Glowing Heads on Vimeo.

    I’ve yet to make it over to Olympia, Washington for the annual Experimental Music Festival, but I hope to if one is held in the next two years. This year’s one did make it, and this video of Psychic Fire was shot during a Saturday on June 28th. The video was posted by Arrington de Dionyso, partly because he plays within, alongside China Faith Star and Graeme Smith. This was shot at the Northern All Ages Project.