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SOME STUFFS: Guilty C. releases “Imputation Mutation”

 photo GuiltyC_cover_zpsc9ee01c4.jpg
Japanese noise comes in many sizes, shapes, and colors and for this new release by Guilty C., it comes in red in the form of a cassette. Imputation Mutation (Quagga Curious Sounds) is a C10 tape, which means it’s “cassingle length” but definitely not the type of work most would expect from a cassingle. Each copy comes with a mini-poster, the cassette labels were done using rubber stamps, and everything is packaged in a black velvet drawstring bag. Cost for each tape from England are:

£4.00 (UK)
£6.00 (Europe)
£7.00 (Worldwide)

Michael Ridge accepts payments via PayPal, e-mail him at mike-ridge [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk for more information. You may listen to a brief except below.

SOME STUFFS: Take a sip from the Juice Machine and their new album

Juice Machine photo JuiceMachine_cover_zps91dde7f2.jpg
Roger Smith and Heather Chessman are a wife and husband duo who as a group call themselves Juice Machine. Their new album is called Gratitude Flows and like much of their work, everything is improvised and performed live. Three tracks of insane drone glitch stuff, and it’s ready for your listening pleasures. To download the album, head to ControlValve.net or to Archive.org.

SOME STUFFS: RAWbug releases noisy EP as a CD3

 photo RAWbug_cover_zps56746a94.jpg
The artist simply goes by the name of RAWbug and for his new release he describes it as him using “non-sound files into Audacity as raw data files, then either keeping them or altering them in some fashion.” It sounds insane, and it is. The end result is 16 tracks of stuff that may be difficult to listen to, and yet there may be a dance track found within. Within the noise? Apparently yes. While available for free via Archive.org, he has pressed up 20 copies, each one burned onto a CD3 and packaged in a DVD case. Plain and easy, unlike the sounds found within. To take a listen, click the player below. CD’s will be $5ppd within the U.S., international postage rates will differ depending on country. For more information, send e-mail to mbdcontact160 [at] gmail [dot] com.

VIDEO: Brutal Truth’s “The Stroy”

The Axiom of Post Inhumanity (Relapse) is the latest album from Dan Lilker and friends, and in this case I speak of the great Brutal Truth. It’s for the mammoth song “The Stroy”, which it may do to your mind, body, and whatever remains.

RECORD CRACK: Live recording from Killer Bug to be released as one-sided 12″ EP

 photo KillerBug_cover_zps6c2eca3a.jpg
Japanese noise artist Kazumoto Endo made some projects in the 1990′s under the name Killer Bug, with such titles as Steaming Gash, Vaginal Disco, Cunt Explosion, and Sixteen Different Flavours Of Ass. A live recording from 1995 is being released on vinyl but this one has a much safer title: Live In Taiwan. It’s a one-sided 12″ EP being released by Italian label Audio Dissection, and two versions of this are being made. One is just the record, only 100 copies of this are being made. The other will also feature a DVD of the performance, only 95 numbered copies of this one will be sold. All copies will be on translucent yellow vinyl. You may listen to a brief excerpt below.

This live recording was originally released as the B-side on the Vaginal Disco cassette. For information on how to order a copy, send e-mail to audiodissection [at] yahoo [dot] it.

BANDCAMP SUGGESTIONS: Arrington de Dionyso “Unheard Indonesia Volume Three: The Lalove of Central Sulawesi”

 photo ArringtondeDionyso_coverSML_zps49be5d32.jpg The adventures continue with the magnificent Arrington de Dionyso offering a brand new album that is a part of his Unheard Indonesia series. This one is volume three and is subtitled The Lalove of Central Sulawesi, featuring the kind of twisted logic and possibly-complex songs, along with natural sounds that may motivate you to explore the beautiful outdoors.

If you would like to hear some of his other creations, browse through his official Bandcamp page.

SOME STUFFS: Fecalove’s “Special” album is packaged with a unique item

 photo Fecalove_cover_zpsc805dad0.jpg
You probably just read the subject item, are glancing at the photo and are thinking “oh no, what in the world is that?” Special (Turgid Animal Records Viking Division) is the name of a new album by Fecalove, but this album is unique. Fans of experimental/avant-garde/noise will want to check this out, for each copy will be a completely different set of noise made exclusively for each buyer, which I assume means only one tape per customer? On top of that, each copy of the tape will feature clipping/shavings of his own pubic hair. At least that’s what is being told, it could be from his beard but we are not sure nor are we going to ask.

Each copy of the album will be made as soon as the orders come in. The tape will cost you 100 Norwegian Kroner plus postage, and you can contact gurkeroboter [at] gmail [dot] com for more information.

SOME STUFFS: Holographic Beast offers “Results” in 7th year of creativity

 photo HolographicBeast_cover_zps61d3c93a.jpg
You might not expect anything on the edge from Wenatchee, Washington, but you would be wrong. It has been the home of Holographic Beast, who has been making some twisted sounds for seven years and he has just released a new album (his third as Holographic Beast called Results. It was recorded in 2012 but released on New Year’s Eve 2013, and it consists of 4-tracks spread over 20 minutes. You can stream and listen via Bandcamp and also purchase the tracks digitally, or opt for the cassette version. Only 30 copies of the tape have been made.

SOME STUFFS: Loveform reveals exposure of the “Wormhole”

 photo Loveform_cover_zpsb67939a1.jpg
Another burst of adventure in sound, this time originating in Geneva. This is Loveform, who has released a new 5-track EP called Wormhole. He has been making music and sound for the last 20 years and this is a continuation of his creations. Check the genres, and now check the Wormhole for yourself.

SOME STUFFS: Blaring Indiana noise from Extreme Volume Pop

 photo ExtremeVPop_cover_zps2aa05ce8.jpg
You may not be able to find any pleasant sounds on this new 4-track album, but then again this isn’t about pleasantries. Extreme Volume Pop is an experimental/avant-garde project from Indiana who released Come On Get Happy at the beginning of the week (i.e. late December 2013), so for those who are into unfolding the ugliness of harsh noise wall/HNW, this will be perfect to blast in your car or in your apartment. He has created a wide range of projects in the last few years, which you may glance over by heading to the Extreme Volume Pop Bandcamp page.

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