SOME STUFFS: SBTDOH releases new 2-song EP

Looking for another blast of harsh noise wall? You may want to hear a new EP by Milwaukie, Oregon’s SBTDOH. This one is called NUMB #002, a two song EP with “one” and “two” and packed with extremely loud noise and distortion. The cassette pressing is packaged in a plastic baggy. Only 10 copies are being made. For more information on/about SABTDOH, head to his blog.

FREE DL: To The Lovers, Farewell’s “Slice Up Not Across” (EP)

A festival of noise can and will be achieved in this new 3-track EP by To The Lovers, Farewell. It’s a new release on Red Venice Records called Slice Up Not Across, and this one is just nothing but feedback twisted in different ways.

FREE DL: Thickly Painted Walls’ “Pen 15″

Here’s something that’s interesting, peculiar, if not a bit on the “WTF?” side of things. Thickly Painted Walls could be the creation of a band or one man, but it sounds like someone picked up a guitar, didn’t bother to tune it and just made songs from his head. There’s something quite good in it, even when he goes off into an experimental tangent. It’s a four-song EP called Pen 15, maybe next time he’ll do a 15-song EP, each one being four seconds each. Check out other Thickly Painted Walls projects on the official Bandcamp page.

VIDEO: Brutal Truth’s “Control Room (Smoke Grind and Sleep Mix)”

The Axiom Of Post Inhumanity (Relapse) is the latest album by Brutal Truth and from it is “Control Room”, but in this case it’s a new remix of the song where things are extended to a drone-ridden 24 minute take. This is what would be called the endurance dance, but you may get into this completely.

REVIEW: Guazzaloca, Montagne, Mongelli’s “Cups Glasses And Tanks”

 photo Guazzaloca_cover_zpsb3f763a8.jpg Cups Glasses And Tanks (Aut) is a new collaboration between Nicola Guazzaloca, Pablo Montagne, and Giacomo Mongelli, with Guazzaloca playing jazz while Montagne and Mongelli performing in a number of different classical configurations. The album is very much on the avant-garde side and while there are jazz central points, at the moments one would think they’re about to stay locked in something nice, they all go off into another world. I think what makes this work is that even when I was secure in being comfortable with what I’m hearing, they didn’t stay there that long, leading into something more mysterious. There were moments in Montagne when he plucked a certain string to scratch it, and it reminded me of Okkyung Lee. Then again, it may have been Guazzaloca scratching the piano strings. The music here is evenly beautiful and clustered, it’s easy to get in the middle and watch it from the outside while inside.

REVIEW: Patchwork Voices’ “Puzzling”

 photo PatchworkVoices_cover_zps384200a0.jpg If you were to purchase Patchworks Voices’ Puzzling (Aut) and were hoping for an incredible musical jam, it could lead to you digging your brain matter out through your ears. The “Voices” in question are Claudia Cervenca and Annette Giesriegl, who use nothing but their voices and electronics to create very interesting sound pieces and collages, which consists of them collaborating verbally and not verbally. In a track like “_ne”, it sounds like infants speaking with the mind capacity of adults, with nothing but gibberish that’s loud and delicate, as if they’ve found each other in the dirt and want to discover more things underground. One could also interpret this as the origins of human communication in the world, or someone may very well say “what the hell is going on here?”

The entire album is like that too, and part of the puzzle involved is trying to figure out what the missing letter is in the song titles: “_en”, “_wo”, “_ur”, and “_ree” as examples. They could be numerical, they could be meaningless, but the interesting thing about listening to this is that it sounds like sitting into a conversation at the park and not being involved, just listening and trying to get a joy out of what is being said, or made. As for the spontaneity, you can say they would be along the lines of Pauline Oliveros, Yoko Ono, Meredith Monk, and Joëlle Léandre, so if you are fans of their work, you are sure to find Puzzling to be a world, you’ll want to revisit many times in the near future.

REVIEW: James Hoff’s “Blaster”

 photo JamesHoff_cover_zps894a57ba.jpg If you love electronic music but want to hear something more experimental, more avant-garde, more unpredictable, try out the new album by James Hoff called Blaster (PAN). All of the music sounds like spur-of-the-moment sounds, occasionally being rhythmic to where those sections could be extracted and turned into songs, or other portions where you’ll hear distortion, bleeps, blurps, and things moving around from left to right and going nowhere but in your ears. The majority of the songs are under three minutes, with two making it close to the 90 second mark, but it’s the closing song (“Scratch”), going for 15 minutes, that takes the listener into completely new territory, or at least it makes you feel as if you’re not being where you’re at at any given time.

BTW: all but one song has to do with the word “blaster”, the name of the album, so it’s just the letters arranged differently: “Sterbla”, “Terblas”, “Erblast”, and “Rblaste”, before closing with something that’s not part of the theme, “Scratch”, which could also double as a way to say he is about to start from scratch or will “scratch” things to an end. Going into this, expect some of it to be musical, other portions to be just electronic noise unfolding into something else for the sake of making random noise, which is cool.

(Blaster is also available on vinyl, which you can order directly from

AUDIO: Cum Function’s “Special Reports”

Looking for new noise mayhem in your life? Check out the new album Special Reports by Cum Function out of England. The new project features tracks with titles such as “Most People Are So Fucking Stupid”, “Your Sudden Bowel Evacuation”, “The Destruction Of Satanic Ice Cream”, and “Thug It Out”. Not for the squeamish but if you’re into harsh wall noise, you want it to be grueling. The album is also available as a CD-R by heading here.

SOME STUFFS: Anthony Zayas Garcia releases “Purified”

 photo AZGarcia_cover_zps6a1d613d.jpg
Purified by Anthony Zayas Garcia is his latest album consisting of field recordings and sound manipulations, a bit of dedicated randomness combined to create something sensible out of the nonsensical. Purified features nine tracks total, and you may hear excerpts of each of them with the player below. If you like it, head to to download it in full for free, or right click and save this link (77.1mb) for the MP3’s.

SOME STUFFS: 156 to release new album as a VHS box set

 photo 156_box_zpsd023c7b0.jpg
It’s one thing to release new music in the latest digital formats but how about something that is considered old school? Now how about releasing something in a dead format? VHS tapes are considered by some to be beyond yesterday, very few people use them these days and it’s difficult to find a brand new blank tape. However, 156 (Adel Souto) decided to do something new with a new project. Simply called Voice Box, it will be an 18-track project that will only be heard on the VHS tape, enclosed in a white box that will also be packaged with a T-shirt. While the songs were recorded with full instruments, including drums, you’ll only hear the voice tracks, partly because the songs are dedicated to the throat chakra Vishuddha. The artwork for the album is being painted on a 5″ x 5″ x-ray of the human cranium. Each copy of the box will be a whopping $150, but there’s a good reason for it, as 100 percent of the money made from this will be donated to a cancer research center. For more information on how and where to order, click here. If you’d like to hear other works from this Brooklyn-based artist, head to 156’s Soundcloud page.