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REVIEW: Kevin Drumm’s “The Damned Self”/”The Old Hag”

 photo KevinDrumm_covers_zpsc15f3f9b.jpg
Kevin Drumm has released two new albums, one much longer than the other, so if you’re ready to fall into the trappings of his creations, you’ll want to get both of them. The Damned Self consists of three pieces, each one over 40 minutes with the longest running close to an hour. The opening track, “Live (Static Generator)” sounds exactly like that, someone turning a radio on and finding the most distant bit of communication coming through. Instead of it being one continuous sound, there are brief silent moments as if they’re meant to be listened to separately, or to try to figure out if there is some connection. “The Onset Of Sleep” is true to its name, very quaint and almost meditative but the same can’t be said for “Burn In Hell For A Bit” which it wants you to do slowly and in real time. The second half of it sounds as if someone found the right frequenty to tune in to but is trying its best to understand the language being spoken, if it is indeed a language.

“The Old Hag” is one track of nothing but distorted… I don’t know if it would be computer noise but you could say it’s the most “technological” of pieces on both albums, and it goes for a brutal 35 minutes. It would definitely irritate neighbors, or at least they may be wondering if you’re okay, if not normal.

SOME STUFFS: New tape from Vargrwulf

If harsh noise is your thing, you’ll want to pick up the new 30 minute cassette by Vargrwulf. It’s said to be “one live track recorded direct to tape in summer of 2014″, which wasn’t that long ago (it might have happened last night)” and that the piece is “inspired by the landscape and figure studies of the painter Balthus.” You may listen to a brief excerpt above. For ordering information, e-mail harshhumanignorance [at] gmail [dot] com.

VIDEO: Psychic Fire at the Olympia Experimental Music Festival (June 28, 2014)

Psychic Fire from Glowing Heads on Vimeo.

I’ve yet to make it over to Olympia, Washington for the annual Experimental Music Festival, but I hope to if one is held in the next two years. This year’s one did make it, and this video of Psychic Fire was shot during a Saturday on June 28th. The video was posted by Arrington de Dionyso, partly because he plays within, alongside China Faith Star and Graeme Smith. This was shot at the Northern All Ages Project.

SOME STUFFS: Placenta Popeye/Fusiller split cassette released

 photo PlacentaP_cover_zps08b67115.jpg
Solid noise mavens will want to order this new cassette released by the French label Tanzprocesz. It’s a split tape between Placenta Popeye and Fusiller, with the Placenta Popeye taken from a live recording while Fusiller sounds like it was taken from ekectrocuted broadcasts from an unknown source. You may listen to excerpts of each side of the tape below.

SOME STUFFS: Seirom releases new EP of minimalistic warmth

The moans of minimalistic drone is explored in a new 2-song EP by Seirmon. Titled Strandheem ’92, the cover is based (if not stolen) on classical records while the music is very much the kind of sounds that you’ll want to zone out to, or it will zone you out as you meditate through its waves. The 17-minute EP is available for free.

SOME STUFFS: A “Persona” from Puce Mary is revealed

 photo PuceMary_old_zps77cfc5ae.jpg
Puce Mary is someone who doesn’t care about genre clarification. She may be considered one style or the other but she will go out of her way to create something else. Or not care about what anyone says. Her work may be industrial, experimental, avant-garde, or something else someone is ready to tag her with, but it’s very much out and in there at the same time. Her new album is called Persona (Posh Isolation), which you could say very much represents not only her as a person, but her music being a persona in and of itself. “Courses” could be something you’d hear in a museum or exhibit or the final piece you might not want to hear before you die, but that’s the beauty in work like this. Puce Mary may not be for everyone, but she isn’t looking specifically for everyone to begin with. The vinyl-only album can be ordered directly from PoshIsolation.net.

RECORD CRACK: Skull Servant to release “Watching” EP on vinyl

 photo SkullServant_PS_zpscf022380.jpg
After a few attempts to put this together, Skull Servant’s Watching EP now makes it onto the format that matters. Said to sound like a blend of “Einsturzende Neubauten/Test Dept industrial, early 90′s powerviolence and modern day hardcore ala Walls with more than a smattering of noise“, take it as it is and let it warp your mind. Released digitally two years ago, it finally makes its vinyl release in 2014. Three songs in total, you can stream it in full and/or buy the record, each copy on red vinyl, directly below via Bandcamp.

RECORD CRACK: Wormhead’s “This Is Art…This Is Disgusting” 6″ lathe cut

Being released as Puzzle Records #119, Wormhead is coming out with a new single of exciting sounds nicely called This is art…this is disgusting, where Side A consists of “This Is Art…” and Side B features “…This Is Disgusting”. It is a lathe cute, 6 inches in nature, and only ten copies have been made. It has been said that five copies are accounted for so get these before they’re gone. For ordering information, head to Puzzle Records’ blog.

FREE DL: Pestorgel’s self-titled album

 photo Pestorgel_cover_zpsdd51f7e6.jpg
From Norway comes a duo who go by the name of Pestorgel, who have created an eponymous album that is said to consist of “field recordings, feedback,and scrap metal combine(d) to paint pictures of bleak, marshland rural living. Each day spent toiling on infertile lands as life seeps away. The threat of sickness.” If sickness is what you wish to hear and experience in your life, you may purchase this on cassette (only 100 copies have been pressed) or download it for free as MP3′s or FLAC lossless files.

FREE DL: Bullets Ring Out!: A Harsh Noise Tribute To Italo​-​Western Film Soundtracks

This is said to be “originally intended to be a physical release follow up to the Giallo box set” released by No Visible Scars label released in 2011, but instead this was released last week as a harsh noise tribute to Italian and Western films. On this album you’ll hear new versions of Vamos A Matar Companeros, A Lesson In Manners, He Who Lashes Last(Lashes Hardest), Not Today Or Tomorrow, Vanity, Vanity, and The Great Silence done by the likes of Bleak Existence, Paregorik, Gluttoness, and Fecalove. If you are in love with the original songs, you are either going to think these are disgusting and pointless or some of the most awesome noise you’ve ever heard.