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FREE DL: Pestorgel’s self-titled album

 photo Pestorgel_cover_zpsdd51f7e6.jpg
From Norway comes a duo who go by the name of Pestorgel, who have created an eponymous album that is said to consist of “field recordings, feedback,and scrap metal combine(d) to paint pictures of bleak, marshland rural living. Each day spent toiling on infertile lands as life seeps away. The threat of sickness.” If sickness is what you wish to hear and experience in your life, you may purchase this on cassette (only 100 copies have been pressed) or download it for free as MP3′s or FLAC lossless files.

FREE DL: Bullets Ring Out!: A Harsh Noise Tribute To Italo​-​Western Film Soundtracks

This is said to be “originally intended to be a physical release follow up to the Giallo box set” released by No Visible Scars label released in 2011, but instead this was released last week as a harsh noise tribute to Italian and Western films. On this album you’ll hear new versions of Vamos A Matar Companeros, A Lesson In Manners, He Who Lashes Last(Lashes Hardest), Not Today Or Tomorrow, Vanity, Vanity, and The Great Silence done by the likes of Bleak Existence, Paregorik, Gluttoness, and Fecalove. If you are in love with the original songs, you are either going to think these are disgusting and pointless or some of the most awesome noise you’ve ever heard.

REVIEW: True Neutral Crew’s “#POPPUNK”

 photo TrueNeutralPP_cover_zpsb4164871.jpg The adventures continue once again with True Neutral Crew, who have released a nice 7-song EP called #POPPUNK, which could sound like a mixture of pop and punk but because you know what to expect from these guys, you know you’re not going to expect that at all.

There’s different styles in each song, one track might sound like the guy from clipping. decided to enter the studio or basement and rhyme (which makes sense, considering Daveed Diggs is in a song or so). Another time, you’ll hear a female presence and realize that’s that Margot Padilla of I.E., or hear another guy rap and doodle and know it’s not only more, it’s Signor Benedick The Moor. It feels like an open house but you also know what True Neutral Crew are born to do, not to do, as well as undo. #POPPUNK is music for those who don’t care if a library book is overdue.

FREE MP3 DL: Extreme Volume Pop’s “Never Was, Never Is, Never Shall Be”

 photo ExtremeVolumePop_cover_zps76717f9e.jpg
Unreleased until two years after the fact, Never Was, Never Is, Never Shall Be is a 5-track mega-burst of noise/harsh-noise, which means you’ll want to turn this down very much before pressing play. The album includes a massive 25-minute clusterfuck “Never Is”, which is sure to throw you out of your house or apartment immediately. The entire album is available as a free download.

SOME STUFFS: Floppy Kick releases new compilation EP

 photo Specimen_cover_zps98d1d820.jpg
Put together by Joeseph Simon, Specimen is a new compilation on the floppy disk-only label Floppy Kick featuring experimental music artists from Cleveland, Ohio. Only 36 copies are being made for it, and each comes with download code. Artists on this include WhorlWeaver, Rot Ton Bone, Man 009, Fascist Insect, Jeremy Bible, Cellophane Orchestra, and many more. For ordering information, check out Floppy Kick’s home page.

AUDIO: Mark Van Fleet’s “NEG SCAN” (excerpt)

For fans of experimental/avant-garde/noise is a new c40 tape by Mark Van Fleet called NEG SCAN. Only 50 copies of this are being made of what is being called “crude ambient”. Van Fleet resides in Columbus, Ohio and this album is said to have “manipulated tape loops and stark passages of subdued minimalism.” If it sounds weird and unpredictable, you are a possible customer. Copies of this will be available through Amnesia Program. For now, a one-minute excerpt is available for your listening pleasure, which is only a small percentage of the full album but may be enough to seal the deal.

RECORD CRACK: Split 10″ is here from +Dog+ and Actuary

 photo DogActuary_cover_zpscaf7fec4.jpg
Ritual Filth is the title of a new 10″ record released on Love Earth Music released by +Dog+ and Actuary. It can be considered a trip into the experimental side of electronic music. The record costs $8/$10ppd, available from PayPal through TASTETHEBURN [at] yahoo [dot] com, but you’ll want to e-mail them first for international postage rates. For a hint as to what +Dog+ is about, go to Bandcamp. For more on Actuary’s audio violence, click here.

BANDCAMP SUGGESTIONS: In Kit Form’s “Receptacles”

 photo InKitFormR_cover_zps15a187bb.jpg Chris Marsh has returned as In Kit Form, and his new album is a three-track piece that is categorized as “worship; Christian” but also glitch, drone, noise, and experimental. Can this be? Well, of course.

The sounds can be both dramatic and melodramatic, haunting and eerie, atmospheric and tender, and sometimes going nowhere in the right direction. It’s the kind of works where you have to allow it to take you to discover where it may or may not lead, and what happens afterwards is up to you. Is it in anyway spiritual or devotion? Hard to say, you can interpret these tracks in any way you want but take them as you wish and see where it will allow you to stop. If you allow it to stop at all.

VIDEO: NEVAI_NONET’s “String Oktet In B”

An operatic metal movement? Maybe.
A symphonic punk grunt? I don’t know.
A celestial noise movement? Not really.

These two gentlemen call themselves
NEVAI_NONET, and it’s a three-movement called “String Oktet In B”:
i. Sextet (of Three Subkontrabass Viol Two Throats and Battery)
ii. Sextet (of Four Subkontrabass Viols and Two Battery)
iii. Oktet (of Eight Subkontrabass Viol)

This is brand new and will most likely be on their next album, release date to be determined.

SOME STUFFS: New Crank Sturgeon released as CD3 and 3.5″ floppy disk

 photo CrankSturgeon_cover_zpsc10b26bf.jpg
Feverish Dimst (Quagga Curious Sounds) is the latest project by Crank Sturgeon, who has packaged this in a very nice way. 19 minutes of twisted experimental noise can be heard on the 3 inch CD, it consists of one solid track. Then you have a 3.5″ floppy disk that compliments the clear noise that’s on the CD. Each CDr has a unique rubber-stamped design which is housed in a rubber-stamped square envelope. The floppy disk comes in white, red, blue, orange or yellow and features a rubber-stamped sticker. All of the contents are then placed in a brown paper bag. Ideally, you could just place it in your living room and have it compliment your furniture, but you’ll want to make time to use and hear it. It’s up to you.

For ordering information, contact mike-ridge [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk.