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VIDEO: Bhi Bhiman’s “Atlatl”

This new track by Bhi Bhiman has been played on vintage Disney animation from a time when racial stereotypes were a means of entertainment, which would carry on from generation to generation. There’s a reason why this blend sounds and looks so well, but you’ll have to watch and listen to find out why.

SOME STUFFS: Bhi Bhiman to open up for Rosie Thomas on forthcoming tour

You know what I can’t stand? Laziness on the behalf of other writers, journalists, or bloggers. I hate it when I go through a few blogs looking for things to listen to or watch, and some of them share the exact same story. What’s worse is when they use the same headline so when you do a search, it’s hard to tell who ripped off whom unless you’ve read the original press release.

When it comes to Bhi Bhiman, I want to make the effort to let people know about him and his music. Now sure, I could just say BHI BHIMAN CONFIRMS TOUR WITH ROSIE THOMAS AS NEW ALBUM ‘BHIMAN’ EARNS RAVES but you know what? I didn’t say a damn thing, I simply cut and pasted. Too easy, but also too lazy. Me? I see the fact that Bhiman is going on tour with Thomas and I think okay, cut the bullshit, just post the fricken dates. So I should do this right around here:
February 18 – San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill (CD RELEASE SHOW)
March 15 – Philadelphia PA @ World Cafe Live *
March 16 – Vienna VA @ Jammin’ Java *
March 17 – Chapel Hill NC @ Nightlight *
March 18 – Atlanta GA @ Red Light Cafe *
March 20 – Nashville TN @ 12th and Porter *
March 21 – St Louis MO @ Old Rock House *
March 23 – St. Paul MN @ Turf Club *
March 24 – Madison WI @ University of Wisconsin *
March 25 – Chicago IL @ Schubas *
March 26 – Ann Arbor MI @ The Ark *
March 27 – Grand Rapids @ Covenant Fine Arts Center *
March 28 – Akron OH @ Musica *
March 30 – Boston MA @ Cafe 939 @ Berklee *

* with Rosie Thomas

Bhiman will be on tour in support of BHIMAN, his new album that was released this wek.

SOME STUFFS: “Time Heals” for Bhi Bhiman with new video; new concert dates announced

BHIMAN (Boocoo Music) is the forthcoming album from Bhi Bhimanm due out January 24th, and with people calling his music entertaining AND innovative, it would make sense for him to have a video that is equal to this, so here is “Time Heals”, directed by Liam Hurley and Sam Kassirer.

Bhiman will be doing a few shows in support of Bhiman himself and BHIMAN the album, spock him:

January 9 – New York, New York @ Joe’s Pub (APAP Conference)
January 15 – Morgantown, WV @ Mountain Stage
January 19 – Ann Arbor, MI @ The Ark*
January 20 – Chicago, IL @ Park West*
January 21 – Soughton, WI @ Stoughton Opera House*
January 2 – Saint Paul, MN @ Fitzgerald Theater*
February 18 – San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill (CD RELEASE SHOW)

VIDEO: Bhi Bhiman’s “Guttersnipe”

Bhi Bhiman “Guttersnipe” from Bhi Bhiman on Vimeo.

Bhi Bhiman has created a music video for fans of travel and the railroad. I am someone who has had a lifelong fascination with traveling but have only left the United States once, and that was to see The Rolling Stones and Living Colour. But through this singer/songwriter, I’m able to be motivated to travel on train, and maybe it will for you too. Or at least, to find out more about Bhiman.

How does he sound? Combine a mixture of Counting Crows, Gabby Pahinui, John Mellencamp, and a storyteller, perhaps a blues singer, who sings with a mixture of joy and pain that comes off effortlessly, although those emotions he brings through his lyrics and singing can be interpreted differently.

Here’s a live performance of “Guttersnipe”, if you’d like a more direct approach to hearing and seeing Bhiman. If this gets you going, you’ll be able to see, hear, and perhaps meet him in person at the following cities next year:
January 9 – New York, NY @ Joe’s Pub (APAP Conference)
January 15 – Morgantown, WV @ Mountain Stage
January 19 – Ann Arbor, MI @ The Ark*
January 20 – Chicago, IL @ Park West*
January 21 – Soughton, WI @ Stoughton Opera House*
January 22 – Saint Paul, MN @ Fitzgerald Theater*

* – w/ Martin Sexton

Bhi Bhiman – Guttersnipe (live) from Bhi Bhiman on Vimeo.