REVIEW: Wooden Wand’s “Farmer’s Corner”

 photo WoodenWand_cover_zps1c71facf.jpg Farmer’s Corner (Fire) could be called a country album, or more closer to the Americana sub-genre than anything, but Wooden Wand does not create music in a stereotypical country manner. Woodden Wand is James Jackson Toth, who writes and records is songs in a solid and precise manner, but that’s only the start of his material and his journey. He writes his stories but then he has more to say than just to put together a beginning, middle, and end. There are a number of different streets and walkways, other people to meet and see, and then he may see something else on the side of his eye and take off in that way. The shortest song on the album is 3:19, the opening “Alpha Dawn”, but before you know it you’ll be within the 8:34 “Port Of Call” or a 7:02 “When The Trail Goes Cold”, which may seem a bit too lengthy upon first glance but they are not at all. He could easily do an Alice’s Restaurant trip a la Arlo Guthrie, but you may see him tell stories in the vein of Bruce Springsteen or Wilco. He wants to tell and examine it, and then find something else you may neglect about the story in front of you. What Farmer’s Corner may be something that is only treasured by those of a select few, but it’s something you’re going to want to sit down to during the entire duration.

REVIEW: Josephine Foster’s “I’m A Dreamer”

 photo JosephineFoster_cover_zps4775b9bf.jpg Josephine Foster is a singer that deserves to be heard, yet has a voice that sounds like she was not of a time long gone. There is a sense of preciousness in her tone, and with that the type of lyrics that sounds like she is of now but also not of this time, a voice that you want everlasting and know it will motivate anyone and everyone who dares to hear her just by her name alone, a name which created an album with an appropriate title: I’m A Dreamer (Fire).

Foster sings a nice range of jazz, blues, folk, and country where it may sound like something you heard from the 1920’s, 1950’s, or a honky tonk movie taking place in the 1970’s. It may easy to tell what she’s trying to achieve but as she sings about the wonderment of the world around us, we’re not sure why she does the way she does, but does it in a way where you’ll go “damn, that tears me up inside.” How her dreams will be able to transform to those in an awake state will be very interesting, but if listeners allow themselves to dream a little dream for a few minutes, they’ll enter their world and perhaps imagine her world, which ends up being the world we all exist in.

AUDIO: Melaena Cadiz’s “Needles River”

Upon hearing Melaena Cadiz, you may immediately think of singers like Dolly Parton, Tammy Wynette, Reba McEntire, or Grey DeLisle, and while Cadiz may be influenced by some of them, she is very much her own person who isn’t afraid to show the grit, the sorrow, the weaknesses, and the strengths of her humanity. I can see this song being huge in the right circles, and you’ll be able to hear more when she drops an album on May 20th called Deep Below Heaven (Wild Kindness) but have this slice of her heaven by listening to “Needles River”.

SOME STUFFS: PJ Bond and Maria Taylor to brave the road together

 photo PJBond_old_zps9c07e130.jpg
PJ Bond’s album You Didn’t Know I Was Alphabetical (Black Numbers) was recently repressed and with a new 7″ out called Ten Degrees And The Floor (a split release between Black Numbers and Shield Recordings), he decided it would be a good time to take his music to the people. He found a way to hook up with Maria Taylor for an opening slot on her tour, which will begin in January:

January 3, 2014… Omaha, NE (The Waiting Room)
January 5, 2014… Denver, CO (Larimer Lounge)
January 7, 2014… Salt Lake City, UT (Urban Lounge)
January 8, 2014… Boise, ID (The Crux)
January 10, 2014… Vancouver, BC (The Media Club)
January 11, 2014… Seattle, WA (Barboza)
January 12, 2014… Portland, OR (Mississippi Studios)
January 14, 2014… San Francisco, CA (Rickshaw Stop)
January 17, 2014… Los Angeles, CA (The Satellite)
January 18, 2014… San Diego, CA (Soda Bar)
January 19, 2014… Phoenix, AZ (Crescent Ballroom)
January 22, 2014… Austin, TX (Mohawk)
January 23, 2014… Dallas, TX (City Tavern)
January 25, 2014… Birmingham, AL (Bottletree)
January 31, 2014… Atlanta, GA (The Earl)
February 2, 2014… Washington, DC (Rock & Roll Hotel)
February 5, 2014… Philadelphia, PA (Boot & Saddle)
February 6, 2014… Brooklyn, NY (Knitting Factory)
February 7, 2014… Boston, MA (Middle East)
February 8, 2014… Ithaca, NY (The Haunt)
February 9, 2014… Toronto, ON (Drake)
February 11, 2014… Chicago, IL (Beat Kitchen)

Bond will have some of his music available at shows, including the new Ten Degrees And The Floor EP, which you may also listen to and/or purchased digitally below from Bandcamp.

SOME STUFFS: Danny Boone releases solo single as Rehab prepares for farewell tour

 photo DannyBoone_old_zps5afd256c.jpg
Danny Boone is the vocalist of the band Rehab, who recently had some success with the song “The Bartender Song (Sittin’ At A Bar)”. He is stepping away from the band for a brief moment to let people know how the song’s success has made an impact on him and his life. The song is called “All They Wanna Here”, which may touch on the pros and cons, highs and pitfalls, of a song that can have a life of its own without your control. You can download it for free by heading here, or stream the audio-only clip below.

After 14 years, Rehab are going to call it a day but not without saying thank you to those who made them a success. This means a farewell tour, and here are the 49 scheduled dates for it:
January 30, 2014… Columbus, GA (Outlaw Saloon)
January 31, 2014… Charleston, SC (The Music Farm)
February 4, 2014… Lawrence, KS (Granada)
February 5, 2014… Fort Collins, CO (Aggie Theatre)
February 6, 2014… Denver, CO (Moon Room)
February 7, 2014… Colorado Springs, CO (The Black Sheep)
February 8, 2014… Grand Junction, CO (Mesa Theatre and Club)
February 9, 2014… Salt Lake City, UT (Urban Lounge)
February 11, 2014… Butte, MT (Thunder Alley Bar & Casino)
February 13, 2014… Seattle, WA (El Corazon)
February 14, 2014… Portland, OR (Hawthorne Theatre)
February 15, 2014… Springfield, OR (Whiskey River Ranch)
February 16, 2014… Bend, OR (Domino Room)
February 17, 2014… Arcata, CA (The Jambalaya)
February 18, 2014… Trinidad, CA (Ocean Grove Lounge)
February 19, 2014… Garberville, CA (Toph’s House)
February 20, 2014… Sacramento, CA (Assembly)
February 22, 2014… Morongo Valley, CA (Willie Boy’s Saloon & Dance Hall)
February 23, 2014… Las Vegas, NV (Cheyenne Saloon)
February 24, 2014… Tempe, AZ (The Marquee)
February 26, 2014… Tulsa, OK (Shine)
February 27, 2014… Mobile, AL (Soul Kitchen
March 8, 2014… Nashua, NH (Bernie’s)
March 9, 2014… Pennellville, NY (Moniraes)
March 10, 2014… Newport, KY (Thompson House Newport)
March 11, 2014… Kalamazoo, MI (Shakespeare’s Pub)
March 12, 2014… Traverse City, MI (Ground Zero)
March 13, 2014… Libertyville, IL (Austins)
March 14, 2014… Flint, MI (The Machine Shop)
March 15, 2014… Rock Island, IL (Rock Island Brewing Company)
March 17, 2014… Wichita, KS (The Cotillion)
March 23, 2014… Mankato, MN (Red Rocks Bar)
March 24, 2014… Elkhart, IN (Five Star Dive Bar)
March 25, 2014… Toledo, OH (Mainstreet)
March 27, 2014… Cleveland, OH (The Agora Ballroom)
March 28, 2014… Indianapolis, IN (Snafu Saloon)
March 29, 2014… Mooresville, IN (Rt. 67 Bar & Grill)
April 2, 2014… Wilmington, NC (Ziggys By The Sea)
April 3, 2014… Charlotte, NC (Amos Southend)
April 4, 2014… Winston Salem, NC (Ziggy’s)
April 11, 2014… Houston, TX (Scout Bar)
April 14, 2014… Little Rock, AR (Juanita’s)
April 17, 2014… Clarksville, TN (The Warehouse)
April 18, 2014… Vestavia Hills, AL (Iron Horse)
April 19, 2014… Meridian, MS (Rhythm & Brews)
April 22, 2014… Jacksonville, FL (Jack Rabbits)
April 24, 2014… Longwood, FL (Hoddies Saloon)
April 25, 2014… Lake Worth, FL (Propaganda)
April 26, 2014… Satellite Beach, FL (Sports Page)

VIDEO: Savvy & Mandy’s “Comin’ Back As A Cowboy”

Is this the new breed of country? It may be placed in the hands of two sisters from southern California. They are Savvy and Mandy, and while they currently call Nashville home, they are true to their Cali roots and would like to share that and their love of country with the world. I’m not sure if people will like the fact these two ladies want to become cowboys, that might break a few hearts but hearts are meant to be broken, right?

SOME STUFFS: New release from the Neil Young archives to be released this week

 photo NeilYoung_CellarDoor_zpscdf52648.jpg
If you are a hard copy fan, you’ll have to wait another week to have it but digital fiends will be able to buy a new installment of Neil Young’s archives series. Live At The Cellar Door is, as the title indicates, a live album recorded in 1970 at the Cellar Door in Washington, DC, in what were acoustic rehearsal shows for his then-forthcoming Carnegie Hall performances. As you know, Young was celebrating the success of his great After The Gold Rush album and was only a few months away from releasing what would become Harvest, but the way Young works, he may have had three more albums ready to record. The Cellar Door shows features performances of “Tell Me Why” and “After The Gold Rush”, along with renditions of Buffalo Springfiend’s “I Am A Child” and “Flying On The Ground Is Wrong”. You’ll also hear what were the public debuts of “Old Man” and “See The Sky About To Rain”, which wouldn’t be heard until February 14, 1971 when Harvest hit stores.

You may pre-order the album digitally, vinyl, or compact disc (in that order) below through Amazon.

FREE MP3 DL: Jess Williamson’s “Native State”

 photo JessWilliamson_old_zpsf4d0a9ef.jpg
New year missions and anticipations for what will become new year music, and anticipating the new year is Jess Williamson, an Austin-based singer/songwriter/musician who looks forward to releasing Native State (Brutal Honest), her debut album that will be out on January 28th. The press material states she makes the kind of folk and country music you may not expect because it is haunting, but I think sometimes the best music is not what you expect from it, and it’s all about the human emotion and what we have to deal with in order to get from one place to another. Williamson makes the kind of songs that will get you from here to there, and it may move you to stay for awhile, only to look forward to whatever journey lies ahead. Listen to one of those excursions below with the title track to Native State. The album will be made available on vinyl, with only 300 copies being pressed up.

VIDEO: Shelby Earl’s “Swift Arrows”

Seattle’s Shelby Earl released her Swift Arrows album this past summer (my review of which can be read by clicking here) and yesterday she posted the video made for the title track, directed by Neil Ferron. For some nice down home music, or a song that you may need to remind you of home, have a listen to Miss Earl.