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SOME STUFFS: Debut album from Rush Mountain is preceded by video

 photo RushMidnight_old_zps5491e43c.jpg
Last Gang Records is the label that will be releasing the self-titled debut from Rush Mountain, May 27th is the scheduled release date for it. To get people warmed up to his offerings, a video has been made for the song “In Your Room”, which you may listen to in your room, car, or place of work if it’s allowed. If you wish, feel free to create or participate in your own fantasies with this, it has that kind of potential.

SOME STUFFS: Double Duchess would like for you to embrace the “Nocturnal”

 photo DoubleDutchess_old_zps6844f5b5.jpg
The press release for their forthcoming EP states that Double Duchess of San Francisco “transcends (sic) genres and genders through its live experience and high-energy delivery.” Their Hey Girl! EP from 2012 brought attention to Double Duchess for the first time and now they want to do it again, and again many times over with a new recording, the 5-song Nocturnal EP which also brings them together with DDM, Big Dipper and MicahTron. It seems the goal for Krylon Superstar and davO is to take you places you never thought you’d explore before, and you can hear why with a song from the EP that you can download free of charge while supplies last, the EP’s title track, by clicking here (4.1mb).

RECORD CRACK: A look at the remastering of Barry White’s “Can’t Get Enough”

With the new 180g vinyl pressing of Barry White’s Can’t Get Enough coming out in a few weeks, there will be many who will not only buy it just to have a new remaster of it, but also to hear the album perhaps better than even White intended. It was remastered by Kevin Gray, so this may be the first time some will have heard his work. This video takes a slightly humorous take on how the process was done, with a bit of help from someone significant.

The new Audio Fidelity vinyl remaster of Can’t Get Enough will be released on February 18th, pre-orders are available from Amazon.com below.

AUDIO: Michael Jackson’s “FeelThatBeat (Rock With You Edit)”

 photo MJ-FeelTheBeat2_zpse5d4a546.jpg
Take a song, turn it inside out, and be able to utilize the ingredients to its fullest potential: it is what someone going by the name of “DJW-Remix” decided to do with this classic from an album that will be celebrating its 35th anniverary this year, Off The Wall. It is a new edit of Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You”, put together as “FeelThatBeat”, done as a means for you and everyone to ride the boogie, you know this is going to do wonders on the dance floor.

VIDEO: Chromeo featuring Toro Y Moi’s “Come Alive”

A video with a maximum amount of ejaquilax comes here courtesy of dance mavens Chromeo, who get into the group with prope rassistance from the freak known as Toro Y Moi, and together they allow themselves to get moist for the cause with “Come Alive”.

RECORD CRACK: Audiophile Barry White vinyl pressing gets a new release date

It had been announced last month that today would have been the day Audio Fidelity was going to release Barry White’s Can’t Get Enough album as a 180g audiophile pressing, remastered by Kevin Gray. The label quickly announced soon after that there would be a delay and the release date would be pushed. It has been confirmed the release date is now February 18th, although Amazon has it listed two weeks earlier, on February 4th.

VIDEO: Zo! featuring Eric Roberson & Phonte’s “We Are On The Move”

When Zo! released his ManMade album (my review of which can be read by clicking here, “We Are On The Move” was probably my favorite song on there. For the video, it is a flashback to the days when a group could take a stroll by looking your Sunday best. The video is even done in the same ratio as American videos in the 1980′s, thanks to director Kenneth Price. All that’s missing is a commercial for Down Home Blues and Madelyne Woods.

VIDEO: Potpourri Of Pearls’ “Hang Me”

 photo PotpourriOP_old_zps63e4ebfa.jpg
When it comes to these guys, no one knows what goes on within the minds of Potpourri Of Pearls and maybe it’s for the best. Or maybe you want to know what was going on when they came up with the idea for “Hang Me”. Perhaps they said “hey, we want to be a Christmas tree ornament, let’s be festively awesome”. I do not know the answer, but maybe these visuals will help you translate their message for the common man and woman. The song will be found on their forthcoming album We Went To Heaven, due out on February 11th.

RECORD CRACK: Barry White’s “Can’t Get Enough” to be honored with 180g pressing

 photo BarryWhiteAF_cover_zps9b36976c.jpg
In the audiophile world where soul and funk reissues are few (or at least it seems that way), a brand new remaster of a Barry White classic is huge news. Audio Fidelity Records will be releasing a 180g vinyl pressing of White’s hit album Can’t Get Enough. If you want to know how much power this album has almost 40 years later, this is the one that features “You’re My First, My Last, My Everything” and “Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love Babe”, both of which are heavily played on oldies radio today. The album also features “Oh Love, Well We Finally Made It”, “I Love You More Than Anything (In This World Girl)”, and the two part “Mellow Mood” and you know when it comes to Barry White, it’s all about feeling mellow. White didn’t just write, sing, and arrange his songs, he also had a major hand in the production so it was well suited from top to bottom, start to finish. Even if you have the original vinyl pressing (which are widely available at countless thrift stores, charity shops, and garage/yard sales, this is most likely the best it has been heard in 40 years. This new remaster was done by Kevin Gray, and each album will be numbered. With luck, if this one sells well, maybe Audio Fidelity will do remasters of I’ve Got So Much To Give and Love Serenade. For now, we will be satisfied (and plesantly satisfied at that) with Can’t Get Enough, which will be released on January 21, 2014.

FREE MP3 DL: Lord Echo’s “Curiosities (Rich Medina Album Mix)”

 photo LordEcho_cover_zps0fe0194a.jpg
Lord Echo is his moniker and Curiosities is what may be roaming your mind right now, about who this guy is, what’s his music about, and why it matters that you download it? How about this: Rich Medina has created a mix, a sampler of you will, of the album in question. It goes out there when it has to, and in there when it needs to. Lord Echo hails from Aotearoa (New Zealand for you non-islanders) so get to know what’s going on in the land of the kiwi. You can stream the album full via Bandcamp, and also opt to buy the album digitally or on vinyl through BC as well.

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