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VIDEO: Locrian’s “Return to Annihilation”

The title track for Locrian’s latest album on Relapse Records has now been turned into a visual orgy and/or feast, are you ready to tickle your innards until you giggle or piddle? Okay, maybe “piddle” is not the right word for a video that’s just under seven minutes but it’s going to rupture yourself silly. Check out the awesome “Return to Annihilation”.

SOME STUFFS: Jumalhämärä coming into “Songless Shores” with new release

 photo Jumalhaumlmaumlrauml_cover_zps05ab1869.jpg
Finland’s Jumalhämärä released an album last year called Resitaali but that hasn’t slowed them from coming up with a new project, this one called Songless Shores, with its focus being the 18-minute title track. You can click an MP3 excerpt of the piece by clicking here. The CD for Songless Shores will be packaged as a digipak and will be released on April 18th.

SOME STUFFS: “I Shall Die Here” say Portland duo The Body with forthcoming album

 photo TheBody_cover_zpsd7b3409f.jpg
Lee Buford and Chip King call themselves The Body because they felt it was right to do so, and it is. With some nice feedback for their previous album Christs, Redeemers they are ready to hit people over the head again with a brand new one called I Shall Die Here (RVNG), which apparently will be “wholly experimental”. For a hint of how out there they get, check out “Hail To Thee, Everlasting Pain” below.

On top of that, you have to love a band whose album cover photo was taken from The Last Whole Earth Catalog.
 photo TheLastWholeEarth_cover_zpse4310abc.jpg

Although Warner Bros. Records had the idea first when they used the catalog to create The Whole Burbank Catalog double LP in 1972 as part of their Loss Leaders series of compilations.
 photo 69df4efc-4dff-4b63-abd5-165cc10d18ce_zps7039a1ee.jpg

The 6-song I Shall Die Here will be released on April Fool’s Day in the U.S., and a day before in the UK. Pre-orders for the LP or CD version can be purchased directly from RVNG, or from Bandcamp below, where you’ll be able to pre-order it digitally.

SOME STUFFS: Hazarder, Hesperian Death Horse, release split EP honoring the legacy of Nikola Tesla

 photo Hazarder_cover_zpsa45cf2b3.jpg
Nikola Tesla died 71 years ago on January 7, 1943. Two metal bands from Serbia have decided to unite and record two songs in honor of his contributions to the world. Titled Electric Wizard, each band share a “digital side” of the EP, with Hazarder going for close to six minutes while Hesperian Death Horse take things for close to nine.

The EP was released by Serbian label PMK Records

SOME STUFFS: Ephel Duath share another track from forthcoming album

 photo EphelDuath_old_zpsedb3ba7e.jpg
Hemmed by Light, Shaped by Darkness (Agonia) is the Ephel Duath album that is ready to be heard by all with November 19th (November 29th in North America) still set as its release date. You may now listen to a track premiered this week at MetalSucks.net, have a listen to “When Mind Escapes Flesh”.

The vinyl pressing will be available in both

  • white with black splatter (350 copies) and gold (77 copies). Gold vinyl pressings will be hand-numbered. Both pressings will come in gatefold covers and printed inner jackets. You may pre-order both through the links above.

  • RECORD CRACK: Ephel Duath set to release me(n)tal expanding album

    Last month I had posted a small bit of information about this project and less than three weeks later, there’s much more to report. Agonia Records are set to release Hemmed By Light, Shaped By Darkness, the latest effort from Ephel Duath, described as being “a multi-layered hybrid of death metal, jazz and post rock”. Scheduled for release on November 19th in Europe and November 26th in North America, this release brings together Karyn Crisis, Marco Minnemann, Bryan Beller, and Davide Tiso in a way that will make their fans insane. More insanity. Cannibal Corpse producer and Hate Eternal vocalist Erik Rutan joins them for two of the eight tracks, “Within This Soil” and “Feathers Under My Skin”, the latter of which you may preview in full below.

    Here is the full track listing:
    1. Feathers Under My Skin
    2. Tracing The Path Of Blood
    3. When Mind Escapes Flesh
    4. Within This Soil
    5. Those Gates To Nothing
    6. Through Flames I Shield
    7. Hemmed By Light
    8. Shaped by Darkness

    Outside of his vocal contributions, Rutan also produced the entire album in St. Petersburg, Florida at Mana Recording Studios, with mastering done at West West Side Studios in NYC by Alan Douches.

    The vinyl pressing will be available in two different color variations:

  • white with black splatter (350 copies)
  • gold (77 copies)
     photo EphelDuath_vinylMAIN_zps7d8c3066.jpg
    The gold vinyl pressings will be hand-numbered. Both pressings will come in gatefold covers and printed inner jackets. You may pre-order both through the links above.

  • VIDEO: The Dillinger Escape Plan live at Hellfest (July 25, 2004)

    The Dillinger Escape Plan (Hellfest 2004) from hate5six on Vimeo.

    According to the band, the plan was for their performance at Hellfest in 2004 to be released on DVD. That didn’t happen. Now, that video has made itself known online. This show was done on the weekend following the release of their 2004 album Miss Machine (Relapse).

    SOME STUFFS: Ephel Duath to release first album in five years

     photo EphelDuath_cover_zps72b7884f.jpg
    Italy’s Ephel Duath enjoy getting experimental with their heavy metal and have done so for years. The group will be releasing their first album in five years called Hemmed By Light, Shaped By Darkness (Agonia), the cover of which reveals a lot to where the small graphic above doesn’t do it justice. It’s multi-dimensional, it’s hard to say where one room begins and one ends, and the significance of the man in the middle who appears to not have genitals. Europe will get the album first on November 19th, while North America audiences can have it on November 26th. The video trailer for the album features artwork from Dehn Sora and Aeron Alfrey, who designed the cover art. Consider this a nice video press kit of sorts, but it also allows you to have a preview of the music, the most important thing, which was produced by Erik Rutan and mastered by Alan Douches.

    RECORD CRACK: Loss Of Self EP to get vinyl pressing

     photo LossOfSelf_cover_zps5af4792f.jpg
    “The hell you fear is the hell that’s in your mind.” That might be a good way of describing the artwork for Loss Of Self’s EP, Twelve Minutes (The Flenser). The band’s 3-song demo released last year will be remastered as bonus tracks for the release, which will feature six new songs from the group who embrace the black metal and post rock genres and tear it up senselessly.

    The album was mastered by James Plotkin, known for his audio expertise with such bands as Isis, Nadja, and Sunn 0))), so Twelve Minutes should be a great listen. The band, who also had a hand in the cover artwork, have posted two tracks from the album, which you may stream and listen to below.

    The compact disc version can be pre-ordered now, but vinyl pre-orders will be established soon through TheFlenser.com.

    RECORD CRACK: Year Of No Light’s “Vampyr” released as 2-record set

     photo YearOfNoLight_cover_zps40ec06ad.jpg
    Here’s an interesting project for metal fans. Year Of No Light composed this piece specifically to be performed while Carl Dreyer’s silent film from 1932, Vampyr, was to be their backdrop. They did this at the Roadburn Festival two years ago and the project worked. They decided to head into the studio in 2012 to record the piece, and now it can be purchased on vinyl. Vampyr (Music Fear Satan) consists of one solid 72 minute songs, but divided as individual songs for the vinyl pressing so the listener can tell where they are in the program. It still has the heaviness that the band are known for, but also features experimental and drone elements, perhaps a sign that they may use that again in future projects. You can listen to the album in full below via Bandcamp.

    The double LP also comes packaged with the compact disc so if you wish to zone out and immerse yourself in Vampyr non-stop, you can do so. 1000 copies of the record have been pressed, with 700 on black vinyl, 150 on whtie vinyl, 150 on grey splatter, but the grey splattered pressings are now sold out. The album was released on May 7th, and you can now order the black pressing here or the white pressing there. The Music Fear Satan label is based in Paris, France, so postage will be adjusted accordingly to your country.

     photo YearOfNoLight_vinyl_zpsdf9ea169.jpg