FREE DL: Indian Jewelry’s “Vast Division”

Houston’s Indian Jewelry will be releasing an album in early September called Doing Easy (Studded Left) and they want to do you a bit easy right now by offering you a song from it to check out. It’s called “Vast Division”, which you are able to download for free, while supplies last. The vinyl pressing of the album will be released by Reverberation Appreciation Society in November.

Before that, they have a show home in Houston in August before they begin a two week European tour:

August 28… Houston, TX (Walters)
September 10… Copenhagen, Denmark (Huset-KBH)
September 11… Hamburg, Germany (Hamburg Psych Fest)
September 13… Berlin, Germany (Urban Spree)
September 14… Tilburg, Netherlands (Incubate)
September 15… Brussels, Belgium (Home Plugged)
September 16… Paris, France (La Machine du Moulin Rouge)
September 19… Angers, France (Chabada)
September 20… Clermont-Ferrand, France (Le Baraka)
September 21… Lausanne, Switzerland (Le Romandie Rock Club)
September 22… Basel, Switzerland (Kaschemme Klub)
September 23… Lyon, France (Le Sonic)
September 25… Liverpool, UK (Blade Factory at Camp & Furnace)
September 25… London, UK (The Shacklewell Arms)

SOME STUFFS: Slim Wray get thick with new EP

Slim Wray photo SlimWray_old_zps14psqxe1.jpg
You might not think of a band from New York to make surf music but when you go by the name of Slim Wray, it shows an influence. Slim Wray is not a man but a band and not only do they surf it up, but they bring some garage rock elements to their music too, which you’ll hear more of on their forthcoming EP due out on July 14th called Post No Bills. The group spent time in a Brooklyn recording studio to put together the release

SOME STUFFS: Dylan Fox And The Wave to release an album next week

Dylan Fox & The Wave photo DylanFoxWave_old_zps91cnk5yn.jpg
Heard of Dylan Fox And The Wave yet? Then you have hit the right place at the right time, for the group will be releasing an album on June 16th (next week Tuesday) Chasing Shadows so if you became familiar with these garage rockers with their EP’s, you have to wait anxiously for the new work. I am here to give you one song as a preview, a tune called “You Never Say Anything Nice” that doesn’t sound nice. Well okay, it is gritty and pretty in its own way but the ugly thing is all in the mind. The nice balance of rock and pop works quite nicely, check it out.

AUDIO: The Wave Pictures’ “Pea Green Coat”

The Wave Pictures photo TheWaveP_old_zps6c6d221d_1.jpg
You may not be familiar with the name The Wave Pictures but if you know who Billy Childish is, then you’ll want to know. The Wave Pictures now have their first American release through Team Love Records, an album that was written and produced by the (or Thee) one and only Childish, who is always ready to give you the rich and rugged rock’n’roll he knows and loves. Straight out of the garage and into your ear goggles will be an album due out on the 17th of March called Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon, and here is the first single, “Pea Green Coat”.

FREE MP3 DL: Sun Voyager’s “God Is Dead”

 photo SunVoyager_old_zps68c3d506.jpg
“God Is Dead”, so says New York garage/psych-rock band Sun Voyager, which is why they wrote, recorded, and released the song, which you may hear now. The song is part of their split EP they did with Greasy Hearts, titled Grease Voyage, and you may listen to “God is Dead” from Sun Voyager’s half. The full EP is available on cassette and in digital form from King Pizza Records.

VIDEO: Tom Dyer/Northwest Ono Band’s “No Lou This Xmas”

Another Christmas video on my website, I don’t know what it’s going on but if the music is good, I’m more than willing to share wthem with you. This one comes from here in the Pacific Northwest, specifically up the highway to Seattle with Tom Dyer and the “Northwest Ono Band”. While this does not feature the Mountlake Terrace Community Choir, it does feature a crisp rock attitude you can enjoy so check out “No Lou This Xmas” and find out who/what Lou refers to. Then again, I’m not going to cut to the chase: a kid inside the video is rewarded with “the gift” of hearing Lou Reed’s Transformer album, and hopefully that will give you the reason why the song is called this. Now enjoy. The song can be found on Dyer’s album Xmas​-​30 Years In The Making (Green Monkey).

REVIEW: Crayon’s “Brick Factory” (vinyl reissue)

 photo Crayon_cover_zpsc6625b73.jpg If there’s one thing that Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam did for the Pacific Northwest, it showed that it was a great place to find lots of great. The band thing is that the hype of grunge made countless fans assume that all bands sounded the same and had the exact influences. Not every band was super-polished or had the publicity teams to make them a powerful force. Take for example, a group from Bellingham, Washington named Crayon. They released a small handful of 7″ singles and EP’s before they came up with their debut album in 1994. The spirit of Brick Factory (HHBTM) sounded like a group that were willing to show how new they were, even though they existed for four years. They weren’t too polished or sharp, nor did they want to be. They wanted to twist their style of pop music with a lot of garage rock and noise, as if they wanted to join Sonic Youth, King Missile (Dog Fly Religion), Coffin Break, or Hazel and have a huge party. It was loose punk rock with a poppy edge, and their album sounded like something you’d pop into your cassette deck and just get drunk.

That album is now 20 years old and the spirit lives on with its reissue, which has come out on vinyl for the first time. You might assume that having fourteen songs on an album is too much and would lower the sound quality, but the original album was under 40 minutes, which means the sound quality is excellent. Some may feel indie music from the early 90’s have been lost in time but as far as the fans are still out there and show how much this music moved them, a reissue like the one for Brick Factory will continue being reissued. If you get the digital version of this album, you’ll get seven more songs that are from their earlier singles. Brick Factory may not make you feel as long as you were 20 years ago, but it is sure to remember why these songs trilled you in the first place.

(You may pre-order the LP directly from HHBTM Records.)

AUDIO: Thee Gold Blooms’ “Katie-Sue”

 photo TheeGoldBlooms_old_zps5d2c8f1c.jpg
They look like a band that could easily fit in with any musical era of the last 25 years but Perth’s Thee Gold Blooms are heavily influenced by the music of the 1960’s. Even the title of their song, “Katie-Sun”, may sound innocent and fancy free but the music has a bit of grit and bulk, so it’s not just bubble gum chewing and sparkles, they want to have fun with what they do and they’re very much doing it. They’re polishing up what will become their debut album, due out in January. As for “Katie-Sun”, it will be released on December 5th.

REVIEW: Green Pajamas’ “Happy Halloween!”

 photo GreenPajamasHH_cover_zps4ba2ee2f.jpg Halloween 2014 is behind us now but this album by the Green Pajamas was released before October 31st and in truth, it’s music that is non-seasonal, which is good. The music on Happy Halloween! (Green Monkey) was recorded in 1984 but remained unreleased until thirty years later. Why it was held back is unknown but this is an album that should’ve came out way back then. If you are someone who has been a fan of this Seattle band over the years, you will find this to be great, as if a holy grail of sorts has been unleashed and you’ve been patiently waiting for something (anything) unreleased until now. A group like that, at least for me, were always on the verge of becoming something huge but because of the fact that Seattle was not the “hip place” it would become seven years later, a lot of great artists were held back from superstardom. For those who have called Green Pajamas personal favorites, songs like “In The SKy”, “I’ll Want To Run For You” and “Johnna Johnna” will become the classics it deserves to be.