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VIDEO: Gravys Drop’s “I Get Down”

The song has a slight surf rock feel, and I’m not sure if it’s because that’s what I’m hearing or if it’s because the video is skateboard related. I’m sure with Gravys Drop, it’s a mixture of both and perhaps a few other ingredients that they want to add into their pot. “I Get Down” is from their Gumball album on Burger Records, which you may order on cassette, MP3 or FLAC by clicking here. The cassette can also be ordered from Amazon below.

REVIEW: Hunters’ self-titled album

 photo Hunters_cover_zpse31dd933.jpg One of the things that Hunters has going for them is the alternating male/family vocals, in that some songs will have heading it, other times Isabel Almeida will take it on. When they sing together or alternate within the same song, it creates a nice balance, a bit of teamwork between the group and that unity is celebrated throughout their 10-track self-titled album. What also works is how hook-ridden their songs are, whether it is contained within something hard and aggressive or something with nice pop touches. I hope they’ll continue with what they’re doing, but I also hope they’re not afraid to tinker with the formula in the future, just to throw people off every now and then, as Hunters come off like the kind of band who would do this without a problem.

VIDEO: Childbirth’s “I Only Fucked You As A Joke”

Considering how grungy (apologies) these ladies sound, it could only come from Seattle. Well okay, maybe not just Seattle but it’s the city that Childbirth calls home, and they’ve released a video from their forthcoming album due out in January called It’s A Girl! (Help Yourself). Maybe you’ve heard the phrase after breaking up with someone, but now those nightmares will become a rocking smash song. Watch and listen to “I Only Fucked You As A Joke”.

BTW: if anyone in Childbirth looks familiar, you know your Seattle bands. Bree McKenna is with Tacocat, Stacy Peck is from Pony Time, and Julia Shapiro is also a member of Chastity Belt.

VIDEO: Bitches’ “No Brain”

Bitches are a duo from London who released their self-titled debut album today, not only a way to say there’s a new album by the group, but that they released it on their own from their own pockets These guys drive up their rock with hints of punk, garage, and gnats, and you can hear it in their funny video for the song “No Brain”, which shows that they are using their noggins to create this. Stream the album below via Bandcamp, then consider checking it out.

VIDEO: The Shivas’ “Baby I Need You”

You could giggle and say Whiteout! at the end and have it be some silly tribute to Liquid Paper, but someone might mistake it as a tribute to The Shivas’ current album, Whiteout! (K). This is where you’ll be able to find “Baby I Need You”, which was turned into a video by The Shivas themselves. It sounds like a song you could shag too, so shag with a loved one and let the ocean touch your feet gently.

SOME STUFFS: Sonny & The Sunsets ride into the sun with Thao & The Get Down Stay Down

Sonny & The Sunsets photo SonnySunsets_old_zpsd536e965.jpg
Good news. Sonny & The Sunsets will be doing a handful of shows early next year with Thao Nguyen and her band, The Get Down Stay Down, and dates have been announced, all on the west coast:

January 10, 2014… Seattle, WA (Neptune)
January 11, 2014… Portland, OR (Wonder Ballroom)
February 14, 2014… San Francisco, CA (The Filmore)
February 15, 2014… Los Angeles, CA (El Rey)

Sonny Smith of Sonny & The Sunsets is also ready to release a compilation highlighting the new/current wave of west coast garage rock, and it’s called I Need You Bad, to be released on Polyvinyl. It will feature he and his band, and their contribution, “Those Drawings I Told You About”. The vinyl pressing comes in green, and you may order you copy directly from Polyvinyl. Cassette lovers will be able to order the tape from Burger Records when available. The album will be released on November 15th.

VIDEO: Best Coast’s “I Don’t Know How”

Skateboarding above and beyond the lip of the pool is something every kid has wanted to achieve since Tony Alva did it in the mid-1970′s and now you can see a bunch of skaters simply ride for the hell of it in “I Don’t Know How” by indie rock/pop duo Best Coast. The video was shot by Patrick O’Dell in Sun Valley, California and was made to promote their EP Fade Away (Jewel City/Kobalt Label Services).

VIDEO: Far-Out Fangtooth’s “Beyond Your Bones”

Director Rob Orlowski did this for Far-Out Fangtooth because the band were about to release an album. That album, Borrowed Time (Siltbreeze), was released yesterday and now you can watch another visual display at hand with “Beyond Your Bones”.


VIDEO: Diane Coffee’s “Green”

Diane Coffee “Green” from Western Vinyl on Vimeo.

Shaun Fleming has put on his Diana Coffee motif for a new video directed by Austin Kearns called “Green”, which as Kermit The Green once told us, it’s not easy being that.

Not easy is stepping on stage to perform in front of an audience of unknown people, but it’s what Coffee did last night to celebrate the release of his album My Friend Fish (Western Vinyl). He has more shows beginning next month, which begins this weekend so head out and check out a Coffee show:

November 2… Austin, TX (Red 7) *
November 5… Phoenix, AZ (The Rhythm Room) *
November 7… Los Angeles, CA (The Echo) *
November 8… Santa Ana, CA (The Constellation Room) *
November 13… San Francisco, CA (The Chapel) *
November 15… Seattle, WA (Barboza) *
November 16… Portland, OR (Bunk Bar) *
November 19… Denver, CO (Hi-Dive) *
November 21… Kansas City, MO (The Record Bar) *
November 22… Carbondale, IL (Hangar 9) *
November 23… Louisville, KY (The Zanzabar) *

* = w/ Those Darlins

RECORD CRACK: Girl Trouble’s “Hit It Or Quit It” 25th anniversary reissue is ready

The term “hit it and quit it” may make people refer immediately to James Brown. If you say “hit it and quite it”, you may refer to George Clinton and Funkadelic. However, if you are from the Pacific Northwest, love indie beers and do things a bit differently, then you may be a fan of the Tacoma, Washington band Girl Trouble. The band released the album Hit It Or Quit It 25 years ago and now the good people at K Records will be reissuing it on vinyl in honor of its anniversary. The album was originally a split release between K and Sub Pop, but now K is getting all of the glory with this one. It was beautifully recorded at Velvetone Records in Ellensburg, Washington, showing there’s much more to the town of Ellensburg than the Screaming Trees and the old Blue Grouse diner.

The LP, along with its digital and CD counterparts, will be released on December 3rd. You may pre-order the vinyl and CD below.

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