FREE MP3 DL: Young Planet featuring Koncept & J57’s “Climb to Power (Remix)”

If you didn’t pick up the new EP by Young Planet, you may not have heard Ciddia and Eibol’s new EP as Young Planed called Snow Ocean. The EP is free and if you did get it, you’ll want to hear this, as it’s a remix of “Climb To Power” which features Koncept and J57, a bit of Brown Bag All-Stars representation. Download this one because it’s free too, while supplies last.

FREE MP3 DL: Glass Animals’ “Gooey (Koncept Remix)

The man on the cover is doing a a shaka, and a good reason because this song is shaka-riffic. Well, the remix is shaka-riffic. Well, both song and rem… you know what I’m talking about or if not, I’ll get to it. Koncept did a remix of “Gooey”, the latest track by Glass Animals. Get to this, it’s for free while supplies last.

VIDEO: Koncept’s “Getting Off The Ground”

While one of the lyrics Koncept says in “Getting Off The Ground” is “hold up”, you’re not going to hold up towards wanting to watch this. The weather may be cold as of late but it seems this was shot during warmer times so kick back and think of warm days of the past or impatiently wait for the warm days to come in about three to four months time.

VIDEO: DJ Rhettmatic featuring J57 & Koncept’s “Louis Vuitton Wallets”

Rhettmatic rarely takes time for a break and when he does, you’re not there to see him, you must allow him to chill like EPMD. He was able to get J57 and Koncept to come up with a concept for a song and they formalized “Louis Vuitton Wallets” quite nicely, as posted here in audio form a little over two weeks ago. Could this become the next fashion statement or should this be a statement of how to live? Up to you, dudettes. The video was shot by John Coyne.

AUDIO: DJ Rhettmatic featuring J57 & Koncept’s “Louis Vuitton Wallets”

The superfresh Rhettmatic has produced a new track, and this one features J57 and Koncept, which may make you think you heard this on a comp from 2001 or 2003, it’s that good. “Louis Vuitton Wallets” is what you’ll be looking for in your pockets, so pull one out if you have them and make something rain. J57 and Koncept will be releasing an EP and album very soon, and while the song is not part of either project, it’s a way to let you know what you can be expecting in the months to come.

FREE MP3 DL: Coarse Company featuring J57 & Natalie Andrea’s “City Hurts”

 photo CoarseCompany_cover_zps02a0c127.jpg
Tenacity and Koncept are working together under the moniker Coarse Company, and together they bring to you “City Hurts”, a song that also features J57 and Natalie Andrea. If the thought of these four is making your brain warp, wait until you hear it.

VIDEO: Koncept’s “40 oz Spliffs (J57 Remix)”

What is fresher than fresh? I would have to make a suggestion: the J57 remix of Koncept’s “40 oz. Spliffs”. Roll this one up and pass it around, for this is going to make you want to take and toke and keep it in your skull. The song is from J57’s remix EP of various tracks from the Koncept release, so if you haven’t heard the original or the remixes, take those coins out of your International Coffee can with the leftover weed, and spend some kala on it.

FREE DL: DJ Caesar featuring Koncept, J57 & Mike Maven’s “Mathematics Freestyle”

 photo DJCaesar_cover_zpsad998afb.jpg
Reliving the 90s is perhaps some of us would like/love to do, and maybe it is something hip-hop music drastically needs to do. DJ Caesar knows the deal, and thus he will be doing that big of reliving on his forthcoming street album, and this is a slice of what’s on there, a track bringing in Koncept, J57, and from Young Pandas, Mike Maven. It is a mere “Mathematics Freestyle” but a quality freestyle is anything but mere.