SOME STUFFS: Mike Wexler fans eat up his second album

Mike Wexler‘s second album is his first for the Mexican Summer label, and it’s called Disposession. He’s an artist who can create some Mudhoney or Green River-style garage/grunge one day, and then turn around and make music that sounds like a modern day “Careful With That Axe, Eugene”. Is Wexler the new T. Rex? Whatever way you choose to compare him, you’ll find him being a modern day Mike Wexler, and I can see that happening. Heavy and rugged at the right time, trippy and far-out another time, he’s definitely moving the singer/songwriter tag his way as a mean to reflect it on others.

“Pariah” is the opening track for the album, and you can listen to it below. Dispossession is available on vinyl, CD, and MP3, and you can order them directly from Mexican Summer or through the Amazon links below. The vinyl pressing will be released on March 27th.