SOME STUFFS: Typesetter heading to this year’s SXSW during tour

 photo Typesetter_old_zps6366487e.jpg
Wild’s End(Black Numbers) is an album Typesetter released on October 14th of last year and next month, they’re heading on a U.S. tour that will take them to this year’s SXSW in Austin, Texas. Here are the dates for the Chicago band, who will return to Illnois at the end of the journey by making a stop in Rock Island:
March 13… Champaign, IL (Thee Death House)
March 14… St. Louis, MO (The Demo)
March 15… Oklahoma City, OK (The Blue Note)
March 16… Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (1919 Hemphill)
March 17… Austin, TX (SXSW @ Rattle Inn)
March 18… Austin, TX (SXSW – Ground Floor Booking Showcase @ TBA)
March 19… Austin, TX (SXSW, TBA)
March 20… Austin, TX (The Music Ranch)
March 21… Little Rock, AR (Vino’s)
March 22… Bloomington, IN (TBA)
March 23… Milwaukee, WI (The Cocoon Room)
March 24… Madison, WI (The Frequency)
March 25… Rock Island, IL (Rozz Tox)

RECORD CRACK: New Melvins split 12″ to be released tomorrow

Melvins photo Melvins0215_cover_zps5cf2c6c8.jpg
Amphetamine Reptile’s Sugar Daddy Splits Series continues with installment #13 and this time, Melvins are teamed up with Karp. The Karp folks will deliver “Rowdy” and “Bacon Industry” while our friends in Melvins deliver a live version of “Boris”. The record itself will look something like this.
Melvins photo Melvins0215_record_zps27950c6c.jpg

They will be made available tomorrow, February 9th at 2pm pacific/5pm Eastern, 10pm UK. Adjust your alarms accordingly, and head to at the right time. As with most Melvins-related records in limited series, once this is gone, you have to deal with the eBay mafia fiends. If I could afford them all, I would but sometimes being a Melvins fan doesn’t mean having everything. As for you, get them.

FREE DL: “No Children” compilation from Deathbomb Arc

The good people of Deathbomb Arc have released a new compilation featuring the artists they’re currently working with, people they’re friends with, people they were in previous incarnations and technically still are but… if you know of Deathbomb Arc, you know about their power so here’s another comp to absorb. No Children features music from I.E., the awesome True Natural Crew, tik///tik, clipping., and six more. Margot Padilla (b/k/a I.E.) did the artwork for this one. On top of the music, this effort is free of charge so snag it.

VIDEO: Ho99o9’s “Casey Jones/Cum Rag”

The guys in Ho99o9 have a nice two-for-one deal where they offer not only a song called “Casey Jones”, but they also want to throw out a “Cum Rag” to you. This one brings together elements of industrial, punk, and hip-hop in a way that will make some go “what the fuck is this?” and others say ‘this is the best thing I may hear all year”.

RECORD CRACK: Miles Away’s “Weathered” 7″ to be released next month

Miles Away photo MilesAway_old_zps7fa6ca4b.jpg
If you’ve been wondering about the whereabouts of Perth band Miles Away, they were in hiding. Well not really, they decided to take a break from their musical duties and not have any duties that had to do with creating music but next month, they mark their return with a release of a new single titled Weathered. 1000 copies of this record will be made, with 700 on standard black vinyl, 300 on clear vinyl and once they’re out, that’s it unless they decide to do a second pressing. You can have a preview of its A-side called “Let The Words Roll By” by pressing the Bandcamp player below. The record can be pre-ordered from their Big Cartel online store. On top of that, a new album from Miles Away will be ready before the end of the year.

RECORD CRACK: Suburbia to release a 4 record 7″ box set

 photo Suburbia_cover_zpse3567eaf.jpg
The Brooklyn-based collective Suburbia will be releasing a limited edition 7″ box set featuring four records, combining a total of seven different bands offering some very nice rock, punk, and hardcore. The box will feature new and exclusive songs from Earworms, Half Hearted Hero, By Surprise, Broadcaster, Luther, Timeshares, and The Saddest Landscape, while Pet Symmetry are contributing alternative versions of songs they’ve released before. 100 copies will be pressed on clear vinyl and will be packaged in a screen-printed box featuring live shots of the bands playing at the Suburbia house. The box will also contain a sticker and a koozie for you to drink a beverage of choice while listening. Each record in the box. which will team up two bands, will also be sold individually on standard black vinyl, only 200 copies of that pressing will be made.

The goal of Suburbia, which started two years ago, is to create a performance space to help out touring bands, be it local, regional, or incoming groups. It’s a way for the groups to strengthen their communities and also to network in a way that other venues and clues may not offer or have offered before. If you’d like to find out more about Suburbia, you may check this article from September 2014. To pre-order the 4×7″ box set, you may click here.

SOME STUFFS: Gangreened release new 3-song EP

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British doom metal band Gangreened have come out with a new doom metal EP that brings forth their deep love of sludge, punk. and metal to come up with something that will keep your head in the speakers. The release is called We Are Nothing (Swap Meet/Riot Season) where the opening track is a mammoth 12 minute song before getting into something 8 1/2 minutes in length as it ends with a crispy four minute song. The EP can also be purchased on cassette but before you purchase it in whatever format, you may stream it in full for free.

VIDEO: Columns’ “Punching Nancy Grace”

Ever felt like “Punching Nancy Grace” through your television? If you’ve ever felt like trying it but knew it would be impossible, you can at least do it in musical form, courtesy of Columns. The song is from their Relapse album (and their debut) Please Explode, which you may also feel like doing but you also know that’s close to impossible. Don’t make an attempt to try.

REVIEW: Trust Fund/Joanne Gruesome’s split 12″ EP

 photo TFJG_cover_zps955e5ddd.jpg If you know of Joanne Gruesome, you’ll be glad to know that they have three new songs for your listening pleasure. If you don’t know who Trust Fund are, get to know them on this brand new split 12″ EP.

Joanna Gruesome’s music may be called an in between release if you wish to call it that, but I simply consider it new music that they felt like releasing. I enjoy the dual vocals between Alanna Gruesome (McArdle) and Owen Gruesome (Williams). as it sounds good and is perfect for one another, you can place your emphasis on whomever depending on your mood. While all three songs are quite good, the one that jumped on me the most was “Coffee Implosion”, I love how it builds up but never to the point of an actual implosion, almost as if they’re saying we can take you there but not on record. Not yet.

Trust Fund also have three songs to discover. They are a spirited band. also from the UK, signed to Reeks Of Effort records and come off a bit like a cross between Weezer and The Go-Go’s, both retaining a pop passion but also not being afraid to rock out with bravery and soul. “Scared” is the second of three sides on their song and that’s the winner for me, although “No Pressure” is the most poppy of the three, light and sensitive but also crisp and strong.

It’s a nice set of indie pop music from two bands who are doing it with class, and I’m glad HHBTM Records put them back to back for this EP.

RECORD CRACK: Early Melvins records to get special reissues

 photo Melvins_covers_zpscc60b0ae.jpg
If you’ve been a Melvins fan as I have, you most likely already have the original pressings of what will be reissued. The exception is that you’re not going to have these specific pressings, which will be unique in this configuration.

The records that will be released are their second album Ozma, their third album Bullhead, their fourth album Lysol, along with the EP that came before Bullhead, the awesome Eggnog:

  • Ozma was the album that followed up their awesome debut, Gluey Porch Treatments. By then, bassist Matt Lukin left the band and headed up to Seattle to join a few members of the now-defunct Green River in order to start Mudhoney. By then, Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover moved from Washington State to San Francisco, where Buzz met with bassist Lori Black. It was through this move that Buzz met up with Tom Flynn of Boner Records, and they ended up working together for a good four years. In fact, it is Boner Records who is handling the new reissues.

  • Eggnog was an EP that lead towards their third album, with three bite-sized songs on Side A and one bun-length song on the B-Side, which was incredibly slow. Despite its Christmas-themed cover, it was not a holiday record but its music was very much a treat.

  • I originally felt Bullhead was a weird album when it was originally released in 1991, not sure if it was because the arrangements of the songs sounded different, they began to be more open with their musicianship, or that the speed of the drums sounded different from their first batch of records. Perhaps it was the beginning of Melvins becoming more open with themselves, and it had taken me awhile before I got into enjoying this fully. I always loved “It’s Shoved” but by the time I finally got into the album as a whole, I realized everything I needed to hear was already there. I just needed to catch up.

  • When Lysol was released, I oddly enjoyed the music, and I say “oddly” for a few reasons. Originally, there was no track listing on the cover so I assumed that it was just one gigantic song divided over two songs. I hadn’t been familiar with Alice Cooper’s “The Ballad Of Dwight Fry” so I wasn’t aware it was covered on the album, nor did I know the album had six songs in total, so I loved it as some Yes-like mammoth feat. When I learned there were six songs, I had to re-listen to it all over again. Loved it more. It only seems slightly odd looking back because this was released in 1992, a few months after Nirvana blew up with Nevermind. No one knew at the time about Melvins getting picked up by Atlantic, so it seems unusual and perhaps now appropriate that they’d depart from an independent label with a set of music that sounded like it did here. Again, did one giant song really mark their entry onto a major label? The album also marked the debut of their new bassist, Joe Preston, whom I had known of as being a member of Earth. While his existence with the band was brief, he was more than welcomed. (You can see and hear more of him on their home video Salad Of A Thousand Delights.

    The new reissues from Boner are being released as two sets of two-record sets. This means Ozma and Bullhead will be released as one set, while Eggnog and Lysol, now called Lice-All due to the lawsuit, will be together as one. It may have come off odd to join these albums together opposed to Ozma with Eggnog or Bullhead and Lice-All but in many ways they’re fitting too, so that’s what fans will deal with. The new double records will be packaged with gatefold sleeves, featuring old photos of the band along with the original cover artwork. These sets will be out in the new year on January 20th. You may pre-order them below via Amazon.