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SOME STUFFS: Gaytheist to go on brief west coast tour with Drunk Dad

All it will take is four shows for Gaytheist to start and finish their West Coast tour, but it will be four dates that will clobber ya in a loud and punk rock way. The tour begins in Seattle next week before it makes its way for two shows in California, with a Portland show within the arrangement. See them and Drunk Dad beat you up with sound, they will be joined by Kowloon Walled City, Nasalrod, and Hornss on this journey.

February 20… Seattle, WA at Chop Suey) ʎ
February 21… Portland, OR at Information Warehouse) ʢ
February 22… Arcata, CA (Alibi)
February 23… San Francisco, CA (Helmlock) ʧ

ʎ w/ Wild Throne, The Great Goddamn
ʢ w/ Nasalrod, Raw Nerves
ʧ w/ Kowloon Walled City, Hornss

Gaytheist are also confirmed to be at the Treefort Festival in Boise, Idaho on March 21st, so welcome the first day of spring with some good music. For more information, head to TreefortMusicFest.com.

SOME STUFFS: Seattle trio Helms Alee to take “Sleepwalking Sailors” on the road

 photo HelmsAlee_old_zpscaf7c788.jpg
Helms Alee could very well be celebrating the Super Bowl win for the Seattle Seahawks, and they could easily be stuck in Pioneer Square as I write this. However, they are also ambitious about getting their new album out next week Tuesday. Sleepwalking Sailors (Sargent House) are a hybrid in many ways, from the components of the band to the different musical styles they incorporate on the new release (my review of which will be posted here very soon). A month from now they will be joining Russian Circles and KEN Mode to bring their music and new album to the people, beginning at home before making it to Chicago at the near end of winter.

March 4… Seattle, WA (Neumos) *
March 5… Portland, OR (Wonder Ballroom) *
March 7… San Francisco, CA (Great American Music Hall) *
March 9… San Diego, CA (The Casbah) *
March 10… Los Angeles, CA (El Rey Theatre) *
March 12… Phoenix, AZ (The Crescent Ballroom) *
March 13… Albuquerque, NM (Launchpad) *
March 14… Oklahoma City, OK (The Conservatory) *
March 15… Kansas City, MO (The Record Bar) *
March 16… Chicago, IL (Metro) *

* w/ Russian Circles, KEN Mode

Get yourself familiar with the Helms Alee sound by streaming “Tumescence” and “Pleasure Center” below, then prepare to head out to one (or all if you can afford it) of these shows and have a hell of a time.

RECORD CRACK: Congress and Green Lights split 7″ is released

In mid-December 2013 I shared with you news of a split 7″ between Congress and Green Lights that was going to be released on Save Your Generation Records. That record is officially out, and while the above link provided one-song hints from each band, you can stream the entire 7″ by heading to AbsolutePunk.net. The record itself can be ordered from Congress’ Bandcamp page while digital pre-orders may be ordered from Save Your Generation’s Bandcamp page.

AUDIO: OFF!’s “Void You Out”

It’s still a few months away before OFF! release Wasted Years (Vice) but you are now able to hear one of the tracks from the album. “Void You Out” is a song that will kick you in the ass in less than 75 seconds. It is not a guarantee but the hope is that you’ll be too damaged to care. Wasted Years will be released on the 8th of April.

REVIEW: The Flaming Lips’ “2nd Cassette Demo” (EP)

 photo FlamingLips2nd_cover_zps1936d50a.jpg The first time I became familiar with The Flaming Lips name was in the early days of Rip magazine, when the magazine wasn’t afraid to show an alternate side to music before they became an all hard rock/heavy metal publication. Even the album reviews made them out to be wild musically and very few people, including themselves, thought they would be around 30 years later. Here they are, Oklahoma’s finest, still making fine music and productions. 2nd Cassette Demo (Lovely Sorts of Death) is self-explanatory, as it dips into the Wayne Coyne archives and shows the very young band from the late summer of 1983. They sound like a lot of punk bands from the area, but you’re hearing an Oklahoma perspective of what these guys wanted to be and eventually became. The rugged rock sounds like something you might hear on albums by The Stooges, MC5, Dead Kennedys, D.O.A., or the Sex Pistols. It very much has that lively spirit of “we want to rock and get the hell out of here, let’s see what we can do”, and what’s also heard is how the group were playing with volume and distortion. They were not the noisy mavens they would become three years later, but it’s obvious what they wanted to do.

SOME STUFFS: Erectile Dementia show a different side of Kentucky with new demo release

 photo ErectileDementia_cover_zps404d895f.jpg The choice is yours: are you willing to know about a new demo tape by a band who call themselves Erectile Dementia? How could you not want to listen?

Recorded early last year, their 58 Song Demo features not three, not ten, not 18, but yes, 58 songs, all of them performed in 24 minutes. It features such deep and emotional tracks as “I Still Wanna Fuck Phoebe Cates”, “Stairway To Finland”, “Yoko Ono Never Die”, “Outraged Voices Of Inconvenienced Caucasians”, “Haunted By The Ghost Of Duk Koo Kim”, and the possibly-heartbreaking “Obnoxious Whore In An Obscure Band Shirt”. To get a preview of what this demo is about, you may sample one of the songs, “No Legacy To Leave”. You can purchase the demo directly from Backwoods Butcher Records in Kentucky.

Erectile Dementia have also done a split 7″ with C​.​S​.​M​.​D. and a compilation called “The Mongoloid Handjob” Tape.

RECORD CRACK: Split 7″ EP on its way from Casual and Crybaby

 photo CasualCrybaby_old_zps61dbfd41.jpg
New Jersey and Pennsylvania are united in song as Casual (the Jersey quartet) and Crybaby (representatives of Philadelphia) will be releasing a split 7″ record later this month, with the former offering “Poison Counter” and a cover of Crybaby’s “Ex-Quarterback Material” (a perfect song to play once the professional American football season is over), while the latter share “Casual” and a version of Casual’s “Whitey Tighty”.

 photo CasualCrybaby_PS_zpsb8b79613.jpg
The record is a part of the Wax Packs Series being released by Secret Audio Club. Each record in the series will be sold in a way not unlike baseball cards, and there will be ten different records in this series. For this release, it will be pressed in a number of ways. 730 copies will be in standard black vinyl, while 150 will be on violet, which would sound like the one to have for collectors. However, 82 (!!!) of them will be not only on black vinyl, but have “band exclusive sleeves”. 50 copies will be clear blue with a white swirl swooping through it, and this will be the one to score: 5 of them on “crazy splatter” vinyl. To listen to all four songs before you buy, click the Bandcamp player below. To hear more of Casual, click here. For more Crybaby, click there.

SOME STUFFS: OFF! do not waste time in recording new album, “Wasted Years”

 photo OFFWW_cover_zps614b33d1.jpg
OFF! are ready to share sixteen brand new songs to fans and the rest of the world with a brand new album they’re calling Wasted Years, which will be released in April. They recorded all of the songs themselves directly to 8-track on ½” tape at their practice shed, and what you’ll hear is what was recorded, no overdubbing, or punch-ins of any kind. The album art (shown above) was done once again by Raymond Pettibon. Track listings may not lure you into actually hearing something that doesn’t have an audio link, but it may whet your appetite for the music to come.
1. Void You Out
2. Red White And Black
3. Legion Of Evil
4. No Easy Escape
5. Over Our Heads
6. Hypnotized
7. It Didn’t Matter To Me
8. Exorcised
9. Death Trip On The Party Train
10. I Won’t Be A Casualty
11. All I Can Grab
12. Time’s Not On Your Side
13. Meet Your God
14. Mr. Useless
15. You Must Be Damned
16. Wasted Years

RECORD CRACK: Buho have two songs ready for a record slab

 photo Buho_cover_zpsb2880900.jpg
San Antonio’s Buho will be releasing a 7″ on February 4th through Crowquill Records, and the record is called Self-Titled. Not Buho, which would make it self-titled in itself, but the title is Self-Titled. Got it? Very good. The record will be strink wrapped, odd for a 7″ but that’s how they’re doing it. Only 250 copies will be pressed, each on “Coke bottle green” 140g vinyl, and will include a download card for those who wish to have the songs on a digital device. As you can see, the A-side is “Endless Blur” but the B-side is what you can hear below, called “Night Clinics”. The record can be ordered by clicking to Crowquill Records.

SOME STUFFS: Teen Agers to open 2014 with a U.S. tour

 photo TeenAgers_old_zps981aeadc.jpg
Florida’s Teen Agers will be kicking off the new year on a very bright note with a tour that starts January 2nd, beginning in Norfolk, Virginia. The tour will only go for ten days but if you’re into these guys, you’ll want to brave the temperatures and head out to see them in the flesh, along with some of their friends so show up early and have a blast with everyone involved.

January 2, 2014… Norfolk, VA (The Iguana) ☢
January 3, 2014… Baltimore, MD (Sidebar) €
January 4, 2014… Doylestown, PA (Siren Records) →
January 5, 2014… New Brunswick, NJ (Court Tavern) ☎
January 6, 2014… Trenton, NJ (Mill Hill Saloon) ❄
January 8, 2014… Philadelphia, PA (Golden Tea Room) ♫
January 9, 2014… Providence, RI (Dusk) ✂
January 10, 2014… Cambridge, MA (Plough) ▷
January 11, 2014… Brooklyn, NY (The Gutter) ✇
January 12, 2014… Alexandria, VA (The Lab) ♎ (CD release)

☢ = w/ Thomas McDonald & The Record Collection
€ = w/ Ex Friends, Ma Jolie, Toy Store Riot
→ = w/ Squid Subject A, Ma Jolie, Townhouses
☎ = w/ Timeshares, Great Explainer, City Limits
❄ = w/ Great Explainer
♫ = w/ Signals Midwest, Timeshares
✂ = w/ Neutrinos, She Said That
▷ = w/ And Stars with Jeff Rowe
✇ = w/ Young Leaves, Scarboro
♎ = w/ Ex Friends, Braceface

Teen Agers’ album I Hate It (Anchorless) is available on digital, LP, and compact disc.

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