VIDEO: Columns’ “Bear Molester”

When you name your album Please Explode (Relapse), I’m not sure if you should have a song titled “Bear Molester”, but that’s just me, and that’s exactly what Columns did. The group combines performance videos with found footage of unknown drug imagery, and perhaps that’s what is molesting the mind. You’ll have to find out for yourself. Please Explode was released almost two months ago.

AUDIO: Thumbscrews’ “Life Is Pure Joy” (EP)

For complete unadulterated hardcore punk that runs under six minutes, you’ll want to check out a new EP by Providence, Rhode Island’s Thumbscrews called Life Is Pure Joy. The EP is six songs in length, with the longest song just under two minutes, and it sounds like it was freshly recorded in their garage or basement, but comes off great. trange High House have released the EP on cassette, only 50 copies are being pressed. I hope these guys end up going into a proper studio to record a few things, and even if they’re limited to just three albums or two EP’s and five 7″ EP’s, I’ll be happy.

REVIEW: Mannequin Pussy’s “Gypsy Pervert”

 photo MannequinPussy_cover_zps1fd55319.jpg What I loved about Mannequin Pussy is that while the Gypsy Pervert album begins with a song that sounds like they’re about to beat the shit out of anyone and everyone who dare to confront them, they get into making some powerful pop punk, or at least you hear sweet vocals that are complimented with heavy playing, often done uptempo. They remind me of some of the many bands of the early 90’s fronted by women, be it Sick & Wrong, Maxi Badd, Killsybil, Bikini Kill or 7 Year Bitch. In Mannequin Pussy’s case, the songs aren’t overly political in the sense that they’re fighting for a social cause, but in terms of being social amongst humans, their songs take it to the utmost limit and still push it in your face without giving you a direct slap. “Clit Eastwood” have them getting into a nice 3/4 bluesy ballad, complete with cool guitar solo. The balance between making delicate and sweet songs vs. music that goes in-the-penultimate-kill-but-not-quite is what makes Mannequin Pussy so damn good.

SOME STUFFS: HO99O9 at Afrofest this afternoon

 photo HO99O9_old_zps668b3999.jpg
If you’re heading to the Afrofest today in Brooklyn at Commodore Barry Park, you will definitely want to spock the band who call themselves HO99O9. They released two new songs specifically for their appearance at the festival (they’ll be on the Black Stage at approximately 1:45pm), which happens to be part of a newly made fanzine called The Beginning Of The End. To take a look at it, and also check out the two new songs, head to To hear other songs, click to HO99O9‘s official Soundcloud page.

REVIEW: Black Pus/Oozing Wound split 12″

 photo BlackPusOW_cover_zps3e78ede1.jpeg Released before the beginning of summer, I’ve had time to listen to this new split effort between Black Pus and Oozing Wound, and I’m satisfied in saying I’m ready for a review.

The moment I hear new Black Pus music is coming out, I get excited. For this round of music, Brian Chippendale is playing around with making music that sounds more professional. In other words, the drums are not pushed completely forward nor are the vocals distorted. “Blood Will Run” sounds like something that would be perfect for a skateboard video or any random sporting event, where the music is meant to push the imagery and vice versa. We generally know of Chippendale putting on that masked persona and having him sweat it out as if there’s no tomorrow but in “Blood Will Run” he is calm and collected, and it sounds nice. If there’s more music from this persona to come, I’m all for it. But for the Black Pus we’ve come to know and love, he offers the 14-minute noise fest called “Total Eclipse” and like its own title, the music is meant to build and build until it covers you to where you’re unable to escape or call to be rescued. Well, at least for the song’s first 11 minutes, as the remainder has him getting loose and free form, uncertain of what he’s doing and why but we dwell in it because it’s Pus of a Black notion.

Oozing Wound are a four piece band who have released two EP’s and recently participated in Adult Swim’s online Singles series last week. While they may be loosed tagged as being metal, the three songs they supply here often go towards something sleazier, or if you want a more certain term, looser. There’s a punk attitude heard throughout, and not just because the word “punk” is in one of the song titles. One can hear the disturbed voltage of bands like Alice Donut, Superconductor, and Eyehategod and go “oh, I know waht these guys are trying to do.” Their own name is perfect for how they perform, and if they choose to continue releasing EP’s or split efforts, I’m all for it but I would welcome a full length album in the very near future.

(The 12″ and MP3 versions can be ordered directly from Thrill Jockey Records.)

SOME STUFFS: Holy Money want to offer up the “Egodeathsludge”

If you’re looking to hear something completely new in the punk department, you’ll want to try out this new demo from Houston. They go by the name of Holy Money, and someone said they sound like “a cross between Dystopia and Column Of Heaven.” The band consists of Hughes (drums/noise/vocals), Therani (Bass), and Hirth (guitar/vocals) and while a few of you may think it sounds rough, consider that this is just a demo. I like it as is, very rugged and full of demanded rage.

You may stream and listen or download the MP3’s or FLAC files from Bandcamp below using the “Name Your Price” option (which means if you like what you hear, please show some support). Or if you like what you hear after streaming and would like to purchase it on cassette, you can do so from their Bandcamp page or by clicking here.

VIDEO: Ultramantis Black’s “Biomonster DNA”

What are the physics and dynamics of the “Biomonster DNA”, and what can be learned about it? Is it a means to un-know it? Maybe Ultramantis Black knows the truth behind it, which is why they were able to turn its DNA into musical form. The song (all 72 seconds) is from their self-titled EP out now, which is also available on vinyl in which only 300 copies have been made.

SOME STUFFS: Dikembe’s new album ready for pre-order

 photo Dikembe_old_zps942563c6.jpg
If you didn’t know, Dikembe’s Mediumship album will be released next week Tuesday and there are a number of ways to pre-order a copy:

  • hard copy, within different package deals, can be had by clicking here.
  • digital can he had by checking Bandcamp below.

    You may hear the album in full right now by going to Right now, the group are on tour in support of the album, head out if you can. All shows will also feature Weatherbox:

    July 15… Asbury Park, NJ (Asbury Lanes)
    July 16… Philadelphia, PA (The Fire)
    July 17… Brooklyn, NY (St. Vitus)
    July 18… Albany, NY (The Ice House)
    July 19… Long Island, NY (The Woodshop)
    July 20… Boston, MA (Great Scott)
    July 22… Buffalo, NY (Waiting Room)
    July 23… Toronto, ON (The Cave at Lee’s Palace )
    July 24… Cleveland, OH (Mahall’s)
    July 26… Chicago, IL (Township)
    July 27… St. Louis, MO (The Demo)
    July 29… Lawrence, KS (Art Closet Studio)
    July 30… Denver, CO (Marquis Theater )
    July 31… Salt Lake City, UT (Shred Shed)
    August 2… San Francisco, CA (TBD)
    August 3… Pomona, CA (Growing Up Is Dumb Fest)
    August 5… San Diego, CA (Soda Bar)
    August 6… Murrieta, CA (The Dial)
    August 7… Mesa, AZ (51 West)

  • SOME STUFFS: Devil’s Dick offer a “Sexual Servitude To Satan” on cassette

    Psychotic metal/noise/whatever, eh? If you’re looking for something vulgar and unknown-yet-delightful at the same time, you’ll want to pick up a new three-song EP called Sexual Servitude To Satan by a band out of Montreal called Devil’s Dick. It could be black metal, it could be big hits of punk, it could be distorted, or it could be what you were (not) looking for. With songs like “Sexual Sinner”, “Devil’s Dick”, and “Sucking Satan’s Cock”, you’re not going to get a chance to hear this on the radio. Only 40 copies of this tape have been made. To find out if you’re able to obtain one, send an e-mail to productionshaineuses [at] gmail [dot] com.