VIDEO: Pearl Charles’ “You Can Change”

Pearl Charles photo PearlCharles_old_zps7wf6hmdj.jpg
Pearl Charles released a new EP this week on Burger Records, aptly titled Pearl Charles, or you could say it’s self-titled, which may mean it’s untitled but it’s eponymous, you know what that means. For the release, she has released a video for one of its songs, the single from it called “You Can Change”, directed by Angelo Izzo. You can stream the EP in full below from Bandcamp.

SOME STUFFS: First Bill Wyman solo album since 1982 to be released.

Bill Wyman photo BillWyman_old_zpsbw47ollx.jpg
He’s the oldest living member of The Rolling Stones, despite the fact he hasn’t been a member of the group since 1993. At 78, bassist Bill Wyman will be releasing a new album, something he hasn’t done since 1982, and it’s only his fourth album. Back To Basics (Proper) will be released on June 22nd and is being joined by Terry Taylor, Guy Fletcher, Graham Broad, and Robbie McIntosh. Wyman co-produced the album with Andy Wright, who worked with Jeff Beck, Eurythmics, and Simple Red. Wyman had always been driven to make music, but wondered if it would be appropriate for him to do so. He states “Initially I thought I’m a bit old for this but then I thought all the old blues musicians played till they dropped so why don’t I give it a go.” The Rolling Stones have always worked like blues statesmen, so it would make sense that Wyman would give it another short at this phase in his life. The album will have 12 songs and a bonus track that will be iTunes only, although I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s found on the CD in the Japanese pressing.

Bill Wyman photo BillWyman_cover_zpspd2exzqr.jpg

VIDEO: Fishbone starts a new webisode series

Thirty years after the great Fishbone released their debut EP on Columbia Records, the band are still doing their thing and in 2015, they’re getting into doing a webisode series called The Fishbone Reality: “Unstuck”, Part 1 of Intrinsically Intertwined. The title comes from their new EP Intrinsically Intertwined and one of the songs from it called “Unstuck”. Have a look and keep an eye out for more to come.

RECORD CRACK: New Melvins split 12″ to be released tomorrow

Melvins photo Melvins0215_cover_zps5cf2c6c8.jpg
Amphetamine Reptile’s Sugar Daddy Splits Series continues with installment #13 and this time, Melvins are teamed up with Karp. The Karp folks will deliver “Rowdy” and “Bacon Industry” while our friends in Melvins deliver a live version of “Boris”. The record itself will look something like this.
Melvins photo Melvins0215_record_zps27950c6c.jpg

They will be made available tomorrow, February 9th at 2pm pacific/5pm Eastern, 10pm UK. Adjust your alarms accordingly, and head to at the right time. As with most Melvins-related records in limited series, once this is gone, you have to deal with the eBay mafia fiends. If I could afford them all, I would but sometimes being a Melvins fan doesn’t mean having everything. As for you, get them.

VIDEO: Jessica Childress’ “Run (Live in West Hollywood, CA)”

The Jam In The Van video series continues on strongly and the latest batch of songs/performances comes from Jessica Childress, who offers “Run” which were performed with her band in West Hollywood, California at the Filth Mart parking lot. If you’d like to check out the other two songs CHildress performed, click to watch “Tell Me” and “Starting Today“.

AUDIO: amandla’s “Talking Sweet”

 photo ClaudeColemanJr_old_zpsd4d59d69.jpg
You may have known of Dean and you may have known of Gene, but you may not have known about the other Ween brother. Claude Coleman Jr. was their drummer for years and he’s now going at it on his own as amandla with album called Laughing Hearts. Getting a chance to show off what he has been doing with years of session work, you can now hear him for himself, beginning with “Talking Sweet”.

AUDIO: Marilyn Manson’s “Deep Six”

 photo MarilynManson_old_zps66d44277.jpg
According to the press material, “rock stars went extinct but Marilyn Manson is still here” so if the Foo Fighters are not rock stars, maybe they’re just a cool band with punk roots. This means Marilyn Manson may be someone else within the rock star persona, that could be very true if you think about it. New album out on january 20th called The Pale Emperor, bow down to his likeness to a new song called “Deep Six”. Think about it: you’re dead now.

SOME STUFFS: Howlin Rain to brave the winter roads

Howlin Rain photo HowlinRain_old_zpsfd2d618f.jpg
Just because Howlin Rain is now essentially a solo project doesn’t mean he can’t round up some new friends and head out on tour. That is exactly what Ethan Miller will be doing next year when he and said friends will gather as Howlin Rain and brave the road in support of their Mansion Songs album due out January 27th. This is where they’re scheduled to be, primarily west coast dates for the time being:

February 25, 2015… Arcata, CA (Humbrews)
February 26, 2015… Portland, OR (Mississippi Studios)
February 27, 2015… Seattle, WA (Tractor Tavern)
February 28, 2015… Vancouver, BC (The Hindenburg)
March 1, 2015… Bellingham, WA (Shakedown)
March 3, 2015… Boise, ID (Neurolux)
March 4, 2015… Salt Lake City, UT (Kilby Court)
March 5, 2015… Las Vegas, NV (The Bunkhouse)
March 6, 2015… Flagstaff, AZ (The Orpheum)
March 7, 2015… Santa Ana, CA (Constellation Room)
March 10, 2015… San Diego, CA (The Casbah)
March 11, 2015… Los Angeles, CA (The Echo)
March 12, 2015… Santa Cruz, CA (Crepe Place)
March 13, 2015… Oakland, CA (Leo’s)
March 14, 2015… Mill Valley, CA (Sweetwater)

Until then, check out a song from the album to come, a track called “Wild Bush”, which may be about shrubbery, good smokes, or perhaps it’s vaginal.

REVIEW: The Flaming Lips’ “With A Little Help From My Fwends”

 photo FlamingLips14_cover_zpsd41ccabf.jpg The last time we heard from The Flaming Lips, they made a fantastic album called The Trial (my review of which can be read by clicking here.) After having a bit of surprise success with their cover of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon in full, the Oklahoma gentlemen decided to get into their mushroom storage shed again to cover another classic rock album, this time The Beatles’ highly cherished Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

The new album is called With A Little Help From My Fwends (Warner Bros.), called this because the Lips are joined by a number of special guests, some welcomed, some unwelcomed, some surprises, others not so much. Overall, it is a split effort. Some songs work fairly well while others fail miserably, even within the context of The Flaming Lips. Some of the more demented stuff is quite good, including versions of “With A Little Help From My Friends” with Black Pus and Autumn Defense), “Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite” (with Maynard James Keenan, Puscifer and Sunbears), “Lovely Rita” (featuring Tegan and Sara, Stardeath and White Dwarfs), and “When I’m Sixty-Four” (with Def Rain & Pitchwafuzz). Surprisingly, it is Miley Cyrus’ two contributions (yes, two) to the album are some of the best songs here, playing roles in “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” (which also features Moby) and “A Day In The Life” (featuring New Fumes). If Cyrus ever steers towards making more serious music, she may become a huge influence on a generation or two of many young singers. That’s not a joke.

The absolute best track is “With A Little Help From My Friends” not only because it has Black Pus but because it’s the noisiest on here. Would I listen to this on a regular basis, not really. I prefer other Flaming Lips albums and EP’s and I like The Beatles’ album a bit too much, even though I do enjoy the way they’ve always reinterpreted other people’s works. It may work very well for other listeners so if your mind is open up to this, definitely plug it in. Despite the fact that a good part of it sounds like a total failure (and definitely feel freel to define “failure” in your own way), the good thing about this is that all proceeds from record sales will go to The Bella Foundation, an organization in Oklahoma City that helps provide veterinary care to needy pet owners. Buy it for that reason.

SOME STUFFS: Howlin Rain change into a sole project for new album

 photo HowlinRain_old_zpsfd2d618f.jpg
There was a time when Howlin Rain was the ID card for a fantastic band out of San Francisco, releasing a number of great albums that will hold up in the years to come. Then something happened. Vocalist Ethan Miller found himself without band members and with that, no record label to call home. Miller still had a passion to make music and rather than risk putting everything to rest, he decided to write a new set of music. That new set of music became a new album, and it’s credited as being Howlin Rain but now you’ll be able to hear things in an all new light, from an all new perspective. The album, to be released on January 27, 2015, is called Mansion Songs (Easy Sound) and will show Miller as someone going through much more than just the motions and emotions, but what he was able to bring forth to the recording studio is a set of songs that are sure to make Howlin Rain fans excited and perhaps bring a new set of listeners to his talents. Check out “Big Red Moon” and then wait a few more months before the new full length surfaces.