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SOME STUFFS: Howlin Rain to release first live album

Photo by Tyler Green
 photo HowlinRain_old_zpsb89fd759.jpg
The good folks of Howlin Rain will be doing something they’ve never done before: they’re about to release a live album. Entitled Live Rain (Silver Current), it is a 9-track album that will be released on vinyl, CD, cassette, and of course digital. Here is the official track listing:

Side 1
Phantom In The Valley (8:45)
Self Made Man (11:04)

Side 2
Can’t Satisfy Me Now (8:45)
Beneath Wild Wings (4:19)
Lord Have Mercy (7:50)

Side 3
Hung Out In The Rain (6:07)
Calling Lightning Pt. 2 (8:16)
Dancers At The End Of Time (5:53)

Side 4
Roll On The Rusted Days (7:49)

Right now, you can have a listen to “Self Made Man” from the album by pressing the play button below.

While their covers of Howlin’ Wolf’s “Killing Floor” and “Evil” are not on the album, you can get a great feel for what they are like as a live band with the video below.

Live Rain will be released on April 29th. The UK and Europe will find the album released on the Agitated label, and they’ll get it a day earlier than us. On top of this, the band are also hard at work on a new studio album to be released later in 2014.

REVIEW: Andre Cymone’s “The Stone”

 photo AndreCymoneTS_cover_zpsf5dbecfa.jpg If you know of Prince Rogers Nelson, you will know who Andre Cymone is. Cymone eventually had a solo career which lead to one of my favorite songs of the 80′s, “The Dance Electric”. As with a number of artists who were close with Prince, Cymone moved on and seemed to have stayed quiet for awhile, but no longer. Cymone has called California home for a few years and he is back with a new album called The Stone (Blind Tango). I will say that if you’re expecting to hear a continuation of the music he created throughout the 80′s, think again.

Cymone is showing that he is very much a rocker, which wouldn’t be surprising considering some of his musical roots. As I’m listening to the music on The Stone, I found myself enjoying the nice mixture of rock, popl, and soul, some of the lyrics having a bit of an attitude and swagger, but also finding him having a good time with the music he writes and plays. If there’s anyone to compare this style of music to, I would say it is close to the works of Dan Reed or even the grit of Garland Jeffries. Some of it sounds like the kind of new wave that would’ve ended up becoming stronger had the mainstream not had enough with it, or at least the influence of what was to become what it is today. Lyrically, they range from the sultry (“Naked”) to deep and compassionate love (“If Not For You”), while “One Day” seems to touch on a friendship that used to be strong but no longer. The title suggests that perhaps there will be a time when a meeting between them will take place again.

I honestly don’t see the music on The Stone taking off on pop radio or within pop circles, but I would love to be wrong on that. I can, however, see these eleven songs doing well in different circles, be it for television shows or movies, where the songs reach an audience perhaps not originally intended, but it touches those who want to feel something from strong material. Cymone enjoys balancing on a line between the savage and the sanctuary, realizing that no matter what path one takes, let’s manage to get to a final destination in one piece. As the liner notes say in the album, “let the change begin” and if this is a means of change for him, he is going in the right direction. There is confidence in Cymone’s music, and I hope people will sense this.

(The Stone will be released on February 18th on MP3, vinyl, and compact disc. You may order it below via Amazon.)

AUDIO: Milagres’ “The Letterbomb”

New York’s Milagres are set to release their new Violent Light album this month on the 25th via Kill Rock Stars, and you now have a chance to check out one of its songs. There’s a nice groove to “The Letterbomb”, which may or may not surprise some fans but this sounds like the kind of song that would make people in the clubs dance, rock out, or buy liquor. For everyone involved, it’s high fives all around. Violent Light can be pre-ordered on all three primary formats, including the trendy one, below through Amazon.

SOME STUFFS: Audio Fidelity rematers Butterfield Blues Band and Eric Clapton

 photo AP-ButterfieldClapton_covers_zps25606110.jpg
Two distinctive blues rock artists in their own right are being honored with brand new 24k gold remastered SACD’s from Audio Fidelity, both scheduled for a release in March.

  • Eric Clapton’s Behind The Sun was released by Warner Bros. Records in 1985 and was a part of the guitarists exposure to a then-young MTV audience, and it lead to him getting hits with the songs “Forever Man” and “See What Love Can Do”, both of which receive classic rock radio airplay almost 30 years later. Mastering for this one is by Steve Hoffman.
  • What can be said about East-West that hasn’t already been said? The 1966 was groundbreaking for many reasons, and with Mike Bloomfield and Elvin Bishop as part of the Butterfield Blues Band back then, this was a stoner’s dream. Of course, you have Paul Butterfield himself and together they brought great songs such as “Two Trains Running”, “Get Out Of My Life Woman”, and the almighty title track. Kevin Gray handled the remastering for this new version of the Elektra Records gem.

    As with most of Audio Fidelity’s remastered discs, this is a hybrid SACD, which means it can be played on both compact disc and SACD players. I will provide Amazon pre-order links when they are made available.

  • VIDEO: PawnShop Kings’ “Fall Apart”

    Scott and Joel Owen are two brothers from California who would like for you to get familiar with their music under their collective monitor, the PawnShop Kings. They have a 4-song EP out now, which you may stream over at their website, but you may want a hint of what they’re about before checking out the rest of it. “Fall Apart” is primarily meant to be one of those “lyric videos” I tend to avoid here, but it’s also a proper video, at least in the background. A 2-for-1 deal? Maybe.

    REVIEW: Nasimiyu Murumba’s “dirt.” (EP)

    Nasimiyu Murumba photo NasimiyuMurumba_cover_zpsdda4b53e.jpg Singer Nasimiyu Murumba reminds me a bit of vocalist Res, someone who carries herself strongly in the world of pop, rock, and soul music and is expressive in each one quite easily. It shows a bit of diversity to those who may think certain times of singers are incapable of doing different styles but in a marketplace where there is an anything and everything attitude, it’s great to have someone like her create music like this. Her dirt. EP shows how is able to bring depth into her words, and how those words are able to tell the kind of stories you’ll want to sing along to and remember, because it feels like she may know you a bit, or that she’s telling your story. The feel of the African horns in “Dig Deep” gives it a slightly gritty feel, but one may also hear the horns and sense a bit of home in it too. She could easily transform herself into any style and be great in it, be it folk, country, or even punk if she wanted to do that, and I’d find myself wanting to hear all of it. Murumba is that rock singer. Murumba is that pop singer. Murumba is that soul singer. First and foremost, Murumba is a singer, and she has a few songs to sing to/with you.

    (The dirt. EP will be released on January 24th.)

    VIDEO: The Sounds’ “Hurt The Ones I Love”

     photo TheSounds_old_zps151eb6f5.jpg
    “Hurt The Ones I Love” is the latest video created by The Sounds, it’s a song from their album Weekend. These Scandanavians mix up rock and pop to create a blend that sounds like a mixture of ‘Til Tuesday and, dare I say it, Katy Perry but without the theatrics she’s known for. It’s just straightforward pop/rock that works on a number of levels, see how it affects you.

    VIDEO: Mono’s “Dream Odyssey”

    Planet Earth is blue, and there’s nothing I can do. So said Major Tom to ground control, who found himself going insane up there in outer space. The same dilemma is going on in the animated character found in the new video by Mono called “Dream Odyssey”, from their latest For My Parents album.

    North American fans will be able to see them for a week, catch them if you haven’t already ordered a ticket:

    November 15… Toronto, ON (Legendary Horseshoe Tavern) ♎
    November 16… Montreal, QC (La Sala Rossa) ♎
    November 17… Boston, MA (Brighton Music Hall) ♎
    November 18… New York, NY (Le Poisson Rouge) ♎
    November 19… Philadelphia, PA (Johnny Brenda’s) ♎
    November 20… Washington, DC (Rock & Roll Hotel) ♎
    November 21… Cleveland, OH (Beachland Ballroom) ʖ
    November 22… Chicago, IL (Bottom Lounge) ʖ
    November 23… Ferndale, MI (The Loving Touch) ʖ

    ♎ = w/ Majeure
    ʖ = w/ Mick Turner

    Mono are also in the United States recording a soundtrack for a forthcoming four-part mini series to air in Japan on the WOWOW Network called Kanatanoko. The first single from it, “Kanata”, will be released on November 27th, in time for the show’s premiere on the 1st of December.

    VIDEO: Judson Claiborne’s “Doula”

    Judson Claiborne’s third album We Have Not Doors You Need Not Keys (La Société Expéditionnaire) is out right now (my review of which you may read by clicking here), and he has made a video for “Doula”, which will hopefully motivate you to say “I like this guy, I must hear more.”

    REVIEW: Judson Claiborne’s “We Have Not Doors You Need Not Keys”

     photo JustinClaiborne_cover_zps4f115c64.jpg We Have Not Doors You Need Not Keys (La Société Expéditionnaire) consists of some very nice pop flavored rock, or is it rock flavored pop? Either way, what Judson Claiborne does is fairly decent but I don’t know if I could find myself to repeatedly listen to it, or something I’d frequently return to. There’s pros and cons to this.

    I find the songs to be compelling, as each one tell a story that is meant to be told without any illusions or delusions. I am reminded through the singing, the voice of Bono of U2. I like that bit of familiarity and it is what kept me going throughout hearing this album. However, not wanting to listen to it repeatedly doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear it at all. It’s just not something I’d want to listen to over and over, which is a good thing since I often feel that the current methods of hearing a pop song borders on overkill, even though it is the human who can cut that transaction off between song and mind at any time. Then again, I like U2 a lot and often like listening to them. I don’t find that with them and again, I don’t hate music at all. There are parts that I found to be boring, but those boring moments definitely don’t dominate. I think it’s music that is meant to be listened to once, and one desires to return to it in a few years. Then again, someone may feel moved enough to make this their daily ritual, and I understand this completely. I’ll see what happens in a few years when I may want to play “Old Buddha” or “Seeing Blue Ponies” again. Until then, I think one moving listen was good enough. For now.